Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bunny Swap and a new little character

I was so excited this afternoon because a Postie arrived carrying this..........

My Bunny-Hop-Bunny-Swap parcel from Rachel - all the way from Australia (and the good news is she received hers from me yesterday!)

I grabbed the camera and ripped open the packaging to find a rather indignant bunny.................

he really didn't think that was the best way to travel! Too undignified!

He was much happier when he was able to sit up properly after his long journey

and even happier when he realised that he had a ready-made girlfriend waiting for his arrival.......

(they are holding hands already - how sweet!)

"Pocket" arrived with:

A beautiful card

Some stunning fabric (that I know Rachel will have treasured as she mentioned in her questionnaire how much she liked fabric with bunnies on - thank you for sharing this Rachel!)

and a Rosalie Quinlan pattern for Easter Bunny bags that I can't wait to play with - I feel like it will still be Easter until after the children's Easter holiday which isn't for another week, so I am still enjoying making Easter-y things!

And then Rachel had also included this stunning bag

as a thankyou gift for organising the Valentine's Swap - Thank you so much Rachel - this bag is incredible - the colours, designs, stripes - I LOVE everything!!!

This Bunny Swap has been really good fun - the different characters popping up all over blogland have been adorable! Could everyone involved send me a photo of what you received (if you haven't done so already) and keep letting me know when your parcels safely arrive!

Meanwhile, back in the Locket household, accompanied by a poorly Dorothy (or Dotty Locket as I've started calling her) I have been busily sewing - yup! SEWING! (ok, so I've been knitting too!!!!)

So I am proud to present my new creations...................
Chick-Chick and Barney
(named after Annie's little baby!)

Who are now sitting in my Etsy shop with a "blurb" written specially by Dotty Locket in the style of Ric-Rac (who finally has an Etsy shop!!!! even if she isn't saying so out loud!)

(Chick-Chick is in a bit of disgrace here as he was caught pinching the little lockets' easter eggs)

I have been working on a stripey baby bunny (Baby Bernadette to be precise)

And I have also been working on a birthday present for a certain Someone!

Off to get the Littlest Lockets from school now!

Lucy x


Lesley said...

Your swap parcel is truly gorgeous Missus!!! So lovely to see young bunny love - daresay you'll be overrun soon!

Chick-chick and Barney are fab and I love Dotty Locket's story - great bit of Locket Pocket collaboration there :)

The glimpse of Bernadette looks very lovely too :)


Kitty said...

Gosh, what loveliness all round. Rachel's parcel contained wonderful things didn't it?

And I love chick-chick and Barney!

Had to laugh at your reference to Jodie's shop - have you seen her stuff? Isn't it fantastic?


April said...

Hi! This is my first visit to your blog and just had to say how lovely it is!

I will be popping over regularly and will add you to my list of favourites!

April xx

Kaz said...

Wow, Rachel knows how to pack a parcel full of goodies!! Those bunnies are so cute as are Chick-chick and Barney.

I'm off to look at your links and shop.

Kaz x

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, Rachel is awesome! Those little bunnies are too cute together! And you've been a busy girl -- love your new chickies!!!

twiggypeasticks said...

wow what a lovely parcel, the bunnies are lovely and what a sweet little bag, lucky lady :)
Twiggy x

dottydesigns said...

Lucky boy bunny, having a girlfriend waiting for him, he's a fast mover, holding hands already, next thing they'll be breeding like rabbits and you'll be over run with them.x

Gina said...

What a gorgeous swap parcel ... that bunny is lovely. Chick chick and Barney are fab!
Gina x

Blossom said...

Some lovely goodies there!!and your new chicken is just precious!

Alison Boon said...

Didn't you do well out of your parcel. Are surprise presents just great.

Stitcher said...

I love your bunny with his girlfriend. Here's wishing them happiness together.

Kitsch n Zinc said...

What a fab swap parcel, he's a fast mover isn't he - already at the 'holding hand stage'!!

Chick-Chick and his lil pal are very sweet, well done to Dotty for her brill blurb writing :o)

Kitschy x

quiltdude said...

Ooh what a gorgeous swap surprise.
Loving your blog and the new creation is fantastic.

Garden girl said...

wow- haven't you had a lovely week packed full of parcels? How lovely! You are a lucky girl indeed x

Jennie said...

Ohh I love your bunny and isn't it great he has a gilfriend already! And all the other goodies you got are fabulous.
Love what you have been making!

Sarahs Home said...

Love the Bunnies, a match made in heaven. By the way did you know that the Pins and Needles event is on at the arena next week? Lots of crafty goodness to be had.

Sarah x

P.S if this posts twice I am sorry but blogger is not playing.

. said...

You lucky thing - loveliness in a parcel!Though creating a girlfrind for your bunny may be going a little far in helping him to settle down ...

And as far as I'm concerned Easter lasts at least another week yet since it came so indecently early.

dottycookie said...

Hello Lucy, the (.) commenter is actually me with my stupid head on ...

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, fabulous bunnies .... although I'm not sure that they should be rushing into a relationship quite so quickly ....

Loads of lovely photos from the Locket camp, as usual, and I'm glad to see that Dotty is getting in on the act too!


Yummers! said...

Your chubby yellow chick is so adorable!! Did you make him from a pattern or design him too?? He really has personality.

Your new boy bunny... the contortionist... is also adorable.
Love those bunny couples!