Monday, 3 March 2008

Mother's Day

Ok, so I'm a day late posting this but I was busy!!!!! I hope you all had a lovely day!

I had a great Mother's Day yesterday with some gorgeous cards from the children

and this brilliant painting of me and poem from Fred in his Mother's Day Assembly on Friday.

The children bought me some nice bubble bathy things from the school coffee morning on Saturday and I helped them choose this book from Amazon!!!!

I've already started making one of the piglets - but unfortunately it looks a bit like a hide rug at the moment!

We spent yesterday with my mum and dad and my brother and his wife and had a fantastic lunch. Dottycookie has already blogged about the healthy pudding they had yesterday that even I could eat on my diet but look what my sister-in-law had made for yesterday................

It would have been rude not to have some wouldn't it?

Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it (just don't be surprised if I don't have a major weight loss at WW on Tuesday!)

I managed to make a present in time for my mum and my lovely mother-in-law - although there was some very last minute sewing together.

When we were growing up in Hampshire, because my dad was the local GP and also a massive bird fan, every time anyone found an injured (and often fairly dead) bird on the road they would bring it to us to be "made better" - I grew up with a menagerie of barn owls and kestrels a one-eyed, broken winged Little Owl called Nelson, and every sort of small bird, as well as all the chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, racing pigeons and budgies that we already owned. So when I thought about wrapping Mum's present I decided an aerated cardboard box was the best form of packaging

For her very own Little Owl - Baby Wol.

Here he is before departure with his Dad (Wol)

He is made from my Dad's tweed trousers and checked shirt with some shop-bought cotton velvet and is very cute and fat.

He settled in well and has decided to perch on top of the telly in the kitchen where he can watch over his new servants.

Unsurprisingly Mum and Dad didn't fall for my "I've got a sick bird for you" trick.

But Mr Locket's poor Mummy really did begin to worry that we had indeed bought her "a pet mouse" when I presented her with the same box yesterday evening!

She was very relieved to discover a friendly and very un-real, woolly bunny - Molly, who has, like Baby Wol, taken up residence by the telly!

I'll leave you today with Fred's "new invention" - it's a "find all mummy's missing needles by dragging the magnet bumper from my Thomas train up and down all the gaps between the floorboards" - in fact it worked so well that he actually discovered 3! But I reckon the children lost them - not me!!!


Lesley said...

Lovely Mother's Day cards Lucy - great stitching on Daisy's card!!

Little Wol and Molly bunny are just gorgeous!! Nice try on the sick bird trick but you are obviously a very bad liar!!!!

Nice work Fred! If Mum puts you on the train you can come and 'hunt the needle' at Moog's House':)

Gina said...

So many wonderful things Lucy - fabulous cards and poem. Baby Wol and Molly bunny are very cute - what lovely pressies. Pleased you had such a great day.

Gina xxx

PS Fred is obviously very clever and when he's finished at Lesley's he could stop by my house on the way home!

AnnieB said...

sounds like a lovely mother's day - but then I always think every day in the locket house sounds lovely! yes, it would have been extremely rude of you not to eat some of hat delicious pudding...was it pavlova?

Working Mom Knits said...

Thank to Fred, it looks like TLG has go himself a new job this afternoon : )

Love the owls and that bunny!

Thimbleanna said...

Yes Lucy, blame those needles on the children LOL! It looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. The Owls and Bunny all look very happy with their new homes. You cracked me up with your comment that it would be rude not to sample the fabulous dessert. That seems to be the problem with my wedding diet -- everyone keeps making goodies for this or that celebration and like you, I certainly don't want to be rude LOL! So...I'm losing VERY little and now we'll be starting in with the bridal showers. I'm losing hope!

Working Mom Knits said...

Note to self: to successfully copy LLRHP's example, I must find patterns for a calf and a lamb before Mother's Day in the USA (May).

Jane said...

Love Little Wol and little Molly and your cards and painting. Could i borrow Fred and his engine too please.
Its impossible to refuse a pudding as lovely as that one, sigh :) Jane x

French Knots said...

I think with all that fruit it hardly counts as a naughty dessert!
Looks like a lovely Mother's Day was had by all.

marit said...

