Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More pencil rolls and more crochet

Having received my orders from Master Fred and Miss Dorothy I set to work on their pencil rolls yesterday.

Fred had chosen his fabrics on Sunday from my stash of picture prints that I rarely use these days.
He went for a Noah's Ark theme

But unfortunately I made the roll a bit too narrow because I used the lines in the pattern of the fabric for cutting - Another couple of inches would have been perfect. I did use the 3/4 inch measurement for the pencil slots and that is a much better fit.

Dorothy was off school poorly yesterday so she supervised the work on her pencil roll from her snuggly spot on the sofa!

She is such a "schooly" girl and has always loved this fabric (she has a rag doll with a dress made out of it too) so it was an obvious choice for her

and I really like this "handwriting" fabric I bought on ebay a few years ago but I have never really had anything for it to go in because of the colour.

I made Dot's pencil roll wider by using a spotty border after the mistake with Fred's - now I just need to get her some more pens and pencils to fill it up - they seem to get longer with each one I make!

I have now been commissioned to make my sister-in-law and my mum a knitting needle roll each and while I am in the mood I might make myself a roll for my new Berol colouring pens - the children keep asking if they can use them but I just fight them off!

I'm going to indulge in a bit of "Mummy boasting" now so please bear with me!

Yesterday evening Daisy decided she wanted to make some "doggy things". She had drawn and cut out a little dog and wanted to make him a kennel etc so she found paper, scissors, glue and sellotape and set to work.

Fred decided to join in and completely amazed me by reproducing a cube/box he had made ages ago at school. He drew the pattern and cut it out and put it together without any help at all - which is pretty amazing as he is only 5.

It's not perfect but I think it is fairly fantastic really! I'm sure we didn't learn how to do these until we were about 14!

Oops! Almost forgot - just had to come back in and add this or I will be in trouble!
Fred's lego house/stable!

I managed to get back to Aldi yesterday evening to buy some more of their super cheap wool because I wanted to add this brown into my crochet squares

What do you think? (Obviously they won't all have brown edges - that was just to incorporate the brown into the first 5)

And last, but not least, I will leave you with a sneaky peek of one of the bunnies I am making for the swap. I asked my partner Hilde what colours she particularly liked and she mentioned that she liked yellow and her son thought the bunny should be brown.

My little brain went into overdrive and I think I may have invented a new hybrid species - only there's no owl in this little fellow!

I do hope Hilde doesn't mind having a completely barmy mutant-bunny!


Katy said...

I am sure the bunny will be fantastic! Lucky you getting paired with Hilde too!

What clever kiddywinks you have - I am most impressed with Fred's box, I couldn't do one now!!!

dottydesigns said...

Love the pencil rolls, you are so quick at making things, wish I had your energy, I am on a go slow at the moment!! I think it's the miserable weather. x

Angela said...

I think your crochet squares are lovely and the brown works very well.My first adventure into crochet was a blanket made up of squares.I didn't venture much further though.
The pencil rolls are great.
Looking forward to seeing bunny.

www.tantehilde.be said...

woohoo, a barmy mutant-bunny! I have no idea what 'barmy' means, but I'm sure I'll like it! I'm so happy to have joined this swap and being paired with you Lucy!

Gina said...

Okay... what's your secret? You obviously don't sleep at all if you've managed to fit in all that fabulous sewing, shopping for wool, more crochet and blogging too! And if that's not enough, it's obvious you have very clever children who take after their very clever Mum (sorry Mr Locket... I'm sure you are very clever too)
G x

ps Three days to go!

Lesley said...

All your pencil rolls are lovely and I love that handwriting fabric!!

Mutant bunny is very gorgeous and I'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled with him/her/it!!

Great Lego and box work Master Fred :)


Kitty said...

I cannot let my smalls see those pencil rolls, or I'll be begged to make some ... and it all looks to complicated for me :-D

Love the lego - we are big lego fans in this household - lots and lots of it.


PS Hope Dorothy is feeling much better.

