Thursday, 1 December 2011

Books and Beer

My sock knitting has slowed down lately - for no good reason really - but I have finished one each of my autumn leaves and embossed leaves and I'm looking forward to buying some red sock wool to knit some Christmassy footwear.

I've picked up my Hitchhiker scarf again and I've nearly finished the ball of wool - but the rows are so, so long!

But the good thing about knitting with 4ply sock yarn is that it makes knitting something with chunky really, really quick

 like this hat for Dot for her weekend away with Explorer Scouts to train for her bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition.  She is VERY excited to be going - I do hope she has a good time and doesn't get too cold and wet.

I've rediscovered one of my craft books recently

and I've been really enjoying reading it - far more than I remember when I first got it.  I think I was disappointed at the time that it wasn't a how-to book - but now I am absolutely loving it as a this-is-why book.  And Fred and I made the most delicious rock buns the other day based on her recipe

Do any of you have her knitting book?  I'm thinking of getting it for Christmas and wondered what you thought of it?  I'm not too bothered about the actual patterns and am more interested in "talk" about knitting and why it is such a good thing to do!

Finally, in this rather disjointed post, I have been inspired by Ali to get my act together and make Mr Locket a beer advent calendar which I thought about doing last year but never actually achieved.  We always have far too many advent calendars - I think there are 6 this year - but Mr Locket has never had one of his own so I think he will be pleasantly surprised when he comes home tonight to find this box of delights waiting for him!