Thursday, 13 March 2008

It's nearly tomorrow!

I'm getting very excited about my trip to London tomorrow although I'm not looking forward to the very early start and very late night part of it! We will be leaving at about 6.30am and not getting home until about 1.30am (and that's counting on the trains being on time!!)

I'm busily trying to finish things off that I want to take with me.

Like Lesley I have made an inner bag for my capacious handbag here.

Lesley has made hers for storing all the bits at the bottom of her bag but mine is for my knitting and crocheting as I can't bear the thought of all the time on the train when I could be making something! (Lesley says she will spend the time looking out of the window for foxes - it takes all sorts I suppose!)

It nearly killed me spending 2 hours doing absolutely nothing while I was having my hair done this afternoon and although my hair looks great I really resent that lost time (especially as I know it will be back to looking a mess tomorrow!)

I also know I'll take far too much stuff with me tomorrow and will regret it when I have to carry it all back - I even contemplated making up the first strip of my crochet blanket and wearing it as a scarf so I could add to it on the way down and wear it home - but even I'm not that barmy (yet!)

I treated myself to a new crochet hook which arrived today
(exhibit a)

because my other one was hurting my hand. The hook I was using has a pointy end
(exhibit b)

and it kept digging into the palm of my hand - I'm sure I'm holding it wrong but whenever I try to be more "ladylike" about how I hold it I can no longer crochet! I feel like a small child learning how to hold a pencil! The new one has a handle so will hopefully be more comfortable.

The other good post that arrived today was my copy of this book

that Vicious Chicken blogged about the other week - it looks really good and I am having to be very strict with myself and not take all the needles and wool to start new projects for it on the train tomorrow!

I am hoping to stick to my sock knitting and my crochet - I'll get a few small balls of wool wound and will start off several centres so I can leave some of the wool behind. Granny Squares seem to be very compulsive once you start them - or maybe that's just me!

All the other things I have been working on are secret so I can't show you yet. Sorry!!!


Jane said...

Lovely things lucy, looking forward to tomorrow, got my tube map, ticket and carnation ready. Just got to find some concentration for work first! my journey is quite short as i have to change trains, so i will be watching the countryside and listening to my ipod. Jane x

Gina said...

I'm really worried now Lucy... I think I should have a big bag full of things to bring! I've got my carnation... a camera... note book... and cheque book!!! Do I need anything else?

Love the socks by the way!
Gina x

Kaz said...

Oooohhhh have a fab time tomorrow at the meet and don't forget to blog all the fabby things you get (including photos of any cakes etc lol - it's a special occasion you can forget the diet for a day plus you need your energy levels)!!

Lucy finally got her wallet today after yet another postal hiccup (is it just me) and she absolutely loved it. She asked if I had made it, and I was tempted to tell a porkie, but came clean!! My sister inspected it and thought it was beyond me because it had a zip in it!!

love Kaz xxx

Kitty said...

I also got my copy of 'Irresistible gifts to knit' in the post today - good old VC, eh? I got it for the gnomes ... love those gnomes. But the kids have been through it, and now I have orders for lots of other bits too!

Hope you all have a fantabulous day tomorrow - not jealous at all, no siree, that's not a green glow of envy you see, it's just the light in here.

Have a brilliant time. Take care. x

the vicious chicken said...

Aw, I hope you guys all have fun tomorrow... will think of you all when I'm sitting at work :o(

Glad to see you got your copy of that book - it's lovely, isn't it? That said, I've yet to make anything from mine... been trying to finish off some WIPs first... which could take me a while... :o)

Lesley said...

Just had a depressing time finding something to wear in Asda and have decided it'll just have to be a skirt 'cos I looked like a whale in all their stupid clothes!!!

Got my book too today and that will be some reading matter for the train trip tomorrow - when I'm not admiring foxes, that is!! I may even get lucky and see a deer or a hare :)

Gotta go as Moogsdad jet's off to Florida at 8.30 on Saturday morning and so far has no clothes ready to take! ('cos I've been making stacking bunnies!!).

See you in about 14 hours or so you scary woman! I'll be the whale in the long skirt and pink carnation ;)

Jodie said...

Is it weird that I take hand sewing to the hairdressers? I mean only if I am going for one of the big cover-the-grey appointments.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting excited and I'm going no where!! Have a great time tomorrow. Looking forward to all the blogging when you return.

AnnieB said...

I took my knitting to the hairdressers last time, but he wouldn't let me knit because he said the hair would get all stuck in the wool, so I had to flirt with gorgeous Juan from Barcelona was ok, I suppose ;-)

have fun tomorrow, I think I remember correctly that you are going to the CL show? I am going on Saturday (working tomorrow unfortunately)...

dottydesigns said...

I'm soooo jealous, wish I was going. But look forward to photos. have fun x

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your trip. If you se my sister tell her to get her but back to Australia for a visit!
Not sure if I have delruked here before, but I had decided that because the L's were my favourite part of my bloglines, I should delurk on them. I love your blog and have several posts fave'd!

the pesky bombolino said...

I am so envious! You are going to have such a wonderful time. How fabulous to meet some fellow bloggers in the flesh. Next year I'm going to make sure I can come too!

French Knots said...

I wish I was going! I'm green with envy!
Love the sock wool, great colours. Have a brilliant day!

Leanne said...

Have a really great day tomorrow I wish I could come to but the commute would kill me.

marit said...

Have fun tomorrow:-)

dottycookie said...

Can't wait, can't wait! I too have carnation, camera and cheque book, but I am only taking a smallish bag because I am supposed to be on a budget (hummmm). Mind you, hubby bought a new laptop today so he can't really complain!

I am coming with Gina so I can follow along behind her to meet you. Also so I don't get lost because I have a negative sense of direction ... I think I might be a whale in jeans, though I am contempolating hiking boots so my feet do not kill me.

Better get some sleep now!

twiggypeasticks said...

Have a lovely day tomorrow, I do hope you get to see some foxes:) and blog it all when you get back. Nice socks!

Rachelmp said...

Have a great day Lucy et al. It looks like you are all prepared and inspired. I can't wait to see what you bring back! x Rachel

nicky said...

I laughed when i read the bit about having your hair done and wasting 2 hours! That is exactly why i never bother to have mine done and exactly what was going through my head last week when i finally decided i could not let it get any worse. And there i was thinking it was just me!

Monkee Maker said...

You should have taken your knitting to the hairdressers. I do, which is ironic, given that I go to a blue-rinse salon and I'M the only one knitting!!

And ok, I know I hold my hook wrong too, but now I'd LOVE to see how you hold yours to have it stabbing your palm .... please provide photos!

I hope you have a fabulous time later, and please think of those of us who are WORKING while you're off galavanting and meeting fellow carnation wearing bloggers.


Carin said...

you knit beautifully!

weirdbunny said...

Oh my sister in law has that book. she knitted us the elf/gnome out f t so me for Christmas !