Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Identity Crisis!

During last week's cruelly-crubbish-craft-fair I suffered a real identity crisis. I stood there thinking "I don't feel like Lucy Locket at all. I just feel like a sad and unsuccessful school mum making things that no one is interested in." This was not a nice feeling! So to prevent the same thing happening again at this week's craft fair I came up with a cunning plan................

A label!

Then I would know who I was and, more importantly, so would everyone else!


So here is my new pinny - and, as Monkee Maker noticed on the last post, my new blog header (although that needs tweaking to get the right size/focus etc, very fiddly!)

I have had the bottom half of this apron for ages - a bargain buy from the Basement Corner at IKEA - and I wear it a lot when I am "creating". It is also very useful at craft fairs because of the big pockets for the piles of cash I make (humour me here!) or monkees made of knit!

So in true "recycling pockets" mode I used two of the girls' outgrown denim pinafore dresses to make a bib for it and added my name (so I wouldn't forget)

Fortunately (presumably because I was now appropriately labelled) last night's craft fair was much more successful.

Charlie and the children came to help me set up and the whole evening had a much more positive vibe.

Stop flirting Charlie!

People were genuinely interested in my work and especially the whole concept of recycling children's clothes into something more permanent and lots of people asked me for my card rather than being given one!

I also sold quite a few things and then woke up this morning to discover I had sold one of my wallets on Etsy too! (Fortunately I had remembered to remove all the things I had sold during the evening before I went to bed - it would have been really frustrating to sell the same thing twice!)

Finally a picture of the little sofa I picked up from Mum and Dad's yesterday - it used to belong to my Granny and I treasure it because of her. I plan to recover the cushions (one day) but for now have made use of a cheap shop bought quilt - it looks quite jolly!

And now I am off to do battle with the sewing machine shop as Jenny, my lovely new Janome machine (only 6 months old) has decided to be very contrary. I seriously hope they give out "courtesy sewing machines" or I am going to be one cross crafter as I can't possibly manage without her with all the orders I have stacking up. Wish me luck!

Lucy x

P.S. thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. I am having trouble replying as I keep forgetting who is no-reply and who isn't. Does anyone know how I can change my no-reply status for comments that I leave?


Monkee Maker said...

Hey, good news on the craft fair front - your stall looked fab!

I was pointed in the direction of Haloscan which I've put on my shop but it's a very different layout - not sure I like it that much - and you lose all your previous comments, which obviously isn't good.

People who blog on Typepad can reply to comments but that's not a free blogging service.

Good luck with it (and please let me know if you find out how to do it!!)

Lesley said...

Congratulations Mrs Locket on a great craft fair. It must be the revamped identity that did it!
Good luck with the sewing machine shop. I hope they do you a swap while Jenny is in hospital,
love Mrs Moogsmum xx

French Knots said...

Glad the fair went well, the stall looks very tempting.

Fingers crossed that the shop can sort Jenny out quickly

dottycookie said...

I'm ghlad you had a good craft fair! I was starting to worry with everyone saying how rotten they'd been this year ...

Jane said...

Congratulations on a good craft fair it must have been the groovy apron. i like your little sofa too.

Patti said...

So glad the craft fair went well. The set out on the stall was brilliant. Glad you didn't sell charlie by mistake. And I love the pinny.

Gina said...

So pleased this craft fair went better for you Lucy. You deserved it... your things are lovely and your stall looked fabulous.

em said...

i am just writeing a comment because you told me to but lovely work. i like the logo pinny thing

em said...

ooooooo and well done on the craft fair

Vanessa said...

I'm really pleased the craft fair was much better this time. I bet when you think you'll be quiet in January, everyone else will be having a clear out, and remember what you do with recycled clothes and then you will have lots of orders!

Leanne said...

Great apron - congrats on the craft fair - new header is good also - will sent tranquilizers if Jenny is away tooo long - keeping fingers crossed for a speedy repair.

trashalou said...

Hope Jenny fares well. Glad the craft fair trade picked up.

After Christmas sometime can we talk about that wallet again?

est said...

wow! another craft fair!! this is so great!yr stall is lovely and your name always sounds so unique to me! such a rhyme! u should make labels for your stuff! :) and what're those little heart boxes charlie's sitting? looks cute!

weirdbunny said...

YOur stall looks brilliant, and the prices good value too. So lovely the children are involved setting up too. ~ love Julia x

Studio Christine said...

WONDERFUL pinny (haven't used that word since mum passed....)

glad the stall went well, and that etsy made a sale too.