Thursday, 26 November 2009

Poorly knitting

Being poorly and spending all my time in my cosy corner has definitely increased my woolly-productivity

During the recent London adventure we went to Loop - such a fabulous shop - and I bought some Malabrigo Silky Merino.....

I'm now totally in love with this wool and just want more and more - it is gorgeous!

And I really love the Baktus scarf and pretty-ified Toast mittens that it became.

It was extravagant - but not too bad when you think of what you could pay for a lovely soft scarf and mittens, and definitely not bad when you think about how much I enjoyed every minute of knitting it.

I've also managed to finish another sock (the orange one)

and had to photograph it very quickly, along with another I found in my knitting basket, because my feet were FREEZING and I was desperate to put them on! I have spent the last week ONLY wearing handknit socks - they are so cosy and lovely - I just need to knit lots more!

I even managed to dig out my ripple blanket, sew in all the ends (thousands) and add a couple of rows.

It's going to stay on the sofa now as it is big enough to be useful and now the ends are tidied up I can just add a row whenever I feel like it.

Finally, although I haven't been feeling well enough to play on the sewing machine, I have been looking at my Christmas quilt and need your advice.....

It is small enough to benefit from a border so

a) do you think it should have one or not?

and if so should it be

b) the red?


c) the turquoise?

What do you reckon?

Lucy x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts lately

but this is where I have been spending most of my time

my cozy, poorly corner of the sofa.

Hopefully normally blogging service will resume soon.

Locket xxx

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Presents and a special day

So I promised to show you the lovely goodies from Monda

My main present was this gorgeous Monda original stitched picture specially designed for my pink sewing room.

(but go here to see Monda's photo of it - my photo doesn't do it justice)

Monda also included some of her gorgeous cards that I have been coveting for ages

and one of her fabulous Christmas trees!

Thank you so much Monda - I love everything and you have really spoilt me!

And I was inspired by Monda to make this

for Mr Locket for our 15th Wedding Anniversary today!

I had planned to stitch on top too but I think the piece of card is too big to get under the machine - I still like it as it is, and most importantly, so does Mr Locket!

Happy Anniversary Jonathan - you are the best!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Quick Halloween, Quilt and Present update

Two naughty Lockets ready to party - unfortunately Dot was poorly :o(
But Fred isn't meant to have spooky eyes - I just couldn't edit them away this time :o/

The only time Locketland looks tidy - when the lights are out!


(Well 2 actually - one on Friday night and then our own delayed "party in the dark No.2" with bagel snakes, sausage hedgehog, monster chocolate mini rolls, witch's brew diet coke and special cupcakes with Anna's candycorn for decoration.)

Moving on to crafty stuff - here is the latest stage of the zig-zag quilt.

The top is nearly completed and now I need to decide what fabric to use for the backing - I'm leaning towards the turquoise spot (which isn't really as dark as it looks and matches the centre of the darker turquoise in the prints)

What do you think?

And before I go I will leave you with a peek at the gorgeous PIF present I received from Monda

so come back next time to see what was in it!

Happy November!

Lucy x