Thursday, 27 May 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Daisy!!!!

This smiley little squidge has grown

and grown

and grown

and is now an incredibly TALL and very beautiful 10 year old!

How did that happen?

Happy Birthday Daisy - have a really wonderful day - we love you to the moon and back!


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The reason I haven't blogged for ages... .....

..............isn't because I have been kidnapped or grounded or banned from using the computer for 3 weeks (although that could always happen) but is instead because we've been really busy "doing stuff" to the house.

Unfortunately the "stuff" isn't quite finished so I'm not going to show you yet - even though I'm SURE you are all DESPERATE to know what changes we've been making! ;o)

So I thought you could have some sneak peeks first
along with some other really interesting (!) and very BROWN photos of a new resident in Locketland.

Now isn't that a beautiful little cupboard-y thingummy?


You don't think it's gorgeous?

Hmmm. Neither does Mr Locket.

But this isn't just any old little cupboard-y thingummy.........................

Oh no! If you look a bit closer you notice hinges in unusual places:

.......... so what happens if you lift the top piece?

Oooooooooooh! There's something in there!

And if you open the doors you notice some interesting clobber which would definitely get in the way if you opened up the doors to put your books or "stuff" inside.

Woohooo! What's inside?????

(ok, so I know you've all guessed already but humour me here please.......)

It's a BEAUTIFUL old treddle sewing machine!

And it works!

(well, I think it would, if only the belt hadn't snapped as soon as I tried it....)

and the top flappy thingy becomes the sewing table............

and the door has special swingy drawer thingys with exciting somethingorothers inside...... all these AMAZING foot attachments!

And what makes it even more FABULOUS is that it cost me the grand total of................


In fact, I RESCUED IT!

It's true, this little beauty was on it's way to the TIP!

Can you believe it?

Wouldn't you have been compelled to rescue it too?

(Please say yes, Mr Locket needs convincing that this was an act of mercy rather than insanity!)

Lucy xxxx

P.S. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my new job?????