Sunday, 4 November 2007

Two down, two to go

Yesterday morning I had the second of my craft stalls at local events. A group have got together to raise money to improve our local parks and yesterday's fundraising event was a fashion show of Pumpkin Patch clothes with local children as the models. My three took part and the whole event was lovely. I had a stall at the back of the hall along with a local couple who sell Italian foods.

Considering people were there to watch the children rather than buy things from us I did quite well and we all had a lot of fun.
okay, so this isn't my craft earnings!
I just love shiny coppers - my mummy used to give them to me when we went shopping when I was a little girl

Today has been spent tidying my craft stuff so I can start sewing again next week to complete my orders. I will restock my Etsy shop later today or tomorrow until 15th November when I will have my next stall.

Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Lucy x


Patti said...

So glad you the fund raising went well (and your sales went well too). I'm not doing very well supporting the local schools at the moment. Things keep coming up at the last moment so I never have the confidence to comit myself. Glad you had fun.

trashalou said...

Seeing the lovely bright shiny coins made me think, do you add a coin for good luck when you sell a bag or wallet? Or is that just an Australian custom?

Lissa Jane said...

g'day Lucy
good to see someone is productive with their crafting AND charity work! I gave up on the school fundraising, I got scars on my back from where the KNIFE wounds healed! LOL but busy doing fundraising for the dance school etc... I like shiny coins too.. specially gold ones! LOL (gold coins are $1 & $2 in aussieland)

take care

PS my auntie lives at Blythe, is that near you???

dottycookie said...

Woohoo, good for you. I keep meaning to get my act together and have a stall, but then I give away all my stock ;-)

I'm still a sucker for a shiny coim too - it takes me back to Brownies, when we always had to have a shiny 2p coin for the public phone (now, *that* dates me!).

trashalou said...

Dear Mr Lucy Luucket,

Your complaints on the efficacy of the blogosphere notificaterer have been put in to the appropiate in-tray and will be dealt with at the most convenient, earliest opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

The Internet Ombudsman.

(btw your word verification is EIGHT letters long! ;-P

Monkee Maker said...

Lovely crafty new goodies there, Mrs Locket.

And please accept my sincere apologies in this mornings missed post debacle. It may well I have been my fault .... I started the post at just after six but then had to drag myself away .... school uniforms to dry and iron - cos I'm that organised .... packed lunches to make - ditto - so didnt actually post it til nearly eight.

I'll try to do better next time :)

Suzie Sews said...

So glad its all gouing well, looking forward to seeing your next lot of goodies.
Suzie Sews

Lesley said...

Well done you! Your wallets and bags look gorgeous and I love the fabrics you use. Glad you managed to make a few pennies :o)

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations on your success Lucy! You're so funny -- when I first started reading and could see the pic of the pennies out of my eye, I thought you were going to write about your poor sales. Everything looks so lovely -- so happy it was all good!

Yummers! said...

Yay for Lucy Locket!! I'm glad you had a good sale and a fun time. Did you take photos of your kiddies in the fashion show? I'd love to see them. Hope your next 2 shows are even more profitable for you.
Have fun!

Jane said...

Well done on your craft sale, My Gran always used to say you had to put a shiny penny inside a purse or handbag if it was given as a gift, i still do.