Saturday, 24 November 2007

Not one parcel but TWO!

I was delighted yesterday to receive Anna's parcel of goodies but you can imagine my amazement when I got home from picking LSH up from work and visiting his parents to discover another delivery note through the door. This time it said there was a parcel behind my water butt! (A recorded delivery, needed to be signed for parcel!!!!)

A while ago MrsMoogsMum had posted about some bags she had made to sell at school craft night. I spotted bag No.1 and begged her to let me buy it instead (after nearly crying with laughter at the photo of her Ruby monkee investigating the sewing machine)! She wouldn't let me buy it but said we could do a trade! (Part of my return parcel is already made but another part has been awaiting Jenny's return!)

So there was my wonderful bag that has instantly been converted into a
KNITTING BAG (ha ha ha!)
But then there were loads of goodies inside too!


A gorgeous felted mousey
(called Sid)

a stunning ceramic necklace that MrsMoogsmum
had traded one of her bags for

and most excitingly of all, a stitched panel that I had admired from many posts ago!

The round tower is from a piece of Rupert Bear fabric and the yellow floral fabric is the same as the duvet covers my sister and I had when we were young.

I absolutely love it and need to work out a good way of framing and displaying it.

So thank you kazillions my mad and funny friend! I love my goodies and will now be dedicating my life to coming up with some good return parcels for you and for Anna too!

I meant to put this in earlier and I'm probably telling you something you already know, but I absolutely love the SewMamaSew blog where they are posting craft tutorials each day on a different theme. What a fantastic place to get Christmas present ideas! I love it! If you haven't been there already go and look now!


dottycookie said...

Cor, you are doing well at the moment! What a lovely knitting bag. Mine's in an old Waitrose bag at the moment, which is beyond sad.

I'm loving Sew Mam Sew as well - though I have to say it is making me feel a bit guilty because I haven't even finished the advent calendars I started a month ago, let alone Christmas presents; and let's not talk about the Christmas swap I signed up for in a moment of madness ...

Monkee Maker said...

Super smashing marvellous goodies! I too received a fabulous package from Lesley yesterday; what a generous lady she is ....

.... and how do you think she's doing with that sleep-over?? :)

Leanne said...

Lucky you. I am wondering what is the distance between you and Lesley?

Lissa Jane said...

oh my lordie... you HAVE crossed to the dark side... a knitting bag now??????

what is the world coming too???

why are crafters picking up new hobbies????

I'll know you have completely crossed to the dark side when I see a SCRAPBOOK page on your blog!

seriously, the bag is awesome, the landscape is cool, and you have scored well..


Thimbleanna said...

Don't do it -- no scrapbook page for you LOL!!! It's your lucky week and I'm honored to be a part of it. And you have no idea how funny "parcel for my water butt" reads from here in Indiana LOL!

Lesley said...

Glad you like it Mrs Locket!! That's what real imaginary friends are for :)
Glad to see Sid didn't nibble the choccies whilst he was in transit. Sid? Great name BTW! What else would you call a tiny pink mouse? Ha ha.
love Mrs Moogsmum xx
p.s. looks like you already need a bigger knitting bag ;)

Patti said...

That is one fab pressie.

Lovin' the knitting bag. We will get you my pretty. (said in wicked witch cackling tones).

Suzie Sews said...

Cor....what a many lovely goodies...

trashalou said...

Aaah Ms Locket! (raised eyebrow, quirked lip.)You seem a clever and intelligent woman.(polite bow, click of heels.) Please take pity on this poor wretch and explain the magic behind your fabulous new header. (Lowered eyes, crossed fingers, winning smile.)

weirdbunny said...

Yes, me too. I have about 8 scrapbooking pages that I did a few years ago. I even cut up some of my best and favourite photo's to use on them !

Oh and Lucy you are my hero ! I'm thrilled that you had your front garden as a vegtable plot ! I'm sure you were the talk of the village. Please post photo's of it. You can be the role model in leading a national campagin ! ~ love Julia x