Monday, 31 March 2008

One of those days.....................

I'm having one of those days when I don't feel all that happy about what I am creating.

I had a plan - one of those "ooooh that would be good" ideas - for making a large basket/container from Lesley's tutorial.

I wanted to combine "pretty-pretty" 30s yo-yo flowers on a cream background with really utilitarian denim with loads of seams and pockets - so that the basket could be reversible.

I've made the basic basket shape - and I am quite happy with the denim side - but I don't know whether to bother with the yo-yos or whether to leave them for a different basket.

It's a good size and will be useful but it doesn't make me feel that buzz of achievement.

Then there's my knitting.

This is meant to be the age 5-6 size but the aran wool has knitted up much larger so it is looking like it might well fit Dorothy (or possibly Mr Locket!)

I picked Patti's brains about it this morning because I definitely can't follow the pattern for the length anymore or it will be a very short and very wide jumper! And when I was talking to the Birthday Girl she very cleverly calculated how many rows I should do based on what the tension should be. Patti had also mentioned trying this but I couldn't get my head around the maths (Mr Locket often comments on my limited mathematical ability)

I'm going to keep knitting and see what happens. Fortunately the pattern is very simple with only a small section of shaping for the neck so it should be do-able - just very, very big!

I have also decided to take Chick-Chick and Barney out of my shop as I am not very confident about them either.

So now I'm going to show you some really amazing sewing. Really incredible in fact

stitched by my Great-Great-Grandmother in 1852 - at only 10 years old!

I can honestly say that I will NEVER be that accurate and patient no matter how long I live. This is truly a work of art - and I just hope she didn't hate every minute of stitching it!


Simone said...

I think your basket looks really good. What about just embellishing with a removable yo -yo type flower? The sampler is very beautiful. I started one about a year ago and it takes me hours just to stitch a tiny area. I may have finished it in about 50 years time!

Sarahs Home said...

The bag looks good, dont be so had on yourself. I am certainly not in a position to offer advice on the knitting as I have enough difficulty trying to knit myself, but I am thinking of you.
As for the sampler, it is beautiful. I love to cross stitch but have not done any in such a long time.
Sarah x

dottydesigns said...

Hi Lucy. I think we all have days like that when we don't like what we've done but I like your basket. It looks as though you could put lots of things in it. Don't be too hard on yourself, I can't knit at all, do you think that makes me a knitwit? x

Stine said...

back is 1852 whatelse did your grandmother have to do for entertainment? No radio, TV or movies - embroidery was a big deal and something you did and had admired by others. What a great thing to have from way back when!!

By-the-by - I like your denim bag/basket. Looks like a project bag to me and it looks great w/o the yo-yos.

trashalou said...

I'm with you - leave the yo-yos for something else. If you are unsure of the standard of your work please note that from the goodness of my heart I am prepared to take it away so you won't have to look at it ;-)

trashalou said...

p.s. was greatly impressed by the lovely squares on the knitted item. Perhaps I need glasses?

Lesley said...

1. Your basket is gorgeous and I think I'd save the yoyo's for another one as it's fab as it is!
2. the knitting thing - whoever gets to wear it, it will be lovely - your knitting is gorgeous!
3. Oh no - don't take chick Chick off the shelves - he's lovely!
4. you have something that dates from 1852...from your family....???? I'm almost (!) speechless ;)

5. Thank you for helping me to have such a lovely birthday - you are lovely :)


Lina said...

Amazing heirloom, how lovely that you have such a memento. As for the bag I love it as is,less is more and all that, but then I'm a simple girl.

Anonymous said...

Your chickie is cute! Don't take it off the shelf.

I like the denim bag, leave it as it is, and if it tells you it wants more later, you can add it!

I think it is amazing that you have a sampler from your actual great grandmother, what an amazing heirloom to have. I love antique samplers, and am just starting to cross stitch a few now of my own, so find myself very jealous that you have one of your ancestors, what a treasure!

Monkee Maker said...

Your bag is great, but I think a splash of colour would look fab .... some felted flowers maybe?

Have confidence LP, you and yours are possibly the most creative family I know, and you amaze and astound me with your work-rate!



Hi you! dont dispair, we all have days like this - tomorrow all will seem brighter! Nothing at all wrong with your crafting - its the creative juices that swamp your mind sometimes!
Take care xx Vicky xx

Kristin said...

I love the stitching on the straps of your bag. If you are feeling torn about yo-yos, what about making two yo-yos and attaching one to each end of a ribbon. Then you can loop the ribbon around one of the straps and just let the yo-yos hang down. If you're having a yo-yo day, leave them there. If you want a day of simplicity, remove them. Just a thought! ~ Kristin

eileensattic said...

I think that bag/basket is adorable. So clever to use the jeans like that! You've got automatic pockets for little extras. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.
Your Grandmother's stitchery is magnificent.

Carin said...

I love the denim basket, I think you should but the yoyo flowers on the denim side.
You knit a ton better than I do I can't get the first row back off the needles, I just swear at it(doesn't help the knitting but makes me feel better ;O) )
Your GG grandmothers sampler is AMAZING! How lucky you are to have something so wonderful in your family.

est said...

the denim bag absolutely look alright to me! a nice rugged bag :) i'm sure you can use yr pretty yoyos on other great creations of yrs. there always come a day of unexpected burst of crafting excitement! ;)

Rachelmp said...

Hi Lucy. You are doing great! With the bag if you really want a bit of colour how about a contrasting pocket feature in the lining that would add an extra colour when it is reversed? I like the idea of making fabric pins using the yoyo's too! You are so lucky to have an heirloom like that too, stunning.

Alison Boon said...

The bag looks great. I love Chick chick. So cute. I am amazed at the sewing.

Jodie said...

Oh Lucy, Your just having and EITTTS day. I have them all the time ! Where nothing goes quite right so I convince myself everything I do is dreadful.
I think it all looks great- The denim bag is great and will be so tough and easy to care for. Take a day off and come back to it.
Can't comment on the kniting as I just have no knitting gene at all.

anne bebbington said...

And probably all by candlelight too - awesome!

April said...

Don't doubt yourself sweetie, the bag is great and I love Chick chick!!

April xx

the pesky bombolino said...

Your denim basket is great- I don't think it needs pom poms, it looks good as it is.
And the sampler is incredible.

Kitty said...

It's a fabulous denim basket - don't be sad that it didn't look *exactly* as you'd planned. I do know what you mean, it happens to us all. But I do know a denim basket like that is a very lovely and useful thing! x

Annie said...

Lucy I love the denim bag. I think the yo yo's would work on them if you wanted to be a little more excited. I was pleased to see chick chick!! What is wrong with it?????? Are you having a bad day??

Gina said...

I'm late leaving a comment here but can only add to what others have said - your work is fabulous - in addition to which you are lovely - so please don't doubt your ability!
That sampler is pretty incredible - definitely wouldn't have the patience for something like that!
Gina xxx

dottycookie said...

It won't help, but I think the basket is a lovely idea. It is rather a relief to know you have those moments of self doubt too - I've been going through a huge one recently, hence the infrequent posts ;-)

Kaz said...

Wow that sampler is great! It's brilliant that it's still in the family and hung somewhere.

I like the bag a lot - reversible sounds tricky - I'd say go with your yo-yo idea and see what happens, you can always unpick!!

Sal said...

All of your things are lovely!

I bet your Grandmother would have blogged her beautiful work, if she had had the chance!!;-)