Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Weekend

We had a lovely day on Sunday at my mum and dad's house where we had the most delicious roast beef and Yorkshire pud followed by these two amazing puddings by my sister-in-law

which once again I felt I ought to try - purely out of politeness of course! Needless to say I am NOT going to WW tomorrow as Dot is still poorly with her sore throat. At least that gives me a week to get myself back on track!

Unfortunately I forgot to photograph before we attacked them - but no, these are not photographs of my portion!!!

Fred and I had great fun sorting out Mum's knitting needles - I have been looking forward to doing this for weeks (what do you mean I have a problem?)

They are now properly grouped and labelled and are patiently waiting for me to make a knitting-neddle-roll to store them in. I also managed to pinch a pair of 3 1/4s as Mum doesn't use them much - so I can start another project again!!!

With Mum's help I have finished my first sock

beautifully modelled by Daisy

and started my second one - blue stripes this time.

I have also knitted another cupcake

and a stripey Easter egg

using the cottons I purchased on Saturday

And today has been spent blitzing the dining/sewing room, sorting all my materials and re-arranging the book shelves so I can get at my craft stuff more easily

So now it's Mr Locket's archaeology books that are half-hidden behind the ironing board rather than my far mor important craft boxes!

(although I did really enjoy putting his books in a nice order!)

My other achievement today has been finishing off this bunny that I "designed" ages ago (I don't know when you can claim to have "designed" your own creation - she is clearly influenced by the Tilda bunnies but I drew her free-hand without looking at any other patterns and changed the ears etc - but that is probably not enough to claim her as my own)

I persuaded Daisy that she wanted to stuff the limbs for me and after she agreed I told her she could have the bunny when it was finished.

I made the dress using a Rosalie Quinlan pattern after I had failed to make one up on my own, but the cardigan is just roughly pieced together out of my head.

Daisy has christened her "Betty Bunny" and wouldn't rest until she was finished!

The little monsters have finally gone to bed so I think it is time I got the knitting out again!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

Lucy xxx


trashalou said...

dear mrs locket pocket,
a fabulous job was made of young miss betty. i should imagine the junior locket thought limb stuffing was time well spent with that as a reward.

Obviously any puddings or chocolate consumed this weekend has purely been from politeness. I myself may have done the same.

Sadly i fear your knitting may have moved past obssession and into dependency ;-) think word verif. may suggest next knitting task - hpowig. seriously. if vc can have a beard then hippos can have syrups!!!!!!!!!

Lina said...

Great knitting (and bunny making!). I'm very impressed with that stack of boxes, how long will it stay that way I wonder...?

Alison Boon said...

I have a Daisy and a sock. Mine's blue, the sock not the Daisy. t's waiting ( rather aimlessly I might add) for a partner. I don't seem to do sock pairs. Love the bunny. Very very cute.

Lissa Jane said...

Lucypoo.. you have had a busy weekend that included pudding.. *sigh* my fave dessert is pavlova there should be pavlova (meringue) more often!
love the socks the bunny, well everything of course! I bought that opel wool last year to knit me some socks, 3 balls.. *sigh* have not finished one sock, made my mum giggle and grandma giggle about me, a new knitter knittin' socks on four needles.. and of course they were right, I sucked big time at it! LOL

Jodie said...

gorgeous gorgeous bunny and I especially love the little cardi.
I believe it would have been very rude of you to refuse those puddings. I am making muffins for guests tomorrow-same rule applies, i will have to have at least one!

the pesky bombolino said...

I've had an indulgent weekend too- it involved chocolate brownies, rhubarb crumble and blackberry and apple pie, AND custard!
How are you coping with the easter eggs?! My children have an obscene amount and will insist on leaving a little in every room.
Your rabbit is gorgeous- I love her little nose.

hannah said...

mmm, your puddings look lovely. I havent visited for ages, Ive been getting behind/keeping myself busy lol. love all your easter bunny craftiness and stuff, and I am amazied at your knitting, I am totally rubbish at knitting myself. nothing wrong with odd socks, my family thrive on them!! (had a sorting out this week, I might blog about it, depends how shameless I am feeling)

Lesley said...

I love Betty Bunny - she's gorgeous!!
Great job on the sort out Mrs - any chance you could pop down here bad do mine too??

Didn't you fancy a WW yogurt for pudding then? Don't blame you one little bit - those desserts look wonderful!

