Thursday, 22 November 2007

Do not adjust your set

Yup, you are seeing correctly, it is wool and a knitting needle!

In my house.

On my cutting board!

"What's it doing there?" I hear you ask.

"I thought Lucy liked sewing not knitting"

Well yes I do, normally..........

But these, my friends, are not normal times in this household. I am sitting here in a room with no shiney sewing machine. Jenny has left the building! Jenny (my 6 month old Janome) is the other side of the Tyne Tunnel in the sewing machine shop all alone without me! :( I feel totally lost without her!

She has been messing about when I have been sewing by pretending that the foot control is no longer there half way through a seam.

Now the obvious answer would be "get a new foot control".

But Jenny is a complex girl and simple problems don't suit her.

Not only is she stopping erratically she is also choosing to start sewing, by herself, without the foot control attached and when I am nowhere near.

Now Jenny is clearly a sewing machine with her own ambitions and creative intentions.

Unfortunately, for reasons of safety (mine, and more importantly, the childrens') this kind of random sewing cannot be allowed!

The engineer is hoping to bring her back today - but she may not be fixed.................

Ho Hum!

So, while I was in Whitley Bay taking Jenny to the doctors I popped in to see Barbara at Ring-a-Rosie to buy some wool to cheer myself up.
Charlie thought this was a great idea and jumped straight into the bag after oggling all the eye-candy displays in the shop (I was going to take a photo of him doing this but chickened out when some real people came in!!!!)

Now I don't love wool in the same way that I love fabric but it is still pretty gorgeous and I succumbed to four balls - two of which I have no idea what I want them for! Just Because.

One of these "intention-less" balls was a Noro silk, mohair, lambs wool combo that I really couldn't afford to buy but had to have anyway! The colours are amazing!

The other two are going to be (hopefully) turned into a pair of handwarmers (fingerless mitts without the finger bits - so really, really fingerless!) and the wool is really soft.
Barbara also gave me these scrumdiddliumptiously gorgeous little buttons to go on my handwarmers! Aren't the lovely? Like little sweeties!

So far I have managed to rib about 6 cms and create a very strange and inaccurate thumb hole!

The pattern had some clever kind of twisted rib thingy going on but I got confused very quickly and resorted to knit2 purl2 rib.

I nearly sent Barbara a frantic email at 10.30 last night to ask for help on the thumb hole but managed to restrain myself.

My knitting-blog friends out there need to breathe a sigh of relief too because you all crossed my mind in my time of need - and Lesley and Patti, you should be most worried because I have your phone numbers.............(Hahahahhahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!)

So lets hope my sewing machine is fixed very soon shall we?

While at Barbara's I also bought these fabulous fabrics - I think the bottom one looks quite Amy Butler-ish, what do you reckon? The Look and Learn piece will be incorporated into some wallets and art bags at some point.

Please, please let Jenny come back soon! Lucy x


weirdbunny said...

I remember being about 3 stittng in my mums old imp car and it starting up on it's own. My poor mum frantically running out the kitchen door, tome screaming and the engine running ! Weird or what ... love Julia x

Lesley said...

What a naughty machine! I hope they give her a good telling off and bring her back very soon.
Gorgeous yarns missus and the Noro silk is bootiful. Great fabrics too! Retail therapy to make you feel better about Jenny? I should hope so ;)
love Lesley xx
PS - didn't I tell you we changed our phone number?

tintocktap said...

I dug out my knitting needles last Friday for the first time in years. Something to do with monkees ......

Gina said...

Rather scrumptious yarn Lucy. Do hope Jenny comes back soon. G x

Cathi said...

Yarn looks yummy! I hope that your machine is better soon. Mine is gone for a few weeks unfortunately, sniff sniff. Good thing there are lots of hand work projects to keep my hands busy!

