Thursday, 29 November 2007

Production line progress

1. Sewing machine seems to be working again

2. Lucy seems to be working again

3. The orders are piling up

4. Can't really show you what I've been doing for various reasons!!!!!

So I've just given you some snippets to give you a general (pink) idea.

I also got some gorgeous fabrics from The Fat Quarters the other day but again can't show them yet.

Here's some knitting though!
My lovely Noro scarf.

It isn't really tapering - I just can't take photos. Barbara from Ring a Rosie is posting me a second ball and I am thinking of unravelling it and starting again from the green so I end up with the pinks - what do you think?

Finally, I've just been round to a friend's house and had the most fab haircut! I really hate going to the hairdressers and having to sit in front of unflattering mirrors for ages staring at myself and coming out with a yukky hair do so it was lovely to have my hair done in much nicer surroundings - and it looks lovely! I just wish it was going to look as nice as this tomorrow! In celebration of my new haircut I am going to be very brave and include a photograph of me. Like many people I absolutely hate having my photo taken and hate how I look but as long as you promise not to put your glasses on I will leave you with this titchy little picture so you can all admire my lovely hair!


est said...

i like yr new hair lucy!! :) i wish my hair is that straight!

CONNIE W said...

Great new haircut. I too hate having my picture taken and as little kid I always cried when I saw a camera coming my way.

Jane said...

I love your new hair cut, you look beautiful.

Monkee Maker said...

Fab new do! How's it looking this morning??

And you're such a tease, what with those little tasters of your current projects!

Have a lovely weekend, Mrs LLP :)

ps. I'd rewind the wool too.

Gina said...

Lucy... you look lovely! Fabulous hair cut. I'm impressed that you are getting on with your projects.

Love Gina xx

Patti said...

Love the haircut. Know exactly what you mean about sitting in the hairdressers- eughh. Horrid!

Love the projects. The scarf looks great

trashalou said...

Hair Beautiful .

Lucy Lovely.

Scarf Perfect.

Glasses My Favourite Style.

lucykate crafts... said...

helllloooo, nice to finally see you!, i can't actually find my glasses to put them on for a closer look you'll be pleased to hear! but my glasses look very much like your glasses : )

French Knots said...

Like the new hair! I'm having mine tamed next week.
Looking forward to seeing more of number 2!

Lesley said...

Loooovely hair Mrs Locket and you do actually look relatively normal!
Gorgeous things you're making - even if you'll only show us a bit of them!!
Nice legs by the way...

Knot Garden said...

Love the scarf and the haircut!

Leanne said...

Great hair cut now I know what you really look like I can cancel the image of the pumpkin. I know what you mean about hair cuts I think someone should invent a pair of arms that come out of your bathroom wall that just does your hair the way the hair dresser does it. Why get your hair cut and styled(which costs a fortune) by someone who knows what they are doing, then leave the next 2 months in the hands of someone like me who always looks like she has been pulled through a bush backwards. Enough on hair!!!!

dottycookie said...

Your hair is lovely! And I'm with you on the camera thing.

Can't wait to see what you've been making ...

Thimbleanna said...

Hey! LOOK at YOU!!! What a cutie -- love the new do. I also LOVE the embroidery, cupcakes, and pink!!!