Knot Garden said...

Your crochet is looking lovely, I like the brown with the blues and pinks.
My daughter has been asking me to make her a paintbrush roll, so I will be studying your pictures closely!

Jane said...

Lovely peep at bunny Lucy, obviously you all have the creativity bug. Your squares look really good and the brown ties them all together very nicely. I have seen a blanket with black instead of brown and it was called a stained glass window afghan.Jane x

the vicious chicken said...

Loving the bunny-bee sneak peek! And those pencil-rolls are great too... you're such a fab Mum to make such lovely things for your littlies. I hope Dot feels much better now after her poorly day.

French Knots said...

Your certainly have 'rollitis'!
I saw the knitting needles in Aldi, but managed to resist as I'll be using my little dpns for the foreseeable future...well as long as the socks take!

Leanne said...

I have been thinking of a knitting needle roll you have inspired me - I'm with you on the kids of today 5 years olds making cubes i would still struggle. You will soon have a rug if you continue on with the squares at this rate. Hope Dorothy the supervisor is soon well.

Kaz said...

Blimey Lucy, do you not sleep?!! I can't believe how much you seem to achieve in a day whilst having children!! I'm looking forward to seeing the bunny/mutant.

My valentine swap still hasn't turned up and Lina and I think it probably won't now, although I'd love to be surprised so I reckon you can do your big post about the swap without mine (unless you've done it anyway and I've not seen it).

You have very creative children, I love it when they sit and make things.

Kaz x

cmoon said...

I love to visit your blog your posts are always so newsy and crafty.I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogger list?
Best wishes

Thimbleanna said...

I love your pencil rolls Lucy! Especially the one with the school-themed fabric. Very clever Fred -- we love mommy boasting too. And I really like the brown touch on your grannies -- for just picking it up, you're doing a fantastic job!

AnnieB said...

I just this evening realised my pair have managed to break into the berol pens I keep JUST FOR ME! how did they manage that? I thought I had fobbed them off with the broad ones and that they didn't even realise there were narrows in the house...ho hum

your pencil rolls are gorgeous and your children obviously destined for very creative and constructive lives!


corry said...

the pencil rolls are gorgeous, I love the one made from the Noah's Ark fabric! And those crochet squares.....lovely colors, they would make a great blanket!

LizzyHouse said...

I LOVE the pencil roll! What a great idea!

Blossom said...

mmmm the bunny sounds good...;)
Love the pencil rolls.I also need to get my act together and make myself a knitting needle roll.
And your crochet is coming along VERY nicely.....

Jodie said...

Fred will need to just do lots of colouring and wear down his pencils to fit! Fred sounds like such a character I may have to name a little dolly after him!

Monkee Maker said...

You're really on a roll with those pencil rolls! They're fab.

The square are looking good too - although I notice you haven't started sewing in your ends yet .... just saying ....


Penny said...

The brown helps make the squares look solider and less pastel - they looked like they could have come from a Cath Kidston catalog before. Adds a bit of zing, as the quilters say.

It's always surprising what different colours can do to each other.

Patti said...

Love the pencil rolls. Think I might have to make me some of them.

Fred's box is fab and I love that lego made it into your blog.

As MM says - I see some ends on those Granny squares. You will regret it if you don't start sewing in now.

Jennie said...

The pencil rolls are lovely!
Can't wait to see the bunny.

(The pic on my post is by Susan B Pearse. If you google her name you'll be able to see where I got it from ;) )

Ally said...

Hey well done, just noticed you have lost another 2 pounds so I have def decided you will have to wear a name badge as well on Friday as I definitely won't recognise you anymore.

LOL :o)

Ally x

Annie said...

Funny stuff Lucy ... I can't wait to see all these bunnies. I love it when the kids get creative. I also love your granny squares. Crotchet is a fondness of mine.

est said...

lovely pencil rolls! love the handwriting fabric too. so unique!! can't wait to see more of yr bunny ;)

Electric Daisy said...

Hi Lucy! you've been tagged!