Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Digging, Back-ache, pretty parcels and prehensile toes

(view from the front)

I finally got myself organised enough to go to the allotment today - I haven't been in ages and it has started to become a "should go to the allotment" rather than "want to go" thing - which is never good. There is just so much to do and the list was getting bigger and more intimidating the longer I stayed away............

(view from the back)

The priority today was to decide where I wanted to plant my potatoes this year and get started on digging the beds

So here are the photos from before

(back bed)

(old bonfire site)

(evidence of me hard at work - ignore the fat bottom)

(whilst reading a text from Lesley - don't you love those rigger boots?)

and after

Not finished obviously but enough done to tidy it up, get me back into the mood for gardening, and to give me a very stiff back (I'm currently relying on the anaesthetic properties of white wine to make it feel better)

An exciting discovery at the allotment was my very first frog in the pond we dug last year!

When I popped back home before collecting the Little Lockets I was very pleased to discover a parcel with familiar handwriting. I dashed up to school with it and ripped open the envelope while waiting for the little critters. I then had to get a friend to hold the package for the obligatory blog photo (I think she thought I was rather strange............!)

I had bought this gorgeous little basket from Lesley's shop as soon as I saw it listed (and made the children late for school that day in my desperation to get it!)

what I hadn't bought, or expected were all these goodies inside

Lesley, you are an absolute star - thank you so much!

I'll leave you tonight with a rather strange photo

Does anyone else's child brush their teeth with their feet??????

(oooh, and spot the knitting and my lovely new "sock-knitting-bag" from Rachel)


trashalou said...

missed the prehensile toes and soome other pictures too. Should we compare monkey toes? I can pick up a pencil or tissue with mine, how about you?

Kitty said...

That's a posh frock for digging! :-O Well done though - I must do some gardening - trouble is the Lazy Slut Disorder is very bad at the moment ;-)

Lovely stuff from Mrs M there - she's a bit fab isn't she? :-D


Lesley said...

You are the most glamorous of diggists Mrs!! I'm most impressed with how much diggage you dug and am not surprised you require anaesthesia!!

As gorgeous as Daisy girl is - that's just a bit weird!

Glad you like your goodies :)


Sarahs Home said...

The allotment is looking good, well done. It was a nice day for digging today. I dont think that my children brush their teeth with their feet but then again I have never actually asked them.

Sarah x

dottydesigns said...

I love your allotment, what a good job you have started with your spuds. Love your boat basket it's lovely.x

eileensattic said...

Makes me ache just looking at your garden. But I can't wait to see it growing! (you're not Mary Mary Quite Contrary in disguise?)

What a wonderful reward at the end of the day! Cute children and a surprise in the mail.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, that Daisy is multi-talented LOL! Acckkk!!! A FROG! A FROG!!! How fun! I love frogs. Years ago we had just moved into a newly built house and there were huge tire ruts in the backyard filled with water and a bunch of frogs set up home in them. The day before the bulldozer was to come to smooth the ground and plant grass, we spent all afternoon with pots and pans catching those frogs and moving them with our 3 yr. old so that they wouldn't get squished. I'll be darned if the next morning the poor things were right back in that water again. We chased as many away as we could! How I wish I were there to help you with your weeding and planting!

Carin said...

I have toes long enough to brush my teeth but I haven't done it, I have to wonder about my kids though after our visit to the dentist.LOL!
You make me tired just looking at all the work you did. Lovely dress and boots combo I think I saw that on the runways in Paris this year ;O) Want to come to Utah and do my gardening?

est said...

it's not fat bottom!! lucy lol
you just have a curveous sexy asset! ;)

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, that's MASSIVE! .... not your bum - your allotment! It looks huge! And so much hard work!

And I simply can't believe you dig in a dress! Although teamed with those fab boots I think you carry it off perfectly.

I can honestly say that I've never tried cleaning my teeth with my feet, but I'll be sure to give it a go before I leave the house this morning.


Simone said...

That is a very glamorous dress for digging. You have a talented daughter - brushing her teeth with her feet!

April said...

That's impressive flexibility - my daughter has never tried that - surprising seeing as she spends most of her time upside down!

April xx

Leanne said...

Like all the above I am impressed with the gardening attire - if you could only see me when I garden. Cute frog I really like frogs. Lesley's little basket is very sweet what a great friend.

Kaz said...

Lesley's so generous isn't she?! I got goodies too.

I'm shattered just looking at you digging, but good for you. Homegrown veg is so much tastier than those from supermarkets.

Odd photo at the end, but it's a talent and we should applaud it!!!

Patti said...

My back hurts just looking at all that digging. Well done.

Love the rigger boots. Seriously, I've always wanted a pair. Yours are lovely and worn in.

So when will the tatties be ready?

Jennie said...

I'm with Kitty, that is a very posh frock for digging.
So much hard work! The allotment is looking great!

Gina said...

Very impressed by all that digging (and I couldn't see a fat bum!) The toe thing is a bit odd but I have to confess that son no. 2 is able to do odd things with his toes too(I won't go into details)
Gina xxx

Ali said...

Now if I had clever toes like that, I could clean both boys' teeth and my own at once and never be late for school! There's a thought. Perhaps I should start practicing.

trashalou said...

Have now seen prehensile picture and don't think I bend well enough to actually brush my teeth! Am off to bathroom to see if I can rise to the challenge!

trashalou said...

Have now seen picture and don't think I bend well enough to actually brush my teeth but am off to the bathroom to find out now!

Suzie Sews said...

Its that time of year to get out ahead of me, I have just pruned a few tress!!!Whilst I love my garden I do lust after an allotment.
Love the goodies and as for your daughters teeth cleaning...if it gets then to briush their teeth...just go with the flow...Oh my if only I could bend like that.

Rachelmp said...

You need to apply for a grant now to come to Australia on a frog swap and see ours at the plant nursery and the yabbies too! Go on Lucy - visit Australia. I love your gardening fashion too x Rachel

Garden girl said...

The allotments looking good- I am off to ours tonight to cut rhubarb for a rhubarb and orange cake that I'm making tomorrow- keep up the hard work!

Sal said...

Do you always dress up to do the gardening? ;-) Sal

Jane said...

Your allotment is lovely but seems huge. I would love to have one too but with rushing up and down to Dorset so often & work i wouldn't get it all done. Photo of Daisy made me laugh. Jane x

Levin (and Emily) said...

that photo is sooo weird. it took me ages to figure out that it was her foot and not a third arm - lol.
love the digging - it's so beautiful to look at freshly dug garden beds.
hope the wine relaxes the muscles. it's a nice ache though - makes you happy you're alive.