Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Fabulous Parcel!!!!

Poorly little Dotty-Locket and I were quietly minding our own business this morning when I heard the postman struggling to get something through the letter box. Being the kind person that I am I just left him to it and waited until he had gone before going to investigate................

You know it is going to be good when it is addressed to........

A parcel?

For ME?????


And not just any old parcel!

A parcel from the wonderful Trashy!

Look what was inside

Something squished and grey looking in a very posh bag.

This is when the excited squealing started!

My very own knitted bunny!!!!!!

With the poshest name in the lapine-history

Wait for it

May I proudly introduce you to

Lt.Col.Brigadier, Sir Hubert Cabbage-Smythe!!!!!

Told you it was a good name - inspired by his handle-bar moustache!

A thank you gift from Trashy for organising the Bunny-Swap - how cool is that?

Unfortunately a naughty Dotty-Locket snaffled him and had to be persuaded to bring him out from under the quilt so the poor gentleman could breathe.

Thank you so much Trashy! We ALL love him!

Finally, I treated myself to a new bag when I was in Matalano-darling yesterday.

Primarily because it was reduced to £1.50 and was too good a bargain to leave behind (and it's blue too, and I like blue!)

Dorothy, however, was completely indignant...............

"Why did you need to buy a new bag Mummy, when Lesley made that lovely one for you last week?"

Hmm, fair point (how much have you been bribing her Lesley?)

To which Daisy piped up

"But you can never have too many bags can you Mummy?"

My two sweet little girls are so very different!


trashalou said...

You weren't meant to show the whole wide world my hideous writing - it can be much more neater if I concentrate - honest!

Lesley said...

Aaah what a lovely blogger that Trashy is - gorgeous and very posh bunster!!

Your bargain bag is fab and I don't know which of your lovely girls I agree with more!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

But I thought your handwriting was lovely - a thousand million times nicer than my scrawl!

Sarahs Home said...

I think that the Bunny certainly matches his name.

As for the bag, well.. A girl can never have too many bags.!!!!!
That is what I say to my Hubby and I am sticking to it..LOL..

Sarah x

Kitty said...

Awww, cute bunny - good old Trashy.

Hope Dorothy feels much better soon.

And I'm with Daisy on the bag thing ;-) x

the vicious chicken said...

While I see Dorothy's point (and I don't want Lesley to shout at me!) I've always lived my life by a motto similar to the opinion that Daisy expressed :o)

Hope Dorothy perks up again quickly, especially as the poor girlie seems to have had several poorly days lately - can't be nice for her :o( Get well soon, Dot!

dottycookie said...

What a scrumptiously plumptious bunny. Lucky you!

Hope he managed to make DottyLocket feel better soon (obviously, being called dotty-anything can only work in her favour ;-)

Kaz said...

That's a lovely parcel to get through the post! He has a rather handsome moustache.

I hope Dotty Locket feels much better soon.

Kaz x

Charlie P said...

Permission to take a short break from slaving away over pigeons?......

Lt.Col.Brigadier Sir Hubert Cabbage-Smythe has an excellent name and looks very happy in the locket household. He's a very pleasing shape!

Oh, and I agree with Daisy- you can never have too many bags. You at least need a posh bag, bag that fits and A4 file, grocery bag to save the environment, jazzy rucksack for outings, general handbag full of everything you might ever possible need, beautiful handmade bag for taking swag home from exhibitions and a knitting bag.

Well, back to work...

Thimbleanna said...

Sir Cabbage-Smythe is awesome! You're a very lucky girl and it's very well deserved as those swaps are lots of work!

dottydesigns said...

Loely bunny and Daisy's right you can NEVER have tooo many bags. x

Rachelmp said...

I think you can never have enough bunny too! He is just lovely Lucy - you are a lucky Locket. x Rachel

Gina said...

I love Daisy's style! Never too many bags... or shoes!
Fabulous posh bunny you've got there! Hope you and all the other Lockets have a wonderful Easter.
Gina xxxx

julie said...

The Lt. Col. Brigadier sir is brilliant I don't blame Dotty Locket for baggsying him! I'm with Daisy on the bags - you can never have too many! Wishing you all a fun Easter!

hilde said...

Oh brilliant that bunny! But you are not the only one with a lovely package brought by the postman today!!! Go have a look at my blog!!!!!!!

Jennie said...

What a lovely bunny!! (Why am I so far behind with your blog, Why!!!!)