Thursday, 16 June 2011

Being quiet

Sorry I've been so quiet for so long - I just don't seem to have my blogging voice at the moment and I feel like I haven't really done anything blog-worthy lately.

I even stopped knitting for a while but I do have a few photos of some finishes and half finishes to show you like this dragonfly sock that I finished this afternoon

this no-purl monkey that I finished ages ago but haven't got round to photographing

my finished PAIR of tadpoles - that I've even worn - and they're lovely!

(I make a point about the fact that I've worn them as they are the only pair of socks that I have finished this year that have actually made it anywhere near a pair of feet - I think I just enjoy the knitting process and don't actually need to wear any of my finished items - bizarre)

and a Hitchhiker scarf that was going so well until I realised I was going to get some really long rows to knit.........

I cast on another mystery sock with this lovely hand-dye and gorgeous beads

but unlike Mrs Moogs, I got totally sick of it part way through the second clue and frogged it with glee!  Lesley's finished socks are lovely but mine were never going to work out.

I've also bought some more, specially dyed for me, Ring-a-Rosie handpainted sock yarn in a lovely turquoise that I'm planning on keeping until our holiday in Scotland.

We've had two little Lockets' birthdays in the last couple of weeks which have been fun

Daisy is now 11 and Fred 9 - they are growing up fast and Daisy can't wait to go up to senior school in September - she's even decided to go to summer school there for 4 days at the beginning of the holiday although her initial reaction was "why would I want to go to school in the holidays???"

And my other main focus of attention over the last couple of months has been good old Slimming World so I am now food obsessed but successfully so as I have lost 1 stone 3lbs in 9 weeks - shame there's another 4 stone to go ;o)

Now the reason for this post is to ask your opinion

Should I frog this sock???

I absolutely love the hand-dyed yarn that Quinn sent me, and I like the look of the sock, and I've nearly finished the first one, but I hate the actual knitting of the pattern - it just doesn't work for me at all and I really want to put Quinn's beautiful yarn to the best possible use.

I think I have pretty much decided to rip it out - partly because I have already cast on a Tadpole with the other half of the yarn!  Now that's a much nicer pattern to knit.

I could always have odd socks though, couldn't I, matching wool but different patterns?