Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What a lovely day

I've had a really lovely day today because I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Clare/Quiltdude and the fabulous Charlie P of the Pigeon Loft who came home from her continental studies to celebrate her 21st birthday.

None of us had met up before so I think we were all fairly nervous and excited in equal measure but we just got on so well and didn't stop talking or laughing from start to finish.

Our first port of call was Barbara's lovely shop Ring a Rosie where we all stocked up on wool and I got to play silly games............because you know you are going to like someone when their handbag looks like this

and in keeping with Waldorf Monkey's first visit to Ring a Rosie Charlie let me play "Spot the Pigeon"

quickly followed by "Spot the Dinosaur"

Lots of imaginary and non-existent, invisible gifts to those of you that can find them!

And talking of gifts, when we finally dragged ourselves away from Barbara's to go for coffee, passing another fantastic sign in a shop window

Charlie gave me these scrummy "Percy Pigs" - but I love their German name even more

and Clare gave me my mini-quilt - I had no idea she had already finished it - and I absolutely love it!it is all hand-pieced and hand-quilted and is absolutely beautiful - and look at the gorgeous fabric and label on the back

I'll post another picture the next time I blog with it up on the "quilt wall" - thank you so much Clare it is beautiful!

Now I haven't let you down today because I did remember to photograph my coffee and cake

and to make up for forgetting last week here is another photo of the cake, this time in close-up - and it tasted even nicer than it looked!

Thank you so much Clare and Charlie - I had a really fantastic day and hope we can meet up again soon - forget about going back to Germany Charlie - you are wasted on that languages degree and should be a crafty designer instead - and Clare, we've got so much in common it's frightening!

And as my bloggy-versary party is finally over I can now announce the winners of my "you don't have to pay it forward Pay It Forward" giveaway who are

Dotty Designs
Charlie P
Annie B
Lucy Kate
and Sal

If I haven't already got your snail mail address from a swap could you please email it to me. These gifts may take me a while to make because of my other committments but I will try to make them in much less than the usual 365 day limit for PIFs!

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and encouragement - I LOVE BLOGGING!!!!!


quiltdude said...

Looks like we had a great day......and we did!!
The spot the pigeon picture is fab, it took me a while to find him and I was bloomin there!
So what are you doing tomorrow?.....on drat I have work, our next meeting will have to wait.

Charlie P said...

Oh dear, that's embarrassing. It took me a good 5 minutes to find the pigeon and dinosaur which I placed amongst the balls of wool with my own hands! :S

trashalou said...

Glad it was such a lovely day out Locket. Curses that I have such poor eyesight (or am just crubbish) b/c I couldn't spot a dinosaur let alone a pigeon!!

dottycookie said...

I spotted them both, now can I have some cake please?

Sounds like a rather wonderful day - lucky you three!

Blossom said...

looks like you had a lovely day.........

Your mini quilt is just gorgeous!!!

Jodie said...

Holy guacamole , the standard for these mini quilts is getting higher with each one. Your wall is going to be awesome ! I am loving the idea!

eileen said...

Oh My Goodness! Thank you Lucy.. I am so thrilled that my name was picked. Even if it isn't for a year, I will truly treasure something made from you. :) I am so excited!
Your day with your friends was so much fun reading about.. and I found the pigeon and the dinosaur.. but it took a while.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Lucy! What a lovely day indeed! I was momentarily confused and looking for a monkey at first, but then I spotted the pigeon and dinosaur -- you're too cute. And that mini-quilt is fantastic -- what a keepsake wall you're going to have -- quilts from all over the world!

QuiltingFitzy said...


You're it for the Randomness MeMe.

Go back and check my blog out for the "rules".


Helen said...

Love the mini quilt Clare gave to you. And the cake looks delicious.

Lesley said...

Sounds like a great day Missus. Can't think of much better than a wool shop and cake with fellow bloggers!!

I found pigeon and dinosaur - what's my prize?


AnnieB said...

wooohooo - thanks Lucy! I LOVE that quilt Clare made you - it's too cool. Great colours and I love the hexagon thing...beautiful. Looks like a great day out...am not even a bit envious, ooooh noooo

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Yum @ that coffee and cake! Looks like you had fun.

Clare's quilt is fab.

Congrats the winners!

dottydesigns said...

thank you that I was picked, I didn't see my name at first because it was in a different colour but that has cheered my day. Love the miniquilt, it's gorgeous. it's great to meet fellow bloggers too, glad you had a good time. x

tintocktap said...

Definately sounds like a lovely day! Love the mini quile & congrats to the PIF winners.

Anonymous said...

I am SO excited to be chosen for your PIF....thanks so much! Your day out sounds great...Fran x

Leanne said...

Woo Hoo Boy I'm lucky. Sounds like you had a great day. Blog land is such a great place to be.

lucykate crafts... said...

bloggy meet ups are fun aren't they!, the midlands bloggers are about due for another nottingham ikea meet up, or swedish meatball/crafts day as we called it!

i'm chuffed to be picked for your 'pif', hows about instead of paying it forward, i could pay it back?! let me know if anyone has missed out with any of your swaps and haven't received anything, and i'll send them an owl (and that includes you!)

Sal said...

Oh what a surprise..I am so excited!!;-)Thank you ! Sal

Gina said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day - I failed and didn't spot the pigeon or dinosaur so I'm going back for another look. Very exciting about the PIF... thank you!

twiggypeasticks said...

Oh well done winners. sounds like you had a fun day out and your cake looks scrummy :)

Kaz said...

Lol I've just entered your PIF thingy as I read that post before this one!! So just ignore me!!

Wow, this post is full of gorgeous stuff. That looks like a fab shop I'd be in there ages. I tried spot the pigeon and dinosaur on the small images first - no chance!

Ooo I'd give my marbles for a slice of that cake.


Yummers! said...

Belated Happy Anniversary Lucy Locket Pocket!! This dummy couldn't find the pigeon or the dinosaur. But I refuse to give up... I'll go back and try it again. Love games!!

The quilt is lovely... lucky you who deserves it!!

Monkee Maker said...

Once again I had to make the pictures big to spot the hiders in the wool. I love these "Where's Wally" type photos you do ... more please :)

That wool shop looks like a fab place to hang out, and coffee and cake with fellow bloggers too .... could life get any better??


em said...

i found both of them!!!! the pigeon was harder but i found it in 15 seconds and the dinosaur i spoted in 5 seconds!!
the wool shop looks good

em xx

Jennie said...

Lovely cake and coffee and I spotted the dinosaur after about an hour!
Very nice mini quilt too.
Congrats to the bloggyversary winners!

Carin said...

So glad you had a good time!

Rachelmp said...

What a great day Lucy! And your mini quilt is fabby. How are we all going to reach the high standards!

Knot Garden said...

The hexagon quilt is adorable. Sounds like you had a great day!I'm drooling over the Rowan displays in the shop.

trashalou said...

Woohoo! I found the pigeon!!! Now for that pesky dinosaur.......

trashalou said...

Oh now that is just silly! I have just found the dinosaur after days of looking!