Saturday, 17 November 2007

In which Charlie gets the fright of his life

Poor Charlie. He was minding his own business, dreaming of banana milkshakes and Lesley's chocolate banana muffins and thinking of his maker when suddenly he got the fright of his life!


"What is it?"

"Are you sure it's safe to look?"

"What do you mean, he's a relative???????"

Well guys, let me introduce you to Jim who recently went to live with our friend Ben. He was on his way to a car-boot sale before he was gallantly rescued! I asked why he was called Jim - because he's a "Jim-panzee, of course!"

After a while Charlie overcame his initial fear and hysteria and soon he and Jim were the best of friends (with a large dose of hero-worship on Charlie's part)

"Did ya really?"

"Hey you!
Wanna piece of me, huh??"
Charlie was clearly getting a bit cocky now he had a big lad on his side

Now, just incase you thought this was turning into a blog about monkees made of knit, I'd better show you some of my own successes and dismal failures!

Okay, failure first! Our school craft night where I took the grand sum of £12! Mostly earned by selling my friend Kerry's little boxes and tags! (We are going to split the proceeds and go for a fabric shopping outing- don't think we'll be buying much!)

Remind me to never, ever, ever do the school fair again! People were just not there to spend any money and there were far fewer there than in previous years.

On a more succesful note here are the blankets that I made for my friend Krisha to give to two new baby boys.

This is the back panel of the teddy blanket


Krisha was really pleased with them and now only needs to nag me to finish her christmas orders!!!! I'm working on it!

Hope you all have a good weekend. Lucy x


Fiona said...

Commiserations on the School Fair - my Mum (who also makes crafty things out of fabric) did one at my son's school a couple of weeks ago and came back with the princely profit of £4.50!

Patti said...

Sorry you didn't do well at the school fair. I wasn't even there (had to stay at work for a smelly conference call with the states) so I am one of the bad people who did not buy.

trashalou said...

Having organised a few may I just say - School Fairs SUCK!

Sorry you didn't achieve all you hoped but have my fingers crossed that the next few go really well.

Lesley said...

Hello Mrs Locket!!!
What a HUGE ape!! No wonder poor Charlie was a bit afraid. Mind you he looks like a gentle giant and it's always nice to have a big boy called Jim on your side :o)
It's such a shame you didn't sell more at your fair as your stall looks lovely. I may have said it before but those dolls are gorgeous.
Those blankets are absolutely beautiful too - I've zoomed right in to soak up the goodness (and check the quality of your handiwork - joke!!!). I hope your friend was thrilled with them.
I know you've had a bit of a pants week but you've come out on top girlie!!
You may need to drink some wine to celebrate ;)

Gina said...

You've made beautiful things Lucy but School fairs are hopeless. People want something for nothing... don't know what they're missing. Time to open that bottle... cheers! G xx
PS Love the ape!

French Knots said...

What a shame your lovely work didn't sell well! I have a school fair booked in a couple of weeks so will keep my expectations low.
Your blankets look fab.x

Monkee Maker said...

Cute monkee pix :)

Sorry to hear that the school fair was crubbish (child friendly swearing .... hope that's ok on your blog), at least you've ruled them out now and will never have to brave another one.

Blimey! Brilliant beautiful blue baby blankets ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Lucy, Lucy. Your Charlie pictures are hysterical -- and no wonder he was scared -- that Jim-panzee is huge! Sorry your school fair was a bust. Love your quilts!

Lissa Jane said...

sounds like the school fair was crap.. hope you didn't have to pay for your stall (we charge at our school fete's).. I love the Jimpanzee.. very humungous!

your work, as usual, is gorgeous..

who is still trying to sort out curtains.. *sigh* not winning either!

Annie said...

You make me laugh with those monkeys. I have a monkey called Jimmy. I must take a photo and blog him. He is a dear friend of mine. Sorry to hear about the school fair fiasco. Don't feel bad about yourself. I'm sure your stuff was lovely. If I'd gone I would have bought something from your stall I'm sure.

Nicola said...

Oh so sorry to hear about the school fair - I had a terrible time once just helping out - I caught the woman on the cake stall EATING the delicious "Nigella Lawson" cupcakes that I had loving made, and NO MONEY WAS PAID FOR THEM!!! Honestly, I kept giving her the evil eye and vowed NEVER NEVER to bake for a school fair ever again - oh, love the monkeys by the way!!

Jane said...

Hi Lucy, sorry to hear the school fair was a disaster. love Jim not surprised he scared Charlie though, looks as thought they will be firm friends now.

Katy said...

Oh no! I have 2 school fairs coming up, and I don't think I'm really looking forward to them after reading that! How awful :(
Your blankets look gorgeous though, and I'm sure they'll be well loved.

dottycookie said...

Lovely blanket!

I'm sorry the school fair was no good - I was thinking about having a table at ours but it would mean a lot of work between now & then and I think I have finally made the decision not to ...

Leanne said...

Those people at the school fete don't know what they are missing out on - love the blankets especially the little faces on the back what a great idea. Glad to see Charlie has a new mate.

linda lum debono said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful pincushion and fabric tag! I am one lucky girl! I just got home from Canada and opened my lovely parcel. xo, Linda

Sweet P said...

I love Charlie's adventures. They make me smile. I'm sorry you didn't do well at the school fair.

Suzie Sews said...

Oh school that work, are they mad to pass on by. The two little people on blankie is adorable.
Suzie Sews

Gina said...

Love the monkeys! I just adore your work!