Monday, 26 November 2007

Procrastination, prevarication, general avoidance and photos

I've got lots of sewing to do.

Lots and lots and lots of sewing to do.

So what do I do?

Knitting and crochet (and neither of them very well I must say!)

To clarify things though, I do need to confess that I have always been able to knit and every now and then I get the urge to produce very basic garter stitch scarves (like when all that fancy wool became so fashionable). I can do slightly cleverer stuff but it always takes so long that I get bored and give-up - sewing is much more instant!

So here are my collections. Which are pretty good for a non-knitter.


knitting needles

crochet hooks
(even though I don't really know how to crochet yet!)

And now an expensive knitting magazine!


Here are some of my woolly creations so far:

1. My lovely, baggy, far-too-big-for-me wrist warmers

2. The first few inches of my Noro scarf

3. some crochet - don't know what for, maybe a blanket square, maybe nothing!


4. Well, I don't really know what this is!
I was sitting at Patti's house this morning trying out crochet stitches, but then I got bored with going in rows so decided to go in circles round the edge (it must have been listening to Goldilocks and the Three Bears that did it)

It could come in very useful though.

As an eye patch
(you never know, some pirates probably like purple!)

Or as a nose-warmer
(this looked even better on Krisha by the way!)

Or maybe I should just chuck it in the bin (or sellotape it in an school notebook like the last bit of crochet I did 15 years ago!)

Anyway, enough of this nonsense, I've got sewing to do!

This photo is for Anna to show her some of the lovely S'mores we've been making (have you ever tried them with Smarties instead of Hersheys? Yummy!)
And this one is for Julia as proof of my front-garden-allotment before I got the real thing. I think she would approve of this in her role as Minister for Food.

P.S. Do you like our new clock? Lovely isn' it! It would be even better if it had a battery in and actually told the time.


Lesley said...

Oooh lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely - all of it - lovely! Great nose/eye patch which your model seems to be enjoying hugely :)
Great front garden veggies. Ours is shortly (in the next decade!)to be rehashed and now it will have to incorporate veg!
S'mores look good too. You really do live too far away y'know!!

Mrs Moogsmum (or not for much longer if said Moog doesn't stop staring at me and pestering to be let out/in/out again...

trashalou said...

Hmmmm. Always wondered what S'mores actually looked like - I wonder no more. They look yummy!

As for purple pirate patch - if it is no longer a nose warmer I am happy to refashion it into a mouse for your house.

I'm just saying is all ;-)

Word verification of EIGHT letters?!?!?! HA!

dottycookie said...

Loooove your allotment! We have one bed like that in the back garden but it doesn't get enough sun. We did get some sweetcorn this year, but usually the cats-next-door like it a bit too much.

Smartie smores? They sound gorgeous!

nicky said...

Oh your garden looks like it has some delicious things in it! Home grown food always tastes so much better than shop bought food.
And your son looks so sweet as a model for your "creation". Who knows it may be this winters most popular accessory- who doesn't need a nose warmer?

Ali said...

Your nose patch made me snort my tea! And are those wrist warmers a pattern from the criminally expensive mag? I'm a beginner knitter, but I did make a hat from the first edition and it was easy and it actually came out looking like a hat. I've been hunting for a simple wrist warmer pattern to match.

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow! What a loaded post:
-- You're Hysterical!
-- The s'mores look perfect! Smarties? You are all too creative!
-- I LOVE the clock -- the numbers are beautiful.
-- Doesn't Fred look adorable with his eye patch/nose warmer?
-- Beautiful handwarmers!
-- You are an allotment goddess!!!

est said...

i can see a lovely brooch with some ribbons in that purple little patch! :) and you're very creative with yr handwarmers with opposites colors! that's very interesting!!

Cathi said...

Pretty yarns! Don't you just love the colors in Noro?

I love your raised beds...I have a small one here, but managed some lettuce, carrots and onions this year!

Yummy smores! Wonder how they'd taste with Lindt 70 percent dark chocolate?? Smarties/M&Ms sound like a fun idea too!

Monkee Maker said...

Oh, what a fabulous post!! All that wool! All those needles (must confess that my preferred monkee knitting needles are those tiny ones with the smiley faces on top)!!

I too think that the different coloured mitts are a brilliant idea, so quirky :)

And I can see yours and Julia's point about the front veg patch, but in our neck of the woods I'd be worried about growing all that lovely veggie goodness only for someone else to enjoy eating it!

Now, Mrs Locket .... much as I love all this knitting content, didn't you mention you had sewing to do??

Patti said...

Love the knitting stuff. You claim to be a sewer, but there seems to be an inner knitter hidden in there (and crocheter too - that second square is impressive). I think I gave you incorrect advice on the treble crochet though. Doing my own last night I only just realised. I apologise, in my defence I was a little distracted by a small child and playdough at the time. Give me a shout and I'll fix this. kjnpzoox ??? how many letters?!

Leanne said...

You never know there could be a huge market for eye patch come nose warmer this year so don't throw it away - love the new clock.

Annie said...

Love the little garden. I went mad with knitting and crotchet when it was cold over here. I got sucked into all the beautiful wools and just coulnd't resist. I'll have to send you my basket pattern. It is VERY addictive. Daisy Chain will agree with me.

Working Mom Knits said...

Hmmm, I was thinking thatt he eye patch/nose warmer might also serve well as a "quiet-time assistant" (read: gag to cover mouths!)

Not that I would ever use it in such a manner ; )

Happy sewknitcrocheting!

Gina said...

I' makes me feel so much better to know I'm not the only one procrastinating Lucy!
Gina x
ps Fred looks gorgeous with his purple eye patch

Jodie said...

Love the eye patch / nose warmer.
Very useful and so versatile

Katherines Dream said...

I love your allotment, that is just what I want.
You sound like me, many projects all at once!
I will have a go at knitting a scarf, as I have not got one of those on the go, yet!
PS Love the clock, very much.

Yummers! said...

I love your eye patch!! Knit them in black with a skull and crossbones tag and they'd probably sell like hotcakes on etsy. Pirates are so popular in the states right now... even though they raped and pillaged(sp?) hee,hee... yaa-hoy maties.

chik austin said...

Oh, I'm the best at procrastination. At least you knit while procrastinating... I surf the web and find fun new blogs like yours! ;)

I've got all the smores supplies here ready to go! Love them.

thevintagemagpie said...

Love the patches.. eye and veggie. I've only just learnt what S'mores are... how funny! They look very tasty!

Lissa Jane said...

I am concerned here.. a post with NO SEWING??? you know, once you have crossed to the darkside, there could be no turning back???

weirdbunny said...

Now that is a mightely fine vegtable garden for a front lawn. I can tell you certainly were the talking point for the village. Congratulations, in taking such a bold step on the gardening front ~ love Julia x