Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Some funny bunny business

This bunny swap has got my little brain ticking away even when it is meant to be asleep..........................

But more of that later.

First some "admin" - Somebody asked me if the handmade Easter card you will send with your bunny should be written in or sent blank for your partner to use - my idea had been for it to be a card from you to your partner - so please write in it! It is part of the "gift".

As I mentioned before, I got the dates totally wrong for the posting of your parcels - I meant to put Monday 17th March but instead put Easter Sunday's date, 23rd March. If possible could you please send your parcels on or before 17th March so they arrive as near to Easter as possible.

Could you also
  1. Send me an email to say you have sent your parcel
  2. Send an email to your partner to say you have sent it
  3. email me when you receive your parcel - ideally with a photo of what you have been given
  4. Blog about what you have received to publicly thank your partner for your gift (unless you don't have a blog of course!)
  5. email me and your partner if there are any problems with posting
As I mentioned above, I have been thinking "bunny thoughts" even in the middle of the night and have 3 BIPs - bunnies-in-progress - all with arms and legs and clothes. But then I decided after making Baby Wol that I really wanted to make a dumpy solid little bunny without clothes and with a big patchwork body for a change.

But I was really worried that I was going to be copying some of the fantastic ideas that I have seen hopping around blogland and kept ringing Mrs Moogsmum to worry about it!

In the end I decided to have a play anyway and see what I came up with.

And as I said to Lesley - I needn't have worried anyone would think I was copying them because it was so bad!I like his ears (and why he is a "he" when he is pink I don't know - he just is!)

and I like his stripes
and his eye stripe made me think he looked a bit like a bandit

I told Lesley it was his "Antonio Banderas as Zorro" look - to which she instantly replied "Don't you mean Anotonio BUNderas? Or even Bunderow?????" Sometimes she's just too clever by half!

But here is the whole ensemble - so now you can see why I'm not very pleased with him.

As Lesley said, I did try to make him "different" from the ones I had seen.

But different because he has owl's wings and claws wasn't quite what I was after!

"But he's an Owlbbit" my sympathetic friend declared.

"Or should that be a Rabbowl?"

Yeah. Thanks Lesley, I feel loads better now!

So it's back to the drawing board - so watch this space for a bunny without wings!

On a more positive note, I need to show you the wonderful fabric I got the other day - we had gone to Dunelm Mill for some interfacing, needles, corkscrew - that kind of stuff, and just as I was paying I spotted this ex-display double sheet half-price for only £7.50!

I love polka dots and red ones are definitely my favourites - and there is loads of fabric in a double sheet! So it has been washed (and desperately needs ironing as you can see) and will soon be put to good use!

And I'll leave you today with another photo of Fred

this time with his magic shadow - isn't it cool how the sun has projected the colours of his chocolate wrapper "collection" onto the wall behind him while his shadow remains solid black?

Update: Ooops! Forgot to mention some rather fab news - I lost another 2.5lbs at WW today bringing the total up to exactly 14lbs/1 whole stone!!!!!! Woohoooooo!


Lesley said...

Going backwards here:

1. Fab fred photo - very magical shadow and a very cute fred :)
2. Stop flaunting the fact that you have a Dunelm Mills so close and with such yummy bargains - 'snot funny.
3. Antonio Bunderowl is fab - why change him - really - he's one of a kind - unless he's been a'smooching with any lady owl/rabbit mutants :)

Just trying to help.....


Monkee Maker said...

I think the bunny is cute too .... I love his big red heart .... and bandit eye stripe .... and his cute ears ....

.... and his .... wings .....


dottydesigns said...

Love the bunny, I think you should leave him as he is, he's very cute. Well done with the weight loss, see eating that meringue must have been good for you Lucy!! keep eating! x

Gina said...

I think Antonio Bunderas is fantastic and doesn't need any changing at all... don't all bunnies have wings...???

Gina x

ps brilliant weight loss Mrs Locket! Meringue is obviously the answer.

Lesley said...

It's me again.

As the meringue, WW vile bisuits and lots of wine helped you lose 2.5lbs I'm now going on a diet.

Have just had 6 chunks of chocolate and two glasses of wine.

Can't wait to see how much weight I lose this week!!

