Monday, 12 November 2007

Presents, Parades, Monkees and More

A mixed bag today. I haven't really got time to blog (especially when my friends have taken to nudging me to get on with their orders in my comments - you know who you are Krish!) but I thought I'd better say hello before you all give up on me and go and read "something less boring instead"

On Saturday I tried to get on with some sewing whilst J took the children out in the morning but I didn't get much done. Then I went shopping for more "posh bag" fabric.
J had meanwhile been tackling Daisy and Fred's bedroom (AGAIN!) so I helped out with that and cleared out a rubbish sack of clothes for charity and one nearly as big of clothes for me to cut up! Okay, so that just means I have only moved the clutter! In the evening I made this cushion as a present (by the way, the stripy fabric is from one of Daisy's favourite T-shirts so I made good use of my bag of clothes straight away!)

Sunday morning was spent watching Dot carry the flag for the Brownies in the Remembrance Sunday Parade

We went to a fun birthday party in the afternoon (with the cushion!)

I finished off another "posh bag".

And then sobbed my way through "My Boy Jack" whilst getting some of my hand-sewing done.

Fortunately there was a funny post from Moogsmum and a comment on it from Monkee Maker that sent me to bed smiling!

The most important piece of news I have for you is this:
Yep! Charlie and Choc-Chip were temporarily reunited this morning on Patti's stairs before Charlie was unceremoniously dragged across the road for a cup of tea and piece of toast with Helen.


Gina said...

Never boring Lucy!

Annie said...

Love choc chip! and that posh bag fabric is VERY NICE. Cute cushion too.

Lesley said...

Ooh I missed My Boy Jack last night. DH had Top Gear or something on and I was lurking around in blogland!
Nice to see the monkees together - they look very well behaved, did you bribe them with beer and chocolate?
Great cushion and what a brilliant way to use up their old clothes. Right, I'm off upstairs with my scissors!!!!

dottycookie said...

Inspired by you I chopped up some old clothes this weekend too! It's amazing how much fabric there is in some of those little dresses ...

And I had forgotten all about Brownie parades - fab!

Michaela said...

Oh wasn't My Boy Jack wonderful? Not a dry eye in the house here! Perfect Remembrance Sunday viewing.

Those monkees look so happy together! Are they male and female? Might we expect some babies ere long?

Monkee Maker said...

Lots more lovely goodies, there, Ms Locket, and a cute shot of the monkee reunion :)

ps. Be very VERY glad that your pc doesn't have sound!!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the monkeys!!! How lucky you are to own one - too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the monkeys!!! How lucky you are to own one - too cute!

Lissa Jane said...

awwww how freakin' cute are those monkeys???
You are so productive Lucypoo, I have hexagons coming out of many orifices (or however you spell it) but do I sew? um nope! Will sew when my health is better and the planets are re-aligned :O)

take care


corry said...

So cute, those two monkeys! And I love the posh bag fabrics too, you have been very busy!

Patti said...

That cushion is fab. You are always so busy you put me to shame.

Choc chip was very pleased to see Charlie again - I think he's planning a boys night at the pub.

(PS didn't realise when you took the photo that my grotty stairs would be on view to all.)

Clare said...

Drat - I missed My Boy Jack. I got sucked into the Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor et al and totally forgot. I do love your Monkees.

cd&m said...

The pic of the mokeys is just brilliant, wouldn't something like that make a perfect Valentine or anniversary card?

Patti said...

Hi again.

I had realised you were going to blog the photo. Just didn't think about how visible the stairs would be.

Don't worry about it.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, you've been busy Lucy -- you need a nice long rest!

Ally said...

I am a bit worried about what you do in blogland. To be able to find a link to why don't you do "something less boring instead" which was screened in 1973 - not sure you are even old enough to remember. It was obviously when J was tidying and you thought you would stay blogging for - just a little bit longer - before helping out!

Well. Dot looked good doing her Brownie Parade for Remembrance Day. Ped and Em also took part one in Guides and the other for Explorers but didn't have the important role of holding the flag like Dot although Ped looked very smart wearing shirt and tie! No pic though.

Two monkees mean trouble, especially if they can get together!!!

em said...

hey, nice bag fabric.

i stood next to my friend who carryed the flag for guides on sunday. we were really loud, well the other guides were(you are not supposed to talk!!)
dot did really well. well done dot! i think she may hav do a bit more than you on your blog!!