Nice sock :)


Thimbleanna said...

Boy, I don't know Lucy -- there's sure a lot of knitting going on over there, considering you're not a knitter and all. ROFLOL!!! Those puddings look yummy and Betty Bunny is adorable. If you can believe it my site is still down -- very annoying -- could be up to 48 hrs. before they even look at it. I think I'm being held hostage LOL!

Rachelmp said...

Oh Lucy - you have been busy! Gorgeous creations - I bet you are pleased. I keep checking for my bunny and I hope yours is nearly there too! x Rachel

Blossom said...

ohhhh lovely lunch!!!!!

your bunny is very sweet too.....

est said...

oh lucy, yr re-organizing sure looks good especially that tower of red boxes full of craft supplies?! wow

Gina said...

Betty Bunny is fabulous you clever thing! I love her cardigan. Great sock too!
Gina xxx

Kitty said...

Betty is fabulous! You clever thing, you. And I love her cardigan - that blanket stitching finishes it off perfectly.

Gorgeous sock too - I know I wouldn't be able to 'do' a sock - but they look the height of luxury to me.

Sorting one's stash is a lovely thing to do isn't it? Makes you feel all warm inside. I sorted the kitchen this weekend - not as good as a stash, but still satisfying.

Take care, and hope Dorothy feels much better soon. x

Angela said...

I do hope my husband doesn't read this, he's been trying to get me to tidy my half of the conservatory for ages. The bunny looks lovely and the socks. Well done you.

Niki said...

Super cute bunny rabbit.

Kaz said...

Ooo Betty, I like your bunny!! What a cutie. Those puds look scrummy, it was Easter, you can be let off the diet again (that's what I told myself as I tucked into the 2nd galaxy caramel egg)!

Books and boxes look great, bet they don't look like it now!!!

Kaz xx

French Knots said...

Wonderful sock! The stripes look lovely,is that Opal yarn?
Sounds like you had a super Easter, love Betty - very cute.

Jane said...

Lovely socks and tidyness Lucy. Betty Bunny is beautiful too. Your lunch sounded delicious and pudding heaven. Jane x

Monkee Maker said...

Loving your cupcakes! And all the other fab things you've created, natch, but I have a teeny tiny "thing" for knitted cakes ..... and real ones too!


dottydesigns said...

Daisy has good taste in name's because my lovely Beetle car is called Betty.. Betty blue beetle to be precise!! Well done for all your tidying, that is what I should be doing!! x

Florence said...

Goodness, what tidying! I love your knitted cupcake. x

dottycookie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend all in all! Betty is lovely, the house is tidy and as for those puds ... I hope Dot's sore throat is much better by now ...

Nin said...

Ooh the rabbit is just wonderful, as wonderful as those cakes look. Those weren't worth missing at all!


Hi You! I think it is so satisfying sorting all your crafting treasures ~ I get completely engrossed and it takes all day! Take a quick peek at my blog ~ a little something for you!

Yummers! said...

Your desserts look great but I REALLY love the sock. Love the colors!!!
How do you get so much done in one day and also be a mom and wife and shopper and cook???
Amazing Miss Locket!!

Sal said...

I love your bunny and also your knitted sock!
Do your family laugh every time they are about to eat something scrummy and you quickly get out the camera...?!
I also wondered if all those boxes are full of wonderful supplies?! Sal;-)

Annie said...

Love your socks. I have some the same that my mum made me. Great wool. Thanks for organising the Easter Swap.

Sarahs Home said...

I love the socks, I think that I may have to try socks for my next knitting project. I am still knitting my daughter a cardigan so it may be a while yet. Although I could knit everyone socks for Christmas couldnt I....hhmmm got me thinking now..

Sarah x

Jackie said...

I have gained weight just looking at the pictures of your fabulous desserts. Yum!! I love your bunny and you did a terrific job designing her!
Love the sock!!

Levin (and Emily) said...

don't you love a bit of spring cleaning and sorting - it usually gives me a high for a couple of weeks . i don't know about you, but i always put it off until it's unbearable and then i tidy and it's great. i figure if i was more organised and tidy i would get this natural high!
love your bunny - so cute.

Rachelmp said...

Lucy, Lucy, your bunny is here! Its just lovely and I've taken some pics and will blog about him tomorrow. Yay yay x Rachel