Sunday, 27 April 2008

Rag Doll update

I thought I would let you know how I was getting on with the Mahoosive (thanks for a great word quiltdude!) Rag Doll.

She doesn't look quite as scary anymore does she - I mean I really don't want to stop Trashy from sleeping. She doesn't have real hair yet but I think her let's-plonk-a-ball-of-wool- on-her-head-and- see-if-we-can-get- away-with-it-Wig is quite stylish - don't you?

Here she is with her older but smaller cousin Jemimah (made for Dot for her third birthday and proudly sporting the new scarf knitted for her by Dot)

The dress and cardigan will fit easily now and I just need to put little tucks on the shoulders of the dress to make the armholes smaller - rag dolls don't need as much room to move as babies.

I'm going to show her to the baby's mum tomorrow and see what she thinks - if it isn't right then I will keep the doll as Daisy would rather like to have her as one of her birthday presents (and then I get to do the fun part of making her clothes!)

As far as my mahoosive job-list is concerned I seem to be doing ok so far - I have nearly finished another sock monkey (without screaming) and have done quite a bit of work on various rag dolls and some of your mini-quilts.

But look what has happened to my "family portrait" quilt as a result

It is just a really useful place to pin things when I need to be able to find them quickly but have no more room on the table for them - I currently have a work list, four and a half rag dolls' body pieces, 3 pairs of socks for future monkeys, the clothing for a boy rabbit doll, 5 mini-quilts and the lovely wall hanging from Lesley all pinned on top of the quilt - I think it will soon be completely covered.

But I suppose it's just a new piece of art!

I'll leave you tonight with some "ahhhhhhhhh!"

Mr Locket singing Fred's "Ladybird Club" song with Fred on Ukele

The song goes something like this

"C'mon we're the ladybirds!
If you're bored tell your mum
if you can go to the cinema
to see the Ladybirds

I'm looking forward to next week as I have another bloggy meet-up planned - and all that sewing to do too of course!

Don't forget to pop over tomorrow.

Lucy x

P.S. You didn't think I'd really finished did you?

This is my final photo (honest!)

"So what did you do this weekend Mr Locket?"


Jane said...

Mahoosive Doll is lovely, and she looks so good in the dress and cardigan. Your sock monkey made me smile, he/she is lovely. Your family quilt is beautiful, Did Ally have a good birthday Jane x

Gina said...

I'm worn out just reading about all those things you have to do Lucy! I think your mahoosive doll is rather gorgeous.

dottycookie said...

Holey Moley Mrs Locket! You're making some of us look bad and lazy, you know!

Your doll is lovely and will do the dress justice I'm sure.

Marie said...

The doll is looking fab.

Glad it's not just me who takes on more than they should. We really should learn to say "no" you know.

PMSL @ Mr Locket stuffing the monkey bum. Try explaining that one in the office on Monday. LOL


Lesley said...

Your mahoosive doll looks fab now Locket and not at all scary! So good to see you've roped Mr L into the monkey bottom stuffing business :)

Another bloggy meet up? It's becoming a habit! Don't you realise you should be waiting by the phone in case I get chance to ring??


quiltdude said...

Ha, ha, ha, I've started a whole new word craze, yey.
The mahoosive doll actually looks a very good size now and not quite so mahoosive!
I think it's just as well I'm dragging you away from your home next week, you need the break me thinks.
And Mr. Locket stuffing the sock monkey is just so funny.
X Clare

trashalou said...

Feeling very less scared by the Mahoosive doll now I have a) seen her looking way less flat and b) found out she has a name. May be able to sleep the with the lights tonight.

Please ask Mr. Locket how he will explain this at work?

trashalou said...

Onviously that was meant to read 'with the lights off'.

dottydesigns said...

lucky mr locket!!x

Di said...

I love the doll and I think that the ball of yarn for hair looks pretty good!

Jodie said...

Mahoosive is looking less mahoosive now that she has some form....and you know what they say about amna who can stuff a sock monkey don't you?
nope? me either but it is a definate advantage.

Leanne said...

Oh that last photo is priceless.... what a good husband Mr Locket is.....and the doll turned out very well.... not sure about the ukele though.

Lina said...

Love the rag dolls - I used to have one called Jemimah when I was little too! Rather compromising position Mr Locket was caught in there!

Lynette Anderson said...

Love the dolls and what a great idea to get Mr Locket to help with the stuffing! I am busy trying to convince Mr dentist that since he does such neat stitching in peoples mouths he should really try his hand at patchwork....I dont rate my chances much.
Is that your 'On The Farm' quilt peeking out behind all the other things pinned onto it!!

Monkee Maker said...

Glad to see that you've roped yet another Locket into your crafty empire ;)

The big dollie is looking fab, and I love the sock monkey in your last post .... I'm with you on that one - not that keen on making them myself. Good luck with the next bunch!


Alison Boon said...

She looks wonderful now, much less alienlike. Clever you. I bet no one would ever guess that Mr L spent his time stuffing a monkey's bottom??

Simone said...

Go stuff a sock monkey!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Mahoosive dolly looks fab and not at all scary! I really love her outfit - I think my little dolly (the walking, talking, breathing one) would look lovely in that!!

As for Mr Locket and the monkey - I'm not sure he should do that in public!!

nicky said...

Can't believe that Mr Locket helps with the crafty work too! Wow that is one great husband!

eileen said...

I don't see how you have time to blog with all that going on. I'm just catching up on your week's worth of posts.. great stuff happening at the Locket house. :)

The dolls are very cute! You are doing a great job. and the striped monkies are adorable. Kids do love those soft funny things.

You are smart to keep all your projects pinned up there.. so you don't forget any of them.

French Knots said...

Lucky Mr L getting to stuff the monkeys bum!
Miss Mahoosive is looking good, less scary now she's clothed.

Jennie said...

ooh liking how Mahoosive doll is looking! That dress looks really pretty on.
Loving the ladybird song and the fact Mr Locket is chipping in with the whole stuffing chore!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Lucy -- you've been busy!!! And Mr. Locket is in on the action -- yay for him! The mahoosive doll is turning out great -- I'm sure your customer will be very happy!