I'd like to borrow Fred too, please, because around here hubby is the most likely to find lost needles(Ouch! What the h### are those d¤¤¤¤d needles doing on the floor???)
What a cake! Yummy.
Cute gifts for your mums!

Kitty said...

Awww, lots of lovely 'things' in that post Lucy - glad you had a fabulous day.

Could we borrow the Thomas magnet? Please? x

monda-loves said...

ooh so many nice things to look at. The owls are my faves though - so sweet.


Katy said...

Send Fred this way, I'm sure I have some needles that need finding!

Lovely mother's day haul you got there - nd the cake just tipped it over the edge. Yum! said...

wow, such lovely cards you got there! And such sweet owlies and bunnie! Hey, I would like to borrow that train too, think there must be many needles under the refrig in our kitchen too...
Thanks for you nice comments on my dolls and monkee...I'm really counting the days for when my son comes back home!!

dottycookie said...

Lovely cards and presents, you lucky thing! Your owl and bunny are fab too.

And as for the pudding, well it was covered in fruit so clearly that counts as health food. And after last week's monster weight loss there surely can't be much to come off this week!

Kaz said...

Love the animals and your cards, especially the picture of you, now I know what you look like!!

dottydesigns said...

Love your owls, My Grandma used to always give us presents in funny boxes. e.g. an iron box so you thought you'd got an iron when really it was something nice inside. You are doing well on your diet 11.5 lb that is good, well done and I'm sure the pavlova was calorie free! x

Ally said...

Peter and I think you have a lovely hair style courtesy of Fred's picture. Fred is going to have a very long train journey because of course he is my "Duper Dar" (Super Star), so he would have to pop by here and see what Thomas could find too.

There might have been lots of fruit on that pudding but what was lying underneath? For a Pud that size there must have been at least 1 pint of cream and knowing my sister in law it was probably a pint and a half at least. Bet there wasn't much left over!

Glad you had a good Mother's Day, better than mine - looking around the railway museum and then a trip to Heathrow!

Ally x

Jenny said...

Glad t osee you had a lovely day with special goodies and great time with family. Our Mother's Day is in May. Love the magnet finder!!!!Great photo!

the vicious chicken said...

Your Mother's Day cards and gift look lovely - and Baby Wol is so fantastic! The picture of Wol and Baby Wol is brilliant :o)

PS genius lateral thinking from Fred with the magnetic needle-finder: I see bright things in that young man's future.

Patti said...

wot lovely cards you got.

Well done Fred - put that Thomas guy to work!

Been pretty busy here today so didn't get in touch. Picked up the phone and realised it was 2:45!!!

See you friday morning?

Monkee Maker said...

Lovely cards and goodies, Lucy, and a GORGEOUS cake!

.... and is Fred any good with a hoover??


Mary Ellen said...

I love your work! Is there a pattern for the bunny? I have a grandson who would love one for his first Easter. I'm so glad I found Lucy-Locket!

Blossom said...

Glad you had a lovely day.....and yes it would have been rude to refuse some of that cake!!LOL

Mr Owl is very cute!!!!

Yummers! said...

I always read your blog but sometimes forget to comment... OK, I read the latest and truly believe that I'll come back and comment later. And then... a day goes by and I do it again. I shouldn't be allowed to read your blog and laugh and giggle and smile.
I should be banned!!
But I love your owls you made... adorable!! And the cute bunny!

est said...

lucy, you gotto enlighten me! coz i am so confused about mother's day date! i've checked about gazillion times on various calendars here and it showed that 11th may will be mother's day.. but then not only you but i read from other bloggers also celebrating mother's day now?!!

Jennie said...

Well done Fred!
The Mothers day presents you received are so lovely and the presents you gave are fabulous, I especially like the fact you put them in the 'poorly bird' box!
Happy belated Mothers Day.

de vliegende koe said...

Lovely cards and presents Lucy!
We celebrate Motherday on the 2nd Sunday in May and Faters Day on the 3rd Sunday in June!
I did not know you celebrate it in March.

julie said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's day - the cards are lovely and Fred's picture is wonderful. It definitely would have been rude not to have eaten some of that scrummy cake!