Tuesday 29 January 2008

The Next Generation

Todays post is about the next generation of crafters among us and ties in well with the lovely artwork Moogsmum's daughter Minx has done.

I was really excited yesterday because I discovered Applehead's Blog and her shop Appleseed. I absolutely love her small people and ordered some postcards from her.

In the evening I showed Dorothy (10) the website and said how excited I was about them.

About half an hour later she came down with this

and this

Aen't they brilliant? She's even come up with captions for each one!

Dorothy is quite like me and is a bit of a perfectionist at heart and often finds it hard to be creative because she sets her standards too high so I was delighted that she had just got on and done these without any help or advice. These truly are HER work!

My next crafter is my 12 year old niece.

At Christmas I showed her (very roughly because I didn't have a pattern with me) how to make some fingerless mittens and she did them really quickly

Then, after seeing Freddy, she decided to have a go at making her own sock monkeys - look how well she has done!

One of them was a birthday present for a friend and now all her school friends are asking for them! She has told them she is "crafty like her aunt" - which I think is great, although BIG sister Ally is a bit fed up as she is the one who taught me loads of sewing skills in the first place!

Finally, keeping on the child theme, I thought I would share this text I received from a friend the other day:

"Hi Hun, I've had 2 tell a lie! Ben overheard me telling a friend about you making his bag, he wanted 2 know why santas elves didn't make it!
Hope u dont mind but i told him u were making gifts with santas fairies as u are good friends with them all!!!
p.s. dont be surprised if he thinks u have wings 2!"

How brilliant is that?????

I rather think I've been promoted - don't you??!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aren't those applehead small people great!? I have the postcards (A + B) and they made my daughter want to cut and stick and make. I love it!
My daughter is reading over my shoulder this afternoon(!) and has demanded that i let her make a rabbit this week. The next generation...there's no stopping them!

Jane said...

Great drawings, love the promotion too.

trash said...

Now you will have to change your occupation on your profile - santa's helpers' helper!

Mrs Moog said...

Well done Dot those are great pictures!!! I can't believe how well your niece has done with her mittens and monkees. She should tell her mother she needs her own blog :)

I must have missed you posting as I see I'm not the first to comment - mwaa ha ha haaaaaaaa ;)

Lesley xx

dutchcomfort said...

If we could all pass on our knowledge and crafting skills to the next generation, that would be wonderful. They are so clever.

dutchcomfort said...

If we could all pass on our knowledge and crafting skills to the next generation, that would be wonderful. They are so clever.

Little House By The Sea said...

The pictures are great, it is so nice when the next generation come along and join in. My daughter loves to come to craft fairs and shops with me, we leave my poor hubby and son waiting in the car.

Sarah x

Lina said...

What a clever family!

Gina said...

Well done Dorothy - lovely pictures. And well done niece - obviously a very talented family! So pleased to hear about your new occupation as Santa's helper!

Gina xx

Kitty said...

Yay! Way to go Dorothy! That's talent blossoming there! And thanks for the link to Applehead's blog - always a pleasure to find clever new people to 'read'.

I think you're going to have to sew yourself some sort of 'elf' get up to fulfil the text :-p

Take care. x

dottycookie said...

Wow, a group of very talented small people!

French Knots said...

It's wonderful sharing a love for creativity with children. Both of mine always have a project on the go and I do my best not to interfere!

est said...

these are truly brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what great work Dorothy has done - just amazing - she has the artistic skill that is for sure!! And the sock momkeys are justtoo cute! I love love love seeing all this young craft - it brings so much excitement and inspiration!!! Now you better get back to work with the elves!!

Jodie said...

aha, so we can just send our wishes through you now Ms Lockett- excellent, I'll just shuffle off and prepare a list!
Isn't it lovely being the "crafty aunty"?

Monkee Maker said...

Thanks for the link, Lucy, I love those postcards too - and Dot's take on them is great.

I really think it's time that your big Sis and her daughter had their own blog - they're obviously a really crafty pair!


tintocktap said...

Well done Dorothy! My DH thinks my crafty stuff just isn't masculine enough for our son, so he only gets in the odd 5 mins here and there. Although most of the time, it would be hard to tear him away from the Lego - creative, but I don't know that it qualifies as a craft!

And I'm dead impressed with your helping Santa's fairies - does this mean you get to meet the great man himself?

Yummers! said...

Applause to your daughter and your niece. They are both so creative! Love your daughter's collage style. You are such a good example for your children. And such a good mummy.

Unknown said...

Fabtastic, now I know where to send that christmas list to ;)

Wonderful crafting from the next generation - doesn't it make you all fuzzy inside? (It does me!!!)

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Talent runs in the family then...

Patti said...

I could have told you that you were "away with the fairies" a long time ago.

Love the promotion and Dot's work is incredible. And I love the colours of the mitts.

Thimbleanna said...

I've known it all along -- you're a fairy with wings! Brilliant!!!

julia said...

Great pictures by your daughter, obviously a talented little creature!
Sharing your excitement because I too am going to the CL fair, the first time I'll have been to the spring one. Much as I adore my children, a whole day without them is bliss, can't wait!
Julia xx

Anonymous said...

hey dot has done really well with her pictures. now u need to find some more sock things 4 me and mum 2 do!

thanks 4 putting my stuff on ur blog.

sorry i didn't write a blog/post/comment thing before (i didn't have time)

cya when i next cya!