Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Not HP4?

"What do you mean you're not HP4?"

(mumbled monkee mutterings)


(more mumbled monkee mutterings)

"HP10? Are you sure?"

(mumble mumble mumble)

"Well, I must apologise profusely Mr Monkee!"

Fancy calling him the wrong name for a whole day! It's taken him until this morning to get over his initial shyness and correct me! Poor little monkee! Maybe that explains his behaviour yesterday.

It all started out innocently enough
There he sits, looking adoringly up at me as we walk up the road to my friend Kerry's house.

But the minute we were in the car he turned on his Joey act
"So, how are you doin?"

What a flirt!

Once we arrived at the shop he just wouldn't stop messing around!

First he dived into a bin full of very dubious "wool" then he played hide and seek in the cushions

I can see you by the way!

Then he started hassling the shop assistants:

"You can't have this fabric! It's mine!"

"Are you sure you cut it like that?"

But even worse he then started messing around at school!

"I could do your job! Do they make monkee sized yellow jackets?"

"Can I go in too? Pleeeease?"

"Will someone be my friend?"

"Ok, you'll do! But stop feeding me flowers!"

"Gimme that banana! NOW!"

Finally we managed to get him to walk home sensibly. Well, almost...........

"1, 2, 3 wheeeeeeeee!"

So, having made the initial name mistake, and given his behaviour, we have decided to call him Charlie. Very very Cheeky Charlie!


Kaz said...

I'm glad to see Charlie has settled in so well at yours, it looks like he's well loved already.

Leanne said...

What a lovely post I am sure Charlie will love his new home.

Lesley said...

Looks like Charlie's having more fun than Ruby! She's been desperate for someone to play with today but Moog's too scared and I'm too battered after my morning of dental delights. I might have to take her up to school - looks like fun!! Mind you the 'camera police' can sniff you out at 1000 paces up there :(

lucykate crafts... said...

those pesky monkees are getting everywhere in blogland aren't they ; )

love the 1,2,3, weeee! picture

Monkee Maker said...

Lucykate says that like it's a bad thing!

Loving your photos .... note to self .... must take monkees to the girls high school - I'm sure they'd love it!!

Patti said...

So glad to see Charlie settling in. He even seems to be doing the North East "no coat" trick. He's like a native already.

Annie said...

I just L O V E Charlie! He is such a rascal! We hae a couple of monkeys at school as class friends, and one is called Cheeky Tom. I will have to blog a photo of him - the other one is called Monzie. They are both much loved by the children ... and me too!!

Gina said...

Looks like Charlie is going to be lots of fun!! No wonder he's a flirt... he is rather gorgeous!

de vliegende koe said...

You are having so much fun with Charlie! Monkeys always remind me of the song by Robbie Williams, Me and my monkey. It has a totally different meaning of Monkey, but I love the song! You and your monkey would do great too!

trashalou said...

perhaps you are wishing he had stayed shy? Charlie looks like he may be a slight handful!

Thimbleanna said...

You're hysterical Lucy! "So how are YOU doing?" just cracked me up. The whole post did. And love the pics at the end with the kids. Clever, clever girl you are!!! ;-)

Jane said...


Jodie said...

I'll monkey-sit for you any time you need......

ally said...

Well, quit monkee-ing around. No wonder he was hiding in the chandlier when you were calling him by his wrong name.

I agree with Patti and the "no coat" syndrome. Next we will see him with bare legs!