Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday Monday

I seem to be becoming a part-time blogger at the moment, Google Reader has loads for me to catch up on and my own posts are coming further apart than normal - perhaps I am just feeling sorry for you all and giving you a much needed break from my ramblings!!!

On Friday I finally mastered the art of crochet!

I remember the first time I tried it was in my first year of secondary school and we had to knit and crochet some samples to stick in our needlework books (I was only allowed to do 6 months of needlework and 6 months of cookery before I had to go on to more "academic" subjects - ironic when you consider what I now spend all my time doing!)

For some reason the wool I was using was a very uninspiring beige and I can still picture those sample pieces in my exercise book - and I can still remember how I struggled with the crochet!

But now I can do it - thanks to Patti (although the square she did to show me the process is a million times better!)I was so excited about it that I had to photograph my first square at each stage!
I plan to make these into a blanket some day but I'm finding it hard to crochet and watch telly at the same time so I may have to go back to knitting for my evening crafting!

It has been a strange weekend because Dorothy went to stay with my mum and dad on Friday night and we only picked her up yesterday evening so the house has felt very empty (and quiet!!!!) without her.

Then on Saturday Fred was invited to spend the day at his friend's house - and I don't think he has ever been out for that long other than to go to school. So Daisy and I went shopping together and then to the cinema - it was really nice having her to myself for the day.

I love this photo of her walking home - she is so stylish in the way she puts her clothes together and although she is only 7 she looks about 15 striding up the road in her boots from her big cousin!

The other treat I had promised Daisy was that I would make her a "something" with her Paddington Bear fabric - she is a huge Paddington fan.

So on Sunday morning while Mr Locket and Fred went to visit Granny and Grandpa Biscuit, Daisy and I made this pencil roll - loosely following this tutorial.

The only thing I would have done differently was the spacing for the pencil slots - the tutorial said 1 inch but I have always done a 3/4 inch space when I have made art bags, and the pencils are fairly loose on this one.

She also asked me to make her a little purse to go with it so she had somewhere to put her eraser and sharpener.

And now I have orders from Dorothy and Fred for their own so that is my task for today.

The other thing we achieved this weekend was planting two new apple trees at the allotment. Most fruit trees are fairly expensive and I wouldn't risk planting anything at the allotment that I couldn't afford to lose, but these two, Jonagold and Granny Smith, were only £3.99 each from Aldi. I bought two last year as well so hopefully with the four different varieties they will cross pollinate each other. We have planted them close to the shed to provide a bit of shelter and privacy when we want to have our picnics! And I'm very glad we got them in yesterday because the weather has taken a turn for the worse and is cold, wet and windy!

I'll try to blog more regularly this week and will definitely have to blog at the weekend to tell you all about our exciting day out on Friday at the Country Living Show - can't wait to meet up with the bloggy friends that are coming! Get your pink carnations from Gina ready!


Lesley said...

Glad you had some lovely one to one time with Daisy. She looks fab in her outfit and her hair is gorgeous!!

Nice to see she kept you busy with the sewing too :) The Paddington fabric looks very lovely on her pencil roll.

I can't believe you got apple trees for £3.99 each!! May have to find our nearest Aldi when I've got the car back.

Can't wait for Friday :)


picperfic said...

you might not be blogging so often but the content is amazing. Your photo of Daisy is so lovely, and yes she does look very grown up but I was pleased to read about her loving Paddington. The pencil roll and little bag are so lovely...I must make more time for sewing cute things like these. I loved spending one to one time with each of my four, you get to know them a bit differently when they are without their siblings...

Patti said...

Glad to see the Granny squares are growing - are you holding the wool correctly yet? Thought not.

Remember to start sewing in your ends now - if you leave it to the end it will be a nightmare!

Here endeth the lesson!!!!

Love the Daisy pic and her paddington roll.

dottycookie said...

Oh my goodness, Daisy is a very stylish 7 year old! And a very lucky one with her pencil roll - I especially covet the little purse.

I have been crocheting too, for the bunny swap so it is very secret, shhhh.

I simply cannot WAIT for Friday. My little ones are not happy that mummy is getting a day out without them but I'm taking them to see Angelina Ballerina on Wednesday to make up for it so they can just quit moaning ;-)

French Knots said...