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo!!! Lucy is knitting -- I love it! Can't wait to see your wristwarmers. Sorry to hear poor Jenny isn't well. At least she has the right idea. Wouldn't it be cool if our machines would create our ideas while we were sleeping? I LOVE your new pinny from your previous post -- You're a very clever re-cycler AND entrepreneur, you are!

Monkee Maker said...

Mmmmm, yarn!!! Indeed a strange and yet happy sight on your blog Mrs Locket, I hope you'll become hooked on it. Funny, I was sewing the afternoon and wanted to be knitting instead.

ps. It's only a matter of time before you won't worry who sees you snapping monkee shots, believe me!

pps. That Noro looks gorgeous .... makes me want to knit something other than a monkee ....

Annie said...

Be careful with that wool Lucy as I find it can be quite intoxicating. I am a fabric girl too, but kept finding myself in the wool section this winter when I rediscovered crotcheing and felting. I kept fondling it and oohing and ahhhing about it the same way as I do with fabric. It was quite scarry! Enjoy a change and I hope Jenny will be OK!

Suzie Sews said...

Wool...this is so cool...I love the balls, and the debbie bliss OH I can almost feel it!!! You are doing a fab job...I bet you get bitten by the knitting bug!!!
Hope the machine is back soon..for your sanity at least!!!
SUzie Sews.
PS Does the wool shop have an internet shop...that bag is so cute!!!!

lucykate crafts... said...

hey, want to hear something funny about knitting??, i got my invitation to sign up to ravelry on wednesday and guess what - i can't knit!!!

i've joined out of sheer nosiness : )

Lissa Jane said...

*&^%$#$ Janomes! a friends sews by itself too, and plays up like yours does, so good luck getting it fixed! I have a Janome, it just went to hospital for a check up cause it was misbehaving.. I didn't know sewing machines were bullumic.. it ate fabric then spat it out.. *&)(*$# thing..
I am laughing at your turning 'to the dark side' aka knitting.. I put my machine for a service, and bought some magic opal wool.. started knitting some socks.. mum laughed and laughed and LAUGHED.. I can do stocking stitch and a few other stitches, but never have I knitted on four needles.. to say it was a disaster, is being kind.. LOL

good luck is all I am saying and I hope we welcome you back to the 'light side' real soon...

who made fingerless gloves for all her friends at school, um 20 years ago.. but fingerless gloves in australia are not something that you get a WHOLE lotta wear out of!

Donna said...

Sounds like a priest may be in order more than a Doctor for yourr Janome. Love your blog by the way.

Jelly Wares said...

I hope that jenny comes back safe and sound and in full worknig order after a well deserved retreat at Mr fix-its shop.
The wool looks lovely, I'm very curious to see how your mittens turn out.


est said...

oh my!! hope jenny get well fixed soon! at least you can use this time to show off yr knitting skill?! lol i'm so rustic with knitting needles!:P

Tanya said...

Hi Lucy,

That Noro yarn is wonderful! I knitted something up last year with Noro and it was so beautiful! I may have a ball left... I'll have to go looking for it.
Hope "Jenny" gets well soon!

Jodie said...

I hope you have your lucyness back - forget that market , just an abberation I'm, sure.

Leanne said...

I hope Jenny is back home soon. I thought you had dropped some stitches there but I gather it was meant to have a hole in the middle.

Jane said...

Poor Jenny hope she feels better soon! i'll have to keep an eye on mine for any unauthorised sewing, hehe. Beautiful wool happy knitting, in no time at all you'll have the dark side and light side thing licked. Jane

Patti said...

mmmm wool (said in much the same way Homer refers to donuts).

Will you keep the knitting up now Jenny is home I wonder.

Get that other wristwarmer done!

(Not that I'm bossy or anything!)

dottycookie said...

Blimey, for a non-knitter you certainly picked some fab wool!

I was very excited the other day to find beautifully dyed, British (yay) 100% wool in my local garden centre. It didn't stay there for long ... And "Never knowingly Undersold" John Lewis? 50p per ball more expensive for the same stuff. Ha.