Friday, 28 March 2008

All the bunnies in the house say "Yeah!"

I thought I would share the handmade bunny population of the Locket Household with you before it increases any further!!!!

Oh, hang on a minute, it has already been increasing.................

First with a birthday present for one of Daisy's school friends (who apparently likes pink best - surprise surprise!)

and then with Baby Bernadette bunny (centre) who will shortly be residing in my Etsy shop (complete with carrot)

and there may be a little lapine something for a certain someone's birthday - but I can't show you any photos for obvious reasons.

Although I can show you the photos I sent to the certain someone of parts of my fabric collection to see which she liked best.

The original brief was "I rather like turquoise" so I thought I ought to check whether her "turquoise" and my "turquoise" co-incided!

First up she got the photo of the "blue collection"

Don't worry - there are loads more in the box.

Then I showed her what I thought was turquoise

happily she agreed (and yes I know I need to iron more!)

so I have been busily playing with various fabric combinations - Dotty Locket doesn't want me to send away what I have made as she would rather like to keep it for herself.

On the subject of bunnies, I thought I would share this photo that I found on my camera

Very Strange Bunny Fred
(photographed by the very strange Daisy - and yes I know I need to hoover!)

Moving on swiftly from the very peculiar Locket children......................

Using this very clever tutorial I made a basket for Daisy's friend to go with her bunny.

Daisy drew the picture of her friend and her favourite animal and I stitched it on a pocket. I decided to put the heavy-weight fabric on the inside and the interfaced pattern fabric on the outside as it was for a child and I am very happy with how it turned out. So thanks Lesley for a great tutorial - I hope the little girl it is for likes it and appreciates getting a handmade birthday present!

And talking of presents - look at what I treated myself to

a stunning print from Syko - her work is so inspiring and I was delighted to be able to buy this picture which was originally part of her interactive project.

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'm off to sit in front of the fire, drink white wine and read my new knitting magazine!

Lucy x


Annie said...

What a lot of bunnies in the Lockett Household. Love that little pink basket.

trashalou said...


dottydesigns said...

love all the bunnies, also like that syko print too, I debated about buying one too. have a good weekend.x

Alison Boon said...

What a lot of bunnies there are in your house. However do you keep an eye on them all, you know how quickly they can multiple!

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Lucy -- do those bunnies reproduce when you're not looking??? I love the little glimpses of your house and of course Fred the Bunny LOL! I love the little bag and bunny gift you made. And I can't wait to see what a certain someone is getting for her birthday!!!

French Knots said...

Goodness the rabbits have certainly been at it in your house!
I love Syko's work too,she uses colour so well.Have a great weekend.

Lesley said...

See, I'm getting just a bit overexcited now!!

There has been something of a population explosion over at Locket Towers by the looks of it!!
I love your Bernadette bunny and the one you have made for Daisy's friend is gorgeous - and the little basket is fab! Your stitchery designer is very talented :)

I think Fred may be the cutest bunny of all!

This was such a great post full of lovely things that I'm sure to have forgotten something!

Oh yes, your Syko print - bootiful :)


monda-loves said...

that is a lot of bunnies. Have they been to a rave? (ref 'all the bunnies in the house say YEAH').

I too have just treated myself to some of Syko's work - hopefully it will arrive next week - I also nearly bought this print too, great minds as they say Mrs Locket!


Jodie said...

Your bunnies are breeding like rabbits Lucy. I love that print and have also linked to the great tutorial.

Kitty said...

Personally, my favourite thing you've made and shown there, is the Fred bunny ;-)

Actually, it's all fantastic - such cleverness. I too loved Lesley's tutorial - will have to attempt her gussetry at some point :-D


Rachelmp said...

Very nice "the bunny bunch" Lucy. I too like Fred bunny best! x Rachel

Kaz said...

Gorgeous bunnies there. I'm sure she will love the bunny and matching basket as they are lovely, although not quite as lovely as Fred bunny!!

dottycookie said...

Oh, what a perfect gift for a little bunny loving girl!

Simone said...

I also like the very strange bunny Fred. I also like all the other bunnies too!

Gina said...

Those bunnies are breeding!!! The bunny and basket for Daisy's friend are gorgeous.
Enjoy your wine and knitting and have a lovely weekend!
Gina xx

Carin said...

Love your bunnies!!

hilde said...

Hehe, all sweet bunnies, you have soo many! I'm a bit jealous!
And that basket is sooo nice! I want one like that too, I love the embroidery your girl did!