Crochet is next on my list of things to learn once I've got to grips with knitting, your squares are lovely.
Isn't it odd when one of the children is away, the volume in our house certainly goes down when we are one down!

trashalou said...

Princess C-Dub and I have been having girls' days out on a regular basis for many years and we love them. Our last was to the Roman Baths in Bath.

Yay you for conquering crochet! I threw mine away in disgust after a few hours and split and knackered wool.

Juliann in WA said...

Your daughter does looks so cute in that picture! It would make a great memory page. And I love when you talk about your allotment. I saw some berry plants at the store yesterday and am thinking of adding some berries to the garden this year. First we need to wait for the last frost date to pass.

Jane said...

Well done for conquering crocheting, you'll soon build up speed and be able to watch telly at the same time - once you get the knack! I am so excited about Friday not sure how i'm going to get any work done in the morning. Daisy looks so grown up it is lovely to have some special time. The pencil roll and small purse are very lovely too. Jane x

Kae said...

Yay! Well done! You've conquered crochet as well now :) Is there no end to your talents? I'm still at war with that sewing machine... will I ever work out how to not mess everything up?? Lol.

Yes, I was up your neck of the woods :) And I'm still feeling homesick; same every time I have to leave... One day I shall move back up there!! Just not the same anywhere else, is it?


Sal said...

I love the colours of your granny squares . The pencil rolls are lovely too..think I will try that... one day! Sal;-)

Monkee Maker said...

Loving those squares, the colours you've put together are fab!

Having read Patti's comment .... I hold my hook wrong too. I just can't hold it like my Mum does .... I hold mine like I hold my knitting. Still, whatever works for us, I guess.

Daisy does indeed look like a very stylish young lady, and I second what Lesley said about her hair!


Gina said...

Daisy lokks stunning (would never have believed she was only seven from that pic)
Fabulous sewing and crochet Mrs Locket! I only had a year of needlework and cookery at school too. Despite my successful attempt at getting thrown out of Latin class I still had to do academoic subjects.
Four days til Friday!

the vicious chicken said...

Brilliant beginning of a granny-square blanket there, Mrs Locket! Very cute that you took pictures at each stage of the first square :o)

Glad you had such a nice-sounding weekend, too :o)

Carin said...

Great cranny squares! I love to them. Baddington is adorable too!!!

Kaz said...

Lovely blogging today Lucy so I can forgive you for not giving me new stuff to read this weekend. You've had a real busy and productive time.....and you''ve given me the perfect tutorial as I have on my 'to do' list make a roll for my knitting needles.

Also I'm going to search Patti's blog to find out how to crochet, another on the list.

thanks for those

Kaz xx

Jenny said...

Your granny squares are lovely-great colours you have chosen. Love that cute pencil roll. Oh How envious I am of your cold,wet windy weather!!!We are having a heatwave and rain would be so welcome here!!Cheers:)

Kitty said...

Blimey Mrs Locket, you sure do pack a lot into a blog post!

I like the way Daisy puts her clothes together too - you've either got it or you haven't, and she definitely has.

Lovely pencil roll - you are a clever old blogger.


twiggypeasticks said...

Wow you have been busy, well done on the crocheting front it looks fab, I just started for the first time in January and can only do rows, squares and circles are beyond me, so I'm v.impressed. The paddington roil is lovely and I'm going right to Aldi tomorrow to hunt for apple trees :)
Twiggy x
PS your daughter does look lovely

Jodie said...

She does certainly look all grown -up and stylis but in the next paragraph , she stills loves paddington bear - I love it !

est said...

oh my! lovely squares! nice colors coordination too. i love daisy's boots!! she sure looks stylish!

eileensattic said...

Your granny squares look beautiful. I love the colors.. MUCH better than beige! Can't even tell you're a beginner.

Leanne said...

Well done with the crochet I really struggle with it like the others I hold the hook wrong. Daisy's hair looks lovely she does look older than 7. The pencil roll is very cute and tell Daisy I love Paddington too.

Jennie said...

The crocheting is lovely. I thought Daisy was a lot older from that picture! She does have style.
Bargain price for the trees. I must check out our Aldi, I hardly ever go there.