Monday, 28 December 2009


Just a week before Christmas I was carefully explaining to the Little Lockets that, even though all the Christmas cards suggested otherwise, the chances of actually having a White Christmas were very slim indeed.

So you can imagine how delighted they were to see me proved totally and utterly wrong this year!

And once everyone had safely arrived at my parents' house (especially Mr Locket who was the last to arrive on Christmas Eve in the midst of further heavy snow)

we were able to relax and enjoy the lovely white stuff because..................

Snow + excited children + lovely big cousins


And if you asked the Little Lockets what the best part of Christmas was it would definitely be the toboganning (with presents coming a very close second!)

And with my brand new, perfectly designed for me, even if I did have to chop the top 3 inches off to make them fit my fat legs, button wellies

even I was persuaded to go toboganning!

Totally mad fun - but I drew the line at going down THIS slope

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Santa and Rudolph Locket would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas - and so would I!

Hope you receive lots of crafty Christmas presents and have a really wonderful time!!!

Lucy xxxx

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Rainbows in the snow

It may be snowing nearly everywhere in the country at the moment - and we certainly have a good amount here - but last week was ALL about

I was very excited when my parcel from Trashy's Rainbow Swap arrived - especially when I discovered it was from my wonderful friend Est of My Cuppa Charms!

I love, love, LOVE everything Est makes - her creations are always so cute and happy - and I'm lucky enough to already own quite a few gifts from my lovely, generous friend. My mini-quilt makes me smile every morning!

And look at all the new goodies I have received:

the most gorgeous mini rainbow pot, friendship bracelet and embroidered button

a beautiful rose-sachet inside the prettiest cover ever! I love those fabrics!

and the teeny-tiniest needlecase with rainbow pages!

(I've borrowed Est's photos because mine were really rubbish)

Est also sent cute stickers, a little clip and a lovely Christmas decoration!

I'm so delighted with all my presents - thank you so much Est - I'm so lucky to have you as one of my special friends!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

An embarassment to my family


So I've always been a bit of an embarassment to my family......................

................but in Dot's eyes, at least, I managed to excel myself last weekend.

And the weird thing is that I didn't see anything odd in it at all.

In fact, even with retrospect, I would still do exactly the same thing.

Am I alone in this?

Would you have behaved differently?

Is it a "crafter" thing?

Or a "blogger" thing?

Or is it just a "Lucy Locket having no idea of how to behave" kind of thing?

So, what did I do?

Well, last Saturday, having received a tip-off (via Ravelry and Periwinkle) that one of our local wool shops were selling off Regia Galaxy sock yarn for £1.20 a ball, Dot, Daisy and I popped to said l-w-s to have a looksie.

And there it was.

Perfectly lovely sock wool

for only £1.20.


(Especially as I was one of the unlucky knitters who pounced on the "superwash" bargain sock wool from LIDL only to discover that it wasn't superwash at all)

Anyway..................................................................... we were leaving the shop another lady entered.

A few steps down the pavement Dot suddenly said:

"Oh! You know that lady that just went into the shop? That's my English teacher Mrs M!"

So here is the point where normal mothers would have just said

"that's nice dear" and carried on walking to the car.

So why, oh why am I not one of those "normal mothers"?

Because my response was to say "Oh! Right! Let's go and say hello!"

Dot protested.

A lot.

But was duly dragged back into the shop.................................

............where I found said lady teacher (looking at the Regia wool no less) and promptly introduced myself (and made Dot say hello too).

Apparently this is NOT what mother's of 12 year old daughters are meant to do.

Even if it turns out that the teacher is a member of Ravelry and actually reads this blog

But it is TOTALLY what a Lucy Locket type mother does

so, I'm sorry Dot, but you are stuck with me!

And Mrs M - it was lovely to meet you - and fortunately I think Dot has forgiven me! And thank you for the tip off about the new Regia at Kemps! I hope we get to meet up again soon.

But I really am curious..................................

what would you have done in the same circumstances?

It was a wool shop after all.....................I probably wouldn't have done the same thing in the local supermarket..........................would I???????