Saturday, 29 March 2008

Crafty Little Lockets

A "mummy's showing off post" today

First of all I thought I'd show you a close up of the stitchery on Daisy's friend's birthday present

and the original artworks that it came from (complete with colour instructions!)

Next up is an applehead inspired creation that Dorothy made (before I was even awake) this morning
I just love how she has used the different bits of paper she has collected with the ones Applehead sent her.

Finally, Fred had the honour of bringing home the class pet dog "Elmo" and needs to write a story about what he has done this weekend (I think........!)

So here is his nearly finished picture of Elmo at the Locket Household.


And finally, here is what I am working on.

I mentioned the other day that I had come home with bags full of wool from my Mum which included loads of cream Aran. As I was in our local craft shop looking for a few bits to include with a certain someone's birthday present, I thought I would look at their patterns (as the shop is closing down and everything is half-price) and pick the owner's brains about how I could knit a normal pattern in aran wool (as I didn't want to play at cable-ing and fancy stuff)

So this is the gorgeous pattern I bought

I am making the pale green design (in cream aran of course) and am knitting the age 5-6 with the view that if it is too big for Fred then it might fit Daisy! The shop owner suggested knitting a size smaller than I needed as I was using aran wool and bigger needles - but you never know, it might actually fit Dorothy instead!

It is nice to have some "switch off" knitting that I could do in the dark in the cinema or when I was half asleep or something as most of the things I like playing with are either

a. stripey (therefore requiring loads of balls of wool)

b. fiddly (meaning I have to think and read patterns and things like that)


c. on stupidly thin dpns with very thin wool and a high risk of losing stitches willy-nilly

Now I've got some straight old boring plain uneventful repetitive knitting - so I can probably start reading at the same time again - as long as Mr Locket is happy to hold the book and turn the pages for me...................!


saraeden said...

Elmo looks a bit like our Cornwall , Brandons favourite cuddly toy that he got from Cornwall funnily enough !!!

Love the little bag and the original art work !!

Sara x

Michaela said...

I was just wondering how you could hold a book, turn the pages and knit at the same time. I would need an extra set of hands. Then I got to the end of your post... can I borrow your husband so I can do both as well?

I have some special 'mindless knitting' reserved just for the cinema and watching football matches. (2 boys play matches every week - that's a lot of hanging about!) People look at me very strangely when they see what I'm doing. But I think they're the strange ones - obviously they don't know how to multi-task!

julia said...

What a talented bunch you all are! I love the "applehead" inspired picture.
Wish I could knit, especially seeing that gorgeous sweater you're just about to embark on - and that's easy knitting??!!
Julia x

Jodie said...

Knitting in the cinema? Seriously? Now thats good!

twiggypeasticks said...

Bless those crafty little Lockets -it's obviously in the genes! Love the art work and love all your bunnies too. bunnytastic!!
Twiggy x

Sal said...

I love your 'little Lockets' crafty stuff.Superb! Sal;-)

Katy said...

click click click 'excuse me, madam - there's no knitting allowed in the cinema' ;)

What a crafty little house full you have? Fab work!

marit said...

You should have Mr. Locket read out loud to you!
You have some very talented little Lockets in the house:-)

Leanne said...

Does Mr Locket peel grapes as well. I am just catching up after my days away you have had a busy week I was impressed with that tidy book shelf it is so rewarding until someone messes it up. Your mention of Elmo the class dog reminded me when Gemma was at school they had a golliwog(which your not allowed to have now) called Sam, we took him on holiday with us and took heaps of photos along the way after we made a book of his adventures for the class. Daisy's art work is great I love the colour instructions a true artist.

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, what a talented bunch you Lockets are! Loving the bunnies in your last post too.

And now I want to go to the flicks again, just to see whether I'd be able to knit in the dark. .... I fear it could lead to some very holey monkees!


Lesley said...

I don't know what's going on out there in internet land but it's Sunday morning and this post has only just come up in Google Reader!
Your little Lockets have been so busy!! I love Dot's picture and Daisy's very specific designs made me laugh :)

Good luck with knitting in the dark. Make sure you don't watch anything at all scary in case you jump and stab someone!!


Sarahs Home said...

It is so nice when the children can enjoy some craft time. Mr Locket sounds perfect turning the pages of the book for you, wouldnt that be bliss !
Sarah x

dottycookie said...

Clever little Lockets - I love the idea of the class dog. We have class owls now, but last year we had class Winnie the Pooh who came on a trip to the real Poohsticks bridge with us this time last year.

If you want some completely brainless wool using up activity, Oxfam have launched an appeal for 9 inch squares ...

eileensattic said...

I am really falling in love with those little Lockets!

Thimbleanna said...

What clever little Lockets you have Lucy! But then, we knew that, didn't we? Like you, I love having boring knitting -- it's great for multi-tasking. Sometimes, it's hard for me to switch off to knitting that requires me to pay attention, as I'll start talking and mess it up! Can't wait to see your little sweater!

Jane said...

Lovely bag and i love Daisy's picture. Do you embroider the picture by hand or machine? Fred's picture of Elmo and the Lockets is gorgeous. I love your photo of the bunnies on your previous post too sorry i missed it. Jane x

de vliegende koe said...

Some talented Lockets in the Recycled household! Love the drawings and stitcheries.

dottydesigns said...

Love the pictures, clever lockets all of you. I could do with someone to turn the pages of my book while i sewed, well reading to me would be good. x

trashalou said...

Does Mr. Locket sing or whistle? I just figured you would need some kind of background music so your ears would have soemthing to do!

Alison Boon said...

I always have some plain knitting to do in the cinema. I also like to read and knit, you just have have a flat surface nearby so you can rest the book on it. I have been known to use a music stand, but it gets in the way of the telly which I like to watch as well.
Love the artwork

hilde said...

your kids are artists! I love the posts containing the crafty little lockets!

tintocktap said...

Thanks for the reminder - we have Terry the Tiger home from DS's school for the Easter hols. I think the teacher's hoping the baby will arrive before Terry has to go back! Unfortunately, I think Terry'll have to make do with visits to the museum and bowling. I may even put him to work on the allotment!

trashalou said...

The link did work when it came through to my email. I am now pondering this pattern. Thanks.

purple and paisley said...

oh my goodness! the colour instructions are hilarious! =)

Kaz said...

I am in awe of anyone who can knit without looking!

Love the children's pictures, they look fab on your projects.

Kaz x

Kitty said...

I bet Elmo had a grand time with you Lockets. I can remember when we had a teddy by the name of Barnaby - we took his picture all over the place.

Gorgeous creativity from your lot - thanks for sharing. x