Monday, 19 November 2007

Somebody's Birthday

It was a very, very special somebody's birthday this weekend.

Mr Long-Suffering-Husband-and-Super-Dooper-Daddy!

As he was out at an archaeology conference all day on Saturday the children and I had time to make a special book for a very special daddy. So I am going to bore you all silly by showing you it.

Page by page!

Yup, he does!

That too.........


Great portrait

They know not to ask me about maths (even with a calculator!)

very, very, very kind!

Singing is not one of his strong points

Yup, that's me, still in bed with the pillow over my head by the looks of it!

This is Daddy as an octopus doing everything - as drawn by Fred from an idea by Dot - brilliant!

He loves us all - and we love him!

Now I know this doesn't show me in a very good light - particularly the one with me fast asleep in bed while daddy gets up early to do everything - but it really is a pretty accurate picture of a really wonderful man who we all absolutely adore. I love the children's illustrations and the sentiments were ones that they came up with by themselves.

On a redeeming note, Daisy said "You're cuddly too Mummy" and Fred piped up "and you sew things for us!" well that's a relief! Maybe they will keep me a little longer!!

I did try to do some nice things for his birthday myself. I made him a birthday cake! Unfortunately I dropped it on the floor part way through cooking it :(

Fortunately I had also made some of Lesley's chocolate banana muffins (see previous post) with melted Galaxy on top and I iced some biscuits so the children could decorate them. And even more fortunately Granny Biscuit (his Mummy!) had made one of her fantastic chocolate cakes for him so my splat on the kitchen floor was no longer missed!

He also got what every daddy of 3 needs for his birthday
lots of bottles of beer
(there was one more but that has already been appreciated!)

And finally, and probably very strangely, this was one of his presents:
No, not a NEW kitchen, but a TIDY one!
Very, very tidy if you had seen it before...............!

I remembered reading Tanya's blog back in May where she posted this story. Because Jonathan does so much for us we spent most of Saturday blitzing the house so that it would be nice when he came home - it may not seem much but we all worked very hard.

"Long walk part of gift"


dottycookie said...

Genius! It's my hubby's 40th very soon and I've been trying to think of something to top the scrapbook full of kiddie art we gave him for Christmas last year. This could do it!

lucykate crafts... said...

that is so sweet, something to treasure. hey, nice kitchen too, how long does it stay tidy for then? ; )

Ally said...

well, it is now 4:08pm and the children are probably home from school by now. So my only question is how's the kitchen looking? You've only got an hour or so to tidy up before the other half is home. You can then find him his pipe and slippers and have a nice bottle of his Bday beer open for him when he gets in!!! as if :)

Wishing him a happy birthday from the Smiffs

Thimbleanna said...

What an adorable family Lucy -- what fun you must all be having! Thanks for sharing the book -- hope that spiffy kitchen is still clean!

Patti said...

What a fantastic present. Any dad would be proud. You've all worked very hard. (Gosh I sound like young Mr Grace [from "are you being served"])

Jane said...

love the book, happy birthday to your hubby. Hope the kitchen looked just perfect still when he got home. Jane x

Lesley said...

Hi Lucy,
What a lovely post! The children's book is wonderful and I love their drawings. Lucky Mr Locket-Pocket. The one of Mummy in bed is my favourite - ha ha!! I'd love to have your kitchen even if it was messy - got kitchen envy now :(
Have a great sewing day tomorrow and enjoy your time with your folks. Good luck for tomorrow night too.

love Lesleyxxx

Donna said...

I love the kids pics - it's amazing how they express themselves so well in drawings. Kitchen envy here too!

Lissa Jane said...

what a great idea Lucy AND it would of kept the kids busy while you tidied the kitchen! I particularly liked the picture of you with the pillow over your head while daddy does things.. I just hope, daddy didn't put the pillow over your head! :O) If our kitchen was ever tidy, I think super dags would of thought I'd left him and Martha Stewart had moved in.. I truly believe housework is over rated.. and a melted galaxy? Galaxy is a choccy I am thinking???

PS Daddy's of three need alcohol in an IV unit methinks.. at least my dags does.. my dad just gets bottles of scotch on his birthday, and lots of them!

est said...

happy birthday to yr great husband!! you're as great as him, lucy!lol i bet he don't sew?! that's make a great combi of different skills to build one big happy family!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hap Birthday Mr Locket!!! What a great daddy!!!! There should be more like that around!!! Hope it was a really special day - and BOY that kitchen DOES look clean - sparkling!!

nicky said...

That is so precious! And who doesn't need a mummy who sews things for them?

QuiltingFitzy said...

Ah.."Beer-a-cola". My dh's beverage of choice as well, lol.

I love the book idea! My kids have books they made in elementary school and we just have the most fun time re-reading (now that they are in their 20's).

Mr. Locket-pocket didn't need another TIE anyway!

Gina said...

Lucy, that was the most lovely post. You obviously have a wonderful family and a wonderful man! I'm sure he appreciated that fabulous birthday book. G xx
ps Kitchen looks fabulous!

weirdbunny said...

Don't feel ashamed ! after all the woodcutter also does breakfast, get the kids up etc.. but then he also takes them to school for me. And yes I'm in bed during all this ! Now I am definately ashamed ! ~ love Julia x

Monkee Maker said...

Oh wow, what a lovely, thoughtful gift for what sounds like a lovely thoughtful man .... well, he's bound to be good, having a b'day in November!

And your kitchen looks gorgeous - I thought it was a picture from a magazine!

Hope you all had a happy weekend x

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, and I forgot to say ..... loving the new blog photo :)

pĆ¼ppilottchen said...

this book is sooo realy cute - your husband is a very lucky guy! looks like he had a very wonderful birthday!

bets wishes - lately, nicola from germany

trashalou said...

Happy Belated Brthday Mr Recycled-Pocket.

Feel free to send birthday elves to my kitchen - granma goes home on Saturday so need new help!

corry said...

Thank you Lucy for this lovely post! That book is a wonderful present and is a clean kitchen!
Happy birthday to your hubby!

Leanne said...

Great post Lucy, The book is a treasure think of the laughs you will have when it comes out in 20 years time. Keep that photo of the kitchen on the fridge as a reminder of what a kitchen looks like all the time in a house that has no fun and doesn't have a clever crafty mum in residence. God I hope that made sense.

katelnorth said...

Well, you didn't bore me - but then we have a cuddly daddy of three who can't sing very well but is good at tidying in our house, too, so perhaps I have a vested interest, LOL. And we have the same pattern of kids (two girls then a boy). AND we had a birthday this weekend (well, Monday) but it was mine. Snap. :)