Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Daisy

We certainly didn't get any sort of lie-in this morning as a very excited girl needed us up bright and early so she could open her presents.

She wasn't the only really excited one!

I left everything to nearly the last minute but managed to make these presents for Daisy
(she got the usual plastic, Hannah Montana, CD, book type stuff as well)

A messenger bag that is plain dark denim on one side and patchy, stripy, pocket-y green and blue on the inside with a removable badge to match her teeny tiny mini Magoo called Midge. He's a fraction of the size of the proper Magoo and very cute and also best friends with Mattie (sister to Hattie of course) made with Jodie's fabtastic Kinder Girls pattern - if you haven't bought one of these already then why on earth not?????

Daisy was very pleased with all of them

She was also very happy with her breakfast.................

and I know she is really looking forward to this.......................

which she found out about after a treasure hunt designed by Dot

and I reckon she'll be looking forward to her Granny Biscuit Birthday Cake too!

Happy Birthday darling girl. We love you millions!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

I've done some sewing!!!!!


But I can't show you it yet - sorry!

It's secret sewing for this gorgeous girl's 9th birthday next week - and I haven't finished it yet either!

I did make one of the hairbands from this fabulous tutorial which is why you have Daisy modelling it for you here - such a quick, easy and successful thing to make - I'll definitely be making many more.

And for want of any other pictures I thought I'd show you the fabric book that I made for Daisy's first birthday (although I think she was nearer two when she actually got it!)

The colours are much nicer in real life (but the sun had gone from the lawn when I took the pics) and the front cover says the real-life equivalent of "Daisy Locket had a farm". It's wonky and inaccurate but loved nonetheless.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Hooray for Bank Holidays and Half Term with the children - I've been working full time for the last couple of weeks which is a new experience for me so the holiday is very much appreciated!

Lucy x

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Not what you expect to see at the allotment

Just what are these cheeky monkeys so interested in?


Something you don't usually see at the allotment..............


An RAC van.

But why?

Had the car conked out?


Had the wheels fallen off?


I'll tell you why:

Those two little treasures, so gleefully watching proceedings, had managed to lock our one and only set of car keys IN THE CAR!!!!!

At least we were stuck AT the allotment rather than at home wanting to GO there! (well that was my opinion anyway. Not sure the other Lockets necessarily agreed!)

And if you want to see what has been growing on the plot pop over here.

One day I might start sewing again!

Or do I mean sowing?

Monday, 11 May 2009

Fred's Shop

When we first took on the allotment - back in May 2006 - there was lots of "junk" lying about the place which included the top parts of two old plastic barrels.

Fred immediately appropriated these bits of blue plastic finery and announced that they were his shop.

Many happy hours were then spent by this little boy in his new "building".

But over time we forgot about Fred's Shop because it was no longer around.

So can you imagine his glee when 3 years later he found it again!

The only problem is that he's grown rather a lot since then!

But it's still a great place for a quiet read

- especially if you bury your favourite Beast Quest books under a pile of grass and then sit on them!

Have I ever told you how much I love my allotment?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Playing outside

I'm afraid crafting is taking a bit of a back seat at the moment in favour of activities over


so feel free to pop over and have a peek.

Little bits and pieces are being still being done - I'm part way through a second sock (!!!!!) for an extra present for my friend Aunty Ann; 2 quilts are under construction; some mini quilts have re-surfaced (I know, I know, how can I possibly STILL be doing mini-quilts for last year's swap?!); and ideas are formulating for a forthcoming little Locket birthday.

But the only photo I have to show you is my recently reinstated wall of stitcheries

my second favourite wall in the house (after the mini quilt wall of course).

Hopefully there will be more to show you next time - if I can be persuaded in from the greenhouse!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lovely things through the post and other goodies

During the last couple of weeks, when I was failing miserably to blog, several lovely presents arrived through the post.

First of all I won part of the giveaway on Rachel's blog and she sent me this gorgeous fabric basket which just makes me smile

along with chocolate chicks - yummy! And some fab Paperchase owl buttons - which have flown away (with the help of Daisy and Fred I think) and so couldn't be photographed!

greasy finger marks are courtesy of the little Lockets again I think!

Then Emma sent this gorgeous handpainted box (with handmade chocolates inside!!) in the parcel containing my Bossy BIG Sister's birthday present - you'll have to wait to see what that was when she blogs it (it was really fab and she was very lucky that I posted it on to her because I would have liked it for myself!)

When I went to my local "Stitch and Bitch" Group a couple of weeks ago one of the girls was having a de-stash and I couldn't resist two skeins of Yarn Yard 4 ply. Especially as Patti had kindly offered to wind them for me - this was an adventure in itself:

How beautiful are these two cakes of yarn? Almost too nice to knit!

But I'll leave you today with an even more beautiful thing.....................

a very, very muddy and wet Dorothy Locket after two hours of Scouts outside in the pouring rain last Tuesday evening. I think she looks gorgeous!!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

30th April 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Aunty Ann

You may not be my "real" aunt but you are the best kind of friend!

Lots of love Lucy xxxx

(The words are from Leanne Beasley's block for the "Breast of Friends" Quilt in Homespun Magazine. I saw it yesterday on Maree's blog and decided to adapt it into something for Aunty Ann. I used the alphabet in the back of Leanne's book "Living the Dream" as I love how she writes and I wanted to keep the full "Leanne flavour"!)