But seriously Locket Pocket I am so thrilled for you. You have done so well and to lose a whole stone is brill!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well done with the weight loss...I didn't do so well...in fact I didn't lose, I PUT SOME ON!!! But I can't properly exercise and my friends keep coming round and taking me out and we always seem to end up becoming 'ladies who lunch'! This must stop...I intend to return to work a week Saturday, then, hopefully, I shall get back on the straight and narrow! I like that Rabbowl, Owllit....whatever he is, he has CHARACTER....keep on keeping on....all best Fran

the vicious chicken said...

I'm going to be very boring and echo all the previous commenters - I think Mr Bunnowl is a cutie :o)

Look forward to seeing all your other bunnies-in-progress too!

Working Mom Knits said...


And great job Fred.

And cool fabric.

And - lastly - I, for one, LOVE "Owlbit"/"Rabowl".

Kitty said...

Awww, that rabbit/moose/duck/hare/Adam Ant creature isn't so bad - don't be so hard on yourself (((L)))

I'm going to have to take a drive out to a Dunelm - I keep reading about cheap yarn there too.

And so glad I'm not the only one to buy sheets for other purposes. I bought a duvet cover the other day - it's going to be seat cushions. And a fleece blanket - some softies. :-D


French Knots said...

I need to loose 4 stone - should I have 4 slices of merigue?!
Well done, it's hard to loose a pound, never mind a stone.

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! You're doing awesome on that diet Lucy! Sure wish I could say the same!!! I Love your little bunnies face!

tillyboo said...

I think Rabbowl is full of character and rather very lovely !

Wings, what wings ? They're great big rabbowl paws aren't they ?


marit said...

Mr. Bunnowl is perfect, a real cutie! So is Fred...:-)

Jodie said...

hey I think your rabbit/owl is great. and your weight los is awesome - bring on the meringue

est said...

he does look alittle baddit like to me!! but totally so cute on his own!! :)

Jane said...

Hi Lucy, i love Mr Bunderas too he's cute and he made me smile. You are a clever crafter. Great photo of Fred, ooh i'd love the chance to visit the mills. My Mum has done it with great sucess on the wool stash. Jane x

anne bebbington said...

Well done on the weight loss - what a milestone and I just love your boy with his science experiment - don't you just love enquiring minds

Angela said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. Now I must go and buy some meringues.

Michaela said...

The rabbit is fantastic! I love his eye-patch stripe. I'm now very worried that my bunny heading across the Pond is somewhat lacking in, um, everything. But I have tried Miss, honest I've tried!

A STONE? A whole stone? Have you actually felt how much a stone weighs? Buy it in lard (very cheap and also pure fat) and you will be amazed! Well done you!

monda-loves said...

Firstly, the rabbowl. When you become rich and famous he will be worth a fortune so keep hold of him - plus he has a fab name too.
Secondly, well done with the WW loss again! I'm almost tempted to get a little ticker myself, now I've booked my holiday I could really do with losing a few pounds before I go :o(


trashalou said...

Loving that Antonio Bunderowl. Would suggest you check his family tree - I think there may be a bit of platypus in there somewhere!!!!

I've been having thoughts too about swappy things. Still thinking but I may gnome more later ;-)

Kaz said...

Well done on the weight loss, I had a massive 000 loss this week, ggrr.

I actually like your rabbit, but then I am slightly odd myself!!

Leanne said...

Don't be so hard on yourself its a designer rabbit you know like the dogs Labradoodle your just crossing species LOL. Great news on the weight loss even with a bit of that yummy mothers day cake. Tell Fred keep up with the magic show we will stay tuned for the next act.

Ally said...

Did Fred unwrap the chocolates and put them in his pockets for his fab magic shadow show! Hope they got nice and warm in that sunshine!

Well, your mutant rabbit was a laugh and definitely a Bunderow - I am intrigued to know why you put wings and claws on him? Do bunnies have wings and claws up with you or, do owls have ears and bandit eyes? Let us know.

Well done on losing so much weight - good job we have our blogging flowers next week otherwise we won't recognise you and you will be Lily Lonesome - LOL :o}

Hope your computer finally got sorted yesterday I guess it did as the phone calls (finally) stopped!

With love and kisses

Your Real Big Sis

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

The bunnies are too dear.

Anonymous said...

A stone how fantastic ! That must be a huge difference in your clothes, and a brilliant excuse to buy more !

(Weirdbunny) x

Jennie said...

Well done on the weight loss!
I think things that don't turn out how we would want them too often have something about them anyway. I love that bunny! And the names are fantastic!
Fabulous Fred as always.

Garden girl said...

I say, well done on the weight loss! Thats brilliant, hope you are feeling extra specially smug!x

Anonymous said...