Thursday, 20 March 2008

More Marvellous Mail - and "What's on the Needles"

This is a good week as far as post is concerned!!!

My Bunny-Hop-Bunny-Swap parcel from Hilde arrived this morning before school! So there was great excitement in the Locket household as we unwrapped the package to reveal...................

Mr Dizzy and Distinguished Gentleman (Dizzy for short)!

Isn't he fabulous????

And look at the gorgeous card that came with him.

Thank you so much Hilde - he is fantastic and is patiently waiting with the other household bunnies for me to make an "Easter display" - something I have never actually done before!

The great news is that my bunny for Hilde also arrived today - you can see my mutant bunny (Bumble-Bunny or Honey-Bunny) here.

I also received this lovely card from Kitty

to thank me for the doll she finally received from my 100th post giveaway - I'm just sorry she had to wait so long!

I have been feeling a bit flustered lately by the amount of different crafty things I am making, have started, or just want to do - there is just so much inspiration around at the moment!

In the midst of all this I was wondering why I couldn't find any knitting needle pairs.

Here is why:

Yup these are the projects that I currently have on the go - now you can see why I'm feeling flummoxed (and this is only the knitting - and I'm not a knitter am I Monkee Maker? - I'm really not - I do SEWING!)

So working from left to right and top to bottom we have
  1. a mitten (because I really can't keep telling people who ask me why I'm only wearing one mitten that it is because I haven't knitted the other one yet - that makes me sound a bit odd.............)
  2. half a teddies jumper (but no teddy that size)
  3. one ear flap for a hat like these (for me this time)
  4. a green doll's dress
  5. a pink doll's dress
  6. the doll
  7. a bunny's leg
  8. an Easter egg from Julie's pattern (that needs to be finished by tonight as it is a present for my friend Kerry)
  9. a tiny teddy's cheek
  10. a bunny rabbit (looks very dead to me)
  11. my sock
  12. a mouse
  13. a tortoise
I think there might even be some more knitting kicking around somewhere!

These are some of the photos of what I am trying to make.

Maybe I will have finished them in a few years?


Sarahs Home said...

The Bunny is a sweetie !!!! Good luck with the knitting, it is certainly not one of my strengths. LOL.. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sarah x

Patti said...

OK Dokey, Knitting. Are we not a "completer finisher" perhaps?

Keep going - think how good you'll feel when it's all done.

Otherwise - just buy some more needles and start more projecs.

Donna said...

Always plenty of time to start a new project and never enough time to finish them!

Katy said...

Hilde's bunny is gorgeous - lucky you!!! And she says cards are not her strong point - that card is fab!

LOL at your unfinished projects - oh dear!!! I think you had better start a list and tick off as you go, don't you? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy you like my rabbit and my card. Everyone around here is so moved by my lovely honey-bunny!!

Wow, how many knitting projects have you going on!!!! Succes with them!

hilde said...

woops, forgot my name, last comment was mine, I guess you knew that..

Simone said...

You certainly receive some lovely things in the post and you certainly like to start new knitting projects!!!!!!!!!!!

trashalou said...

Keep on with the mouse, the Sir Brigad. etc, etc lookie-like and the doll as they really are quick and easy. But am ever so slightly spooked about that rabbit hanging from the shelf. He really does look very not alive!

Kaz said...

What a lovely bunny you got! I am just a tad jealous of your goodies arriving through the post as my swap vanished somewhere across the atlantic!

Loving the collage of half done projects, all looking very interesting so can't wait to see them finished. Shall I not hold my breath?!!

Kaz xx

Lesley said...

Mr Dizzy bunny is very lovely and very distinguished!!

Of course I'd never leave any knitting/crochet/sewing/rag rugging/embroidery/needlefelting half finished......ahem ;)

I think you may need to buy more needles!

Happy Easter to the Lockets from the Moogfamily


de vliegende koe said...

Sooo much Easter bunny fun on your blog!
Wonderful creations and gifts.
Happy Easter!!

French Knots said...

You've got some interesting projects on the go but I think you should nip down to the charity shop and stock up on needles!

Gina said...

Lovely Mr Dizzy! (Loved the bunny you sent too!) Time to bu moreknitting needles!
Gina xxx

Jodie said...

I would be flummoxed too!

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. Looks like a knitter, smells like a knitter....methinks thou art a knitter!!! Great bunnies too, btw!

Jackie said...

Wonderful bunnies!! Lots of knitting projects, can't wait to see them finished!

Alison Boon said...

I have a soul mate, only I keep knitting only one sock coz I get bored and never make the other one. The bunny is sweet.

Heleen said...

What a wonderful bunny and card! This swap turned realy nice! Happy easter.

the vicious chicken said...

For a 'non-knitter' you do have a lot of knitting projects :o) Good luck with getting some of them completed. Failing that, I agree with Patti - just buy more needles so you can establish some more WIPs :o)

em said...

hiya aunt

the bunny is cute
why don't you try finshing what you have started?
did mum tell you that we are knitting flowers? they are cool apart from the fact mum has lost the 1st 2 wee made!
we are having a 5 day so i should be able 2 write lots of comments!!

em xx

Kylie said...

The bunny is adorable and the card is too cool for words - did she draw it???

Oh - I am not game enough to show what I have started and not finished - think that I really shoudl start doing some of the UFO's in the house!

em said...

sorry 5 day weekend i bet daisy is happy about whats on tv 2 day?!


Jane said...

Lovely bunnies Lucy, i think you are the same as the rest of us too many projects and not enough hours in the day! Charity shop is the best source for needles as they get all the ones no-one wants. Happy Easter Love jane

Kitty said...

Ooh, I'm having at go at that teeny teddy too! I can tell you get bored easily Mrs L-P - all those projects mean you can just pick up whatever you fancy at any given moment. I'm not sure I have that many knitting needles!

Hope you and yours are having a fabulous Easter weekend. x

Kitty said...

PS Meant to say - gorgeous bunny from Hilde - and that card of hers is something really special isn't it? x

Leanne said...

Hi Lucy,
Just caught up on your week wow loads of wonderful parcels from the postman Pat, you must be on first name basis with him. I agree with you so much inspiration and not enough time to do it all.Cute bunny I hope poor Dorothy is feeling better - have a great relaxing Easter.

est said...

yr bunny is so adorable!!he sure look like a fine gentleman to me! :)

est said...

yr bunny is so cute too! lucy! very unique!!

Jennie said...

Awww your bunny hop swap is so sweet!
The card is really lovely too.