Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Picture-heavy Post with Loadsa-Linkage

You are going to have to be patient with me as this is going to be a long post with loads of pictures (and hopefully, for your sakes, fewer words!)

The first things I wanted to share with you are the Little Lockets' Easter Egg designs.

First up we have Dorothy's

The perfect eggy-creation for an archaeologist's daughter! She is fed up because by the time it was out on display Indi-egga Jones' whip was no longer wrapped around the Mummy!

Next we have Princess Daisy's contribution

I love R-egg-punzel's plait and the birds flying by.

And finally we have the award-winning-Fred's creation!

which earnt him a great big Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel Easter Egg (which he very sensibly shared with his two big sisters!!!)

And I can't leave our friend Ben's egg out - how fab is this?

(although he has had to promise his dad that he will bring the feathers back unharmed for his fly-tying!)

My final Easter contribution is this tablecloth from the Easter display in Fred's school - isn't it lovely?

Moving swiftly on..................

Here are a couple of lovely things that arrived in the post last week.

First up is this gorgeous mini "zine" from Applehead.

It seemed such an appropriate publication for the Locket household where the only time the occupants have matching feet is when they are wearing tights or are bare-foot! (Don't worry, Mr Locket and Fred DO NOT wear tights!)

I'm not going to show all the pages but look at this next one
The whole thing is really lovely full of adorable illustrations.

My other transatlantic parcel came from Aunty Cookie's Etsy shop

My very first pieces of her brilliant fabric. I love the "Cookies" in the centre although I wish I'd had one saying either "Knitters aint quitters" or "Who are you calling a Fat Quarter?". I may
have to buy some more!!!

On the subject of parcels, I am very pleased to say that I managed to get 4 of my own sent yesterday.

My bunny-hop-bunny-swap parcels to Hilde and Rachel (but I could have really thumped the stupid swap organiser for telling us to include a "hand-made" card and giving the 17th as a deadline! Stupid woman!!!)

Kitty's "100th post giveaway" (finally)

And my PIF for Thimbleanna and a little thankyou for the wonderful goodies she sent me a (long) while ago!

I will get my other PIF parcels sent soon and will be offering to do it all over again as I have signed up to Patti's PIF too!

It was Weight Watchers Day today and I am pleased to say that in spite of my lovely day out on Friday and the lovely food I happened to eat whilst in London, I have still managed to lose half a pound this week.

My perk on "weigh-in" day is to go to the little craft shop around the corner from the meeting that is closing down and has everything half-price. Today's purchases were some more sewing needles, a sheet of alphabet stickers for the children, some soft yellow knobbly wool and these two knitting pattern books.

Even though they are both quite "dated" I just love the birdies in them

and I reckon I could update them with a few little changes (she says over-confidently!!!!)

Not content with these bargains I then went on to "Matalano-darling" (ask Lesley about this) and bought some very reduced clothes for the girls,

and these two tops for only £2 each for their fabric - not my usual taste but rather lovely!

I'm going to leave you today with these photos of Daisy and Fred's den

and this fantastic text that arrived on my mobile yesterday evening..........................

Please come and
tuck me up.
'cause I can't be

bothered to

come and ask
you. Hope to see
you soon.

signed: the girl
in the small room

Dorothy really loves her new (hand-me-down-from-Granny-via-big-cousin-Em) mobile phone!

P.S. I lied about the fewer words bit!!!!


Kaz said...

Lovely eggs by your smalls! Promising talent there.

Glad you had a great time on Friday and I'm extra pleased that you gave the diet a break and still lost weight!!

I can't rememeber what else I was going to say, brain cell on strike, so I think great photos should cover everything!!

Kaz x

Simone said...

I love the ladybird egg! You have a bunch of very talented children (as you know!) Well done on the weight loss too.

Kitty said...

I got my parcel today!!! It's fabulous - thank you so much. Have a big (((hug))) and a kiss ... mwah! x

Lots of lovely things in that post today Mrs L-P - wonderful eggs, and gorgeous books (I have the Jean Greenhowe one too ... somewhere ... just don't know where?!)

I will be putting a picture of your sweet dolly on the blog soon - how on earth did you turn and stuff her little arms and legs? :-O

Take care. x

dottydesigns said...

I want Daisy's stripy tights they are gorgeous. Good on you for losing weight, you were allowed a treat once in a while and you've been soo good losing lots already.xx

Lesley said...

Phew - after all that loveliness I think you deserve a glass of wine!!

Fantastic eggs from the Locket's Junior and some rather fab 'egg' humour from Miss Dorothy :)

I have to say your Daisygirl knows how to put a groovy outfit together!

Vvv cute Fred, as always :)

Wonderful fabrics and knitty bits.

Now go and have yourself a small glass of wine to celebrate another fabtastic weight loss!!

Say hi to your poor harrassed husband from me ;)


anne bebbington said...

Just love that 'tuck me up please' text from your daughter - you must save that for her wedding :o)

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Lovely text - so very sweet, how could you resist?

The eggs are fab, I remember doing one in school - 'Eggy the Eagle Eggwards', shows my age ;o)

I so want some of that fabric - I keep drooling......soon!

Kitschy x

trashalou said...

great text, great eggs, grear job at sending off parcels!

I too could smack that silly organiser woman for the send date of the 17th but it is in the post now. *phew*

Lina said...

These posts must take ages to do! You have more to say in one post than I do in a month! Not that I'm complaining - thanks for sharing, love the eggs *especially* the ladybird - very clever! And the text message - is this the future of bedtime?!

corry said...

You've got some talented designers in your household...they made beautiful eggs! great post Lucy!

Jane said...

Lovely eggs with truly brilliant designs by the little lockets. Very well done on the weight loss again Lucy, lovely fabrics too Jane x

Patti said...


Lovin' all of this. The eggs are fab (my child won his section of the competition - so more choccy in the house!)

Dorothy's text is wonderful.

See ya soon (not working tomorrow!!)

Jodie said...

I never thought I would miss the mess kids make when they have an indoor cubby - but I kinda do.....

Monkee Maker said...

Wow - loads going on in this post!

Great eggs by the Little Lockets, and I just love that little book from Applehead .... when I saw it on her blog I was so sad that I was too late to sign up. And I was even more sad that I don't have her talent ....

It has to be said, Mrs Locket, that there seems to be more knitting than sewing on this here sewing blog recently .... have you joined us on the dark side??


Gina said...

So much loveliness to read here Mrs Locket! Fab eggs designs from the little Lockets... what a talented bunch. Love Daisy's trendy outfit.
Gina xxx

est said...

i love all the eggs design and especially the R-egg-punzel's ! she's so creative!!the tablecloth is sure lovely!

julia said...

Flippin' 'eck that was a long one. Where to start? Love the egg creations, and all your postal goodies.
The den reminds me of our house most days and as for the text message, what a hoot. Can't even work out how to text on my laughable mobile phone!
Julia x

Jennie said...

I complained about it at the time, but now my two are older, I don't half miss the whole 'Easter Egg' competitions.
Great designs from all the small people!!
Half price craft stuff, and losing half a pound even though you didn't think you would have! what fantabulousness!

Working Mom Knits said...

Fab posting!

ps: thanks for the tip-off - think I've fixed the slide-show problem.

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo!!! A package is coming for me -- I'M SO EXCITED!!! I hope it comes by Saturday -- if not, I'll be gone next week and I'll leave strict instructions that it's NOT to be fondled LOL! Those little lockets are as adorable as ever!!!