Sunday, 28 April 2013

I did it!

Sunderland City 10K in 1 hour 10 minutes and 21 seconds! 

My fastest time!

Still wearing my medal!!!

Thank you all for your support xx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

When not to wear hand knitted socks.....

I'm back into sock knitting mode and have just completed a pair of Broadripples for my very big sister's 50th birthday tomorrow (and I even got them wrapped up and posted in time - I'm so impressed with myself!!)

I also finished these lovely Tadpoles last week.

This Crazy Zauberball yarn is so delicious - I really enjoyed knitting with it and looking forward to each colour change - so on Saturday I bought two more Zauberballs in different colours, but neither of them make me as happy as this one did.

And now I'm  being fickle.  I printed off three different sock patterns on Sunday to use this wool - which I'm calling my Blackcurrant and Licorice - then changed my mind completely and went for Nutkin which I plodded on with for a few days - but I wasn't really enjoying it which is strange as it is only a very slight variation on the Tadpoles which I have just enjoyed knitting so much.  The knitting seemed a bit baggy and then this morning I discovered I had lost a stitch so I ripped it all back and decided to try Jeck instead.

I'm not sure whether the pattern will have enough going on to keep me interested as there is only one pattern row alternating with a knit row.  I've discovered that I'm definitely a "process" knitter rather than a "product" knitter - I really need to enjoy actually knitting the pattern rather than just being pleased with how the finished item looks.

I haven't quite worked out what it is that makes me like some patterns and dislike others because I can really enjoy the very simple 2 row repeat of Broadripple socks and I like the ebb and flow of Tadpoles and Monkeys but Nutkin was annoying me - very strange!

How do you choose patterns?  Do you have any good sock recommendations?

I wear hand knitted socks every day - ideally in matching pairs but I'm not too fussy - but the one time I have to change out of them is when I go running as I have discovered that I have a tendency to run holes in the toe of my socks and the one time this happened with hand-knits I was very upset!

I'm gearing myself up for my big run this weekend.  I'm really rather scared as I have never run in an organised race before and certainly not with this many people!  But I have been talking to another runner on Facebook who volunteered at the race last year and she has been able to reassure me a bit.

I'm not actively fundraising but I have been sponsored by my mum and dad and my boss and a few other people so will be proudly giving some money to Cancer Research UK who are the official charity for the run.

Please wish me lots of luck - this is going to be a really tough challenge!  I have Mr Locket and the little Lockets primed to meet me en route with a drink of squash and some jelly babies and then to have a lovely Snickers bar for me to munch at the end - I think I will have earned it!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Easter Bunnies

Sorry for the long gap between posts - although I had more free time over the Easter holiday it was actually harder to find the time to get on the computer - probably because I had competition for it!

As you will have guessed I was busy in the last post knitting Julie's Teeny Tiny bunnies as gifts for my friends and big sister when we went down to London last month.  They were delightful to knit - especially the little dresses out of left over sock wool.

I carried on making them and had a little late Easter display in the kitchen.

London was great fun - lots of presents on the train - I wrapped mine in pages from an old Country Living magazine which turned out quite well, and lots of shopping and eating.  Unfortunately I picked up a tummy bug which did wonders for my weight loss - although I managed to put it all back on over Easter weekend at my parents' house!

We sadly had to part with our four hens this weekend because of the noise and they went back to live at mum and dad's with their flock.

To cheer us all up (and make use of the newly scrubbed out house and run) we bought two little bunnies (that we hope are both male!!!)

So here are Smudge and Binky - our late Easter bunnies!


The children love them - it's just a shame we can't put them in with Alfie bunny because I'm feeling really guilty now that he doesn't have company.