Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Digging to Australia

The recent lovely weather has prompted some evening visits to the beach

where Fred decided he was going to "Dig to Australia".

He was quite cross when we announced that we had to go home after our first visit because his hole wasn't big enough

so it really made us laugh when we found this hole

only 20 metres away from where he had been digging

this hole was MUCH closer to Australia!

So last night he started digging again whilst I found a new way to get sand in my socks...............

He then decided to sit down in the sea - in his school uniform - and then thought it was a good idea to ROLL his very wet self in the sand!

And finally he decided to stop digging his hole and start burying himself instead.

Honestly, he's worse than a puppy!

(and just as cute!)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Strange 'Bots and Odd socks

While Daisy's birthday was all about Monkeys with a new sock monkey (made in collaboration with Dot) and big Magoo to match the girls' new bedroom, Fred's had a more "mechanical" feel................

First up was "Mechanobot" by Nelly Pailloux

(although I have to confess that I didn't really understand the pattern for the head so I just guesstimated it)

And then, albeit a few days later than Fred's actual birthday, "Buttons" the Disco-Bot designed by Jodie, danced his way over to join him.

He isn't quite finished as I appear to have lost the felt covered buttons for his "ears" and I have yet to find some good cord for his antennae - but Fred loves him and I love the fact that he stands up on his own!

And Little Mechanobot seems to like him too.

(sorry for the horribly blurry photo)

In the meantime I have also started crocheting a giant Granny blanket - inspired by Moogs of course!

But because I'm not loving the colours and because I'm not finding all those triple crochet repetitions distracting and challenging enough - my mind needs occupying at the moment - I've joined the Moogs/Michaela team and cast on Rhodie Gus. It's a lovely pattern and I'm really enjoying it - especially as it's the first time I've read a chart!

So it is yet another odd sock to add to my collection!

Although I don't think I've ever shown you my fabulous whole PAIR of Jaywalkers!!!

Got to love them!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

To put the record straight...........



(and banana muffins!)

The first baked by Dot at Granny and Grandpa's on the Friday before his birthday

along with Banana Choc Chip Muffins baked by Daisy!

The second at his Pottery Painting birthday party on Saturday

The third baked by Granny Biscuit (a birthday tradition)

And the fourth at their childminder's house this afternoon!!

Talk about spoilt!!!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Fred!

Hope you had a great day!

We love you millions!!!