Monday, 8 August 2011

Summer Holidays

I can't believe we are already into the third week of the summer holidays.  We haven't done much yet but the highlight so far has been a day spent at Saltburn beach with the Pebble Family.

Once again a superb sandcastle complex was designed and built....

 ....mostly by Mr P and Fred

 .....while the girls got busy burying their feet and sploshing in little paddling pools dug in the sand.

The castle came complete with underground tunnels, steps, pyramids and a moat all the way down to the sea

This picture with Fred gives you an idea of the scale of construction!!

Everyone agreed that we had to stay on the beach until the sea had come up to the castle so there was a lot of patient waiting........

until all that was left was a tiny hillock of sand with a happy collection of Pebbles decorating the top!

Eldest Miss Pebble was once again very taken with Eldest Miss Locket -and if you look closely at this photo you can see that Miss P is actually bouncing high in the air!

There have been some crafty goings-on in Locketland...........
Dot is in the middle of making this Union Jack purse for me for my birthday :o)

and I've been buying more sock wool

the bottom one is a specially dyed-for-me "heather and thistle" skein for our holiday - although I am still hunting for the perfect pattern as I'm not sure about the ones I had previously selected.

I absolutely LOVE the pattern for the Candlepower socks and have finished the first one although I haven't been doing that much knitting lately.

This morning we all got crafty with paper and scissors (and biscuits of course!)

using our new Kid's Crafternoon book
 to make these owls.

Fred made this lizard from this tutorial by the designer of the owls

and Daisy came up with her own design
And now we are off to Granny and Grandpa Biscuits' to collect a parcel that Daisy has been very, VERY eagerly awaiting............