Sunday, 13 April 2008

An Unexpected Treat

A strange thing happened yesterday

I went out for coffee at Starbucks

in a Borders Bookshop.

Nothing unusual in that you may think

But this is where it gets strange...................................

I got to spend time with this gorgeous guy I used to go out with years ago but don't get to see very often these days........................

(and my husband didn't even mind!)

We had a nice lunch.............................

We then had a SECOND cup of coffee

AND cakes

we had time to look at our books (about running and knitting but not both at the same time - that would just be silly)

AND we had a PROPER conversation without interruption, analysis, cross-examination, and other helpful advice!

How was this all possible?

Because the Little Lockets went to stay at Granny and Grandpa Dog's house with the BIG cousins and a collection of uncles and aunts WITHOUT mummy and daddy!

It made us laugh when we saw the picture next to our table and read the text underneath........

- it couldn't have been more appropriate!

The stupid thing was that we really missed them!!!!! We obviously need to arrange more sleepovers so we get used to it!

In the meantime I have been busily working on my mini-quilt-production (the list has increased to 20!!!) and I have 3 "on the go" with ideas for the others starting to accumulate in the back of my mind.
A little sneaky peek to prove I have been working hard!

Hope you all had a good weekend,

Lucy xx

P.S. Don't forget - there is still time to play "guess the shoe-size" for my 150th post giveaway - just leave your comment on this post.


Barbara said...

Hi Lucy,
Sounds like you had a lovely day today - I missed out on the mini quilt swap -(boo-hoo), maybe next time!
Love Barbara. xxx

Jennie said...

Bah I have missed so much of your blog, just trying to catch up now.
I missed the mini quilt swap (but am not very good anyway ;))
Love everything you have written about and I will try to keep up from now on!

dottydesigns said...

How sweet you missed the little lockets, at least you had time to get some sewing done. I have been mini quilting too, and pifing too! x

Gina said...

What a lovely post - it's okay to miss the little Lockets as long as you both had a good time too!

trashalou said...

20 Locket? Perhaps you really are crazy and rather than cake, coffee and gorgeous ex-boyfriends you should speak with a professional and discuss this quilting addiction>

Kitty said...

Awww, what a lovely day. And what a good job your husband didn't mind you going out with that nice chap all day ;-)

Don't go bragging about having started on the mini quilt :-O I'm only doing one and have got no further than discussing ideas with my mum!


French Knots said...

Child free time together, a rare thing indeed!
20 quilts - are you off your head Mrs!?

Patti said...

What a lovely post.

Glad you and "mr locket" had some time together. Borders and starbucks one of my fave places.

keep quilting woman. 20!!!!

katelnorth said...

For my recent anniversary, I went up to town and had lunch with my guy-I-used-to-go-out-with-who-I-don't-get-a-chance-to-spend-much-time-with-anymore and while I won't say I missed my littles (who were nicely in school) I will say it was odd being able to have conversations without having to explain what words meant, who we were talking trash about, adjudicate who should be allowed on club penguin first, settle battles over who really left the socks in the middle of the hallway and why it's unfair to ask a different child to pick them up, come watch a dance recital (to YMCA) or many of the other things which usually hinder conversation. It was pleasant, yes, but also, a little weird to be able to finish a train of thought all in one go... Unfortunately, no close grandparents who can take them overnight, so haven't had that experience just yet.

Jodie said...

arrggghh, i am still just thinking - I have a zillion ideas but I have unthunk all of them!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

What a spend time with someone you "used to date".

Monkee Maker said...

How lovely to have some grown-up time to yourselves .... and how brave of Nanny and Grandpa to step up to the plate and take all the kids!

Next time it's just you and him, if you're still missing having the kids around, let me know and I'll send a couple up .... train fares are quite reasonable for kids, aren't they?


Kitsch n Zinc said...

How lovely - sounds like you have some real quality time together!

20 quilts!!?! Are you mad?! ;o)

Congratulations on 150/151 posts by the way!

Kitschy x

Lesley said...

Glad you had some well-deserved time together with Mr Locket. You definately need to make the sleepovers a more regular fixture!

20 quilts?


I need to phone you more to stop you taking any more on!!!

Stop it now, d'yer hear?!!!!


Leanne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day - when our 2 use to go and stay with their cousins and it was oh so very quiet Tony would say "I think I've gone deaf" Like you I would miss them terribly.

Annie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed some time out. You are going to be a very busy Locket with 20 quilts to make!!!