Friday, 30 November 2007

To do List Up-dated

Well, I haven't done it all as I had a slight hiccup!

Who didn't realise that it was Dec 1st TOMORROW????

Who hasn't got their Advent Calendars ready (despite remembering to send 2 in the post?
(and they were on time too!)

Who had to brave Asda with the swarms of people this evening to get mini chocolates?

Yup, the idiot over here!

I've still managed to get quite a lot done and even have some photographic evidence for it! I just need to prioritise finishing the first doll and her clothes for tomorrow morning. (forgot to mention make wings and bloomers!!!)

1. Sew small doll together
2. varnish doll's shoes (without spilling or splashing varnish all over the rest of the doll
3.make dress

4. do stitching for dress - prepared it and stitching it tonight
5. dolls hair (without losing temper) - doing that tonight
6. dolls face (without her losing her temper) - finishing that too
7. turn pieces for princess and the pea doll (and try not to swear too much!
8. stuff P&P doll (and try not to poke a hole in the legs or arms)
9. sew together
10.turn pieces for medium doll
11. stuff medium doll
12. sew together
13. stuff and sew up pin cushion

14. finish Christening present which I obviously can't show you!
15. Cut out 7 mattresses for Princess and the Pea order
16. cut out princess' nightie
17. cut out medium doll's dress
18. draw pattern pieces for large doll onto freezer paper
19. cut out and iron onto calico
20. drink red wine well that bit's easy!

The next priority is getting the Advent Calendars found, filled and displayed. Then tomorrow I plan to make a new one with the children. So we should have about 6!


Lesley said...

Lucy Locket that is one gorgeous pincushion!! I love the stitching on it. P&P doll fab too - don't envy the turning out on that one. Did you swear?
Red wine looking particularly good!!!
Good luck with your doll for tomorrow.
Now get off the computer and finish your list!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Mxxx
mqnbugma? You sure?

Lissa Jane said...

6 advent calendars? I dont even know where ONE of mine is.. I dont think I'll be bothering this year, as the cat has a chocolate fetish, the beagle has a chocolate fetish, and the ferals (aged 10 11 13) eat all the goodies in one day.. also chocolate melts in advent calendars here (must be the 35C days we get in December)..

Did I tell you I am loving the Princess & the pea doll? great idea!!!!


Vanessa said...

Oh no I have forgotten about the advent calender, you have made me feel really bad! Oh well I go on holiday on thursday so that should make up for my sadness.

The photos made me laugh, it looks like the chian sew massacre at your house!

Leanne said...

I am impressed with your progress love the inventive way you dry painted on shoes.

katelnorth said...

Well, I managed to get my advent calendars ready (we have about 6, too - see my blog today for more on that!), but honestly, do you have any idea where November went? If you do, please let me know as I'd like some of it back...

katelnorth said...

Me again (sorry) but just had to comment when I noticed your last item on your list of things to do - what a good idea - not just to drink the wine, but to put it on the list - then I could guarantee to cross at least one thing off...

est said...

you really got a long list!! and you're scaring me as well, lucy! lol! i got so much to do too.. i've been thinking of buying instead of making one second and next second i changed my mind. i'm going crazy!

dottycookie said...

Oh, I love your P&P doll! (The pea would last about 5 minutes in this house, but I still love it)

It won;t make you feel better but it's quite reassuring to see someone else's to do list looking as insane as mine currently does. Why did I write it all down? It looks so much more scary written down!

Monkee Maker said...

See, this is why I never make lists. Because I guess you shouldn't add items like "get distracted by pc" (check) or "watch Brad Pitt film instead of making tea" (check).

Good job on yours though :)

French Knots said...

The pincushion is lovely, what a sweet picture.
Hope you managed to drink lots of wine......I mean do lots of sewing!

Jodie said...

Dearest Lucy, I myself am also extrremely busy but am willing to sacrafice my precious time to help you out with number 20.
No need to thank me I am happy to do it.

Patti said...

Asda on a friday night! You deserved that glass of wine girl, and many more.

Love the pincushion. The little figure looks like Fred.

Katherines Dream said...

I had also forgot about the advent calenders, thank you for the reminder! Love your doll.

Gina said...

Lots of lovely things Lucy (that is such a cute pincushion)... but that list... phew! I start lists with things I've already done so it looks like I've crossed losts of things off!
G xxx

Annie said...

I'm exhausted Lucy ... how about you! - to put your mind to rest, I haven't even thought about advent calendars yet.

Thimbleanna said...

Look at that adorable little pincushion! I love embroidery. I don't have an advent calendar either -- I keep meaning to do one every year, but just never seem to get my act together.

nicky said...

Goodness, your to do list is almost as long as mine! Good luck getting every-thing done.

the vicious chicken said...

I hadn't realised that December was so close either... really snuck up on us this year, I think! But it doesn't look like you need worry as you are clearly very good at getting things ticked off your lists - you'll be finished in no time :o)

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Smashie is indeed my own (cobbled-together) pattern, but at the moment said 'pattern' exists in the form of various scribbled notes/gubbins in my head/stuff I make up as I go along. But if I ever get my act together and get it written out properly, I may put it on my blog - I will let you know :o)

Yummers! said...

Hello Lucy Locket,
At least you have a list! I'm not even that far yet. I've done nothing, nothing, nothing. I'm in the process of flip-flopping my scrapbook room with my downstairs sewing area. BIG PROJECT!! LOTS OF STAIRS!! I'm on day 3 of the transformation... and I'm going to love my sewing machine in front of a snow-covered window.

I do want to talk with you about an order... but will wait until after the holidays. Just so you know that I didn't forget.

Have a grand time at Ikea. Love anything Scandinavian!! I'm also 100% Norwegian.
Hugs to Missy Locket!

linda lum debono said...

Hello Lucy Locket!
I am so in love with the pincushion that I won.
You are one busy lady!
Happy holidays!

Linda Lum DeBono