Thursday, 14 October 2010

Startitis and kind Mummies

Oh dear.

It appears that I have completely succumbed to that terrible disease........

Woolly Startitis :o(

I think I keep buying more wool and starting new projects in a vain attempt to solve other more tricky problems but it's just not working and I have far too many things on the go.

So I thought I'd share them with you all.

Along with the new sock wool I bought yesterday - even though I have only 1 Polly Jean, 1 Rhodie Gus, 1 9-5, 1 Monkey and 1 Circle Sock and various other solitary plain socks plus a few halves on the needles. Oh, and the wool for a crocheted Queen Anne's Lace scarf that I frogged yesterday. And the teddy bear that I bought the wool for then passed over to Dot to knit instead...................

It seems I cannot be cured.

But here are some beautiful flowers from my wonderful Mummy

and my lovely Mother-in-Law

to distract you from all that wool......................

P.S. The projects are:
1. Flowers in the snow blanket
2. Some chunky alpaca wristwarmers
3. My first attempt at my own design for long 4ply wristwarmers (which are taking ages hence the speedy ones at no. 2)
4. Ishbel