Friday, 30 November 2007

Friday's To Do List

  1. Sew small doll together
  2. varnish doll's shoes (without spilling or splashing varnish all over the rest of the doll)
  3. make dress
  4. do stitching for dress
  5. dolls hair (without losing temper)
  6. dolls face (without her losing her temper)
  7. turn pieces for princess and the pea doll (and try not to swear too much!)
  8. stuff P&P doll (and try not to poke a hole in the legs or arms)
  9. sew together
  10. turn pieces for medium doll
  11. stuff medium doll
  12. sew together
  13. stuff and sew up pin cushion
  14. finish Christening present
  15. Cut out 7 mattresses for Princess and the Pea order
  16. cut out princess' nightie
  17. cut out medium doll's dress
  18. draw pattern pieces for large doll onto freezer paper
  19. cut out and iron onto calico
  20. drink red wine

I know I'll manage one of the things even if nothing else gets done - and it is important to make sure you include some things on the list that are achievable isn't it? (guess which one!!!)

I've had a quick tidy round so the house is fairly/sort of/nearly/almost/practically/potentially tidyish so now I need to get working!

I'll let you know which of the remaining 19 tasks I manage to achieve! Wish me luck!


Lesley said...

Looks like you'll be drinking wine then!
Thanks for making me do my cushions. I'd forgotten that I need to embroider stupid faces on the blessed things first. Now I have a very creepy looking devil cat finished I can go onto the monkey one. NOT IN THE MOOD!
I want to be making pretty things like you. Tempted to take them apart and start again. Stupid cat.
Need wine.
Don't have wine.
Need a list.

Katherines Dream said...

Good luck with your list! we never really get to finish a list do we!
Well I don't and if you start on that wine you definately will not be finishing it......properly anyway!
Have a great time trying anyway.
I will be trying too!

chik austin said...

Oh lists... I've got to get focused on mine! Looks like lot's of lovely things you are creating. Best of luck.

hannah said...

Thats a pretty big list!!! Hows it going? hope at least the wine drinking is easing the pressure a little! I like to write lists and then ignore them and do what I like - it works for me!!!