Thursday 31 July 2008

Holiday highs and lows

Well another week of the summer holidays is nearly over - especially as Mr Locket has tomorrow off work - although I won't be having much fun as I have to have a tooth taken out in the morning :(

It has been a week of highs and lows - as any of you with children will, I'm sure, appreciate! Lesley thought it was incredibly funny when one morning, at a low point, I went and hid in the tent in the garden so I could phone her in peace - unfortunately it didn't work!

My favourite high point was going to see Mamma Mia on Tuesday - I managed to tag along with my friend and her family and I loved it. I laughed and laughed and laughed and was so close to bursting into song several times - fortunately I stopped myself in time!

And I'm really pleased that I managed to send Gina her mini-quilt, sewn by me but designed and drawn by Daisy Locket who had complete artistic control over the colours and fabrics

If you go to Gina's blog you will see why this quilt was specially for her.

Another high point has been making things with the Ladybirds.

Yesterday Clare blogged about the new patterns she had bought from this etsy shop so I had a chat with her and ended up ordering two of them for myself - this one and this one.

The little Ladybirds and I set about making them together - I did all the sewing while they did the stuffing and designed how they wanted them to look, what colour hair they would have and what gazillionty outfits they needed. They also chose their names and wrote little passages about them Ric-Rac style.

So may I please introduce you to

Millie-May(Dorothy's), B-Boy (Fred's) and Mimi (Daisy's)
currently dressed in their pyjamas as "Lucy" (that's what the dolls call me - so cheeky) hasn't made them anything else to wear yet

And here they are in complete bed-wear

and now tucked up under their brand new blankets.

All their clothes have been made from some recent cast offs from the Little Lockets - so far I have used a t-shirt, a dress, a rugby shirt, a hooded sweatshirt for Boy's blanket with a pocket from a pair of shorts and a cotton knit jumper for Millie-May's blanket. Mimi's blanket has been made using some of the gorgeous flannel that Michaela sent me because apparently ducks are Mimi's "favourite"!

The children have really enjoyed making these dolls and have many more plans for their clothes and accessories - I'm sure you can all imagine how tricky it has been to sew three at once and keep them all happy but I have had lots of fun. Just don't look too closely as these are made to "home standards" where speed has been more important than quality.

Another good thing that I have done this week is relocate the quilt wall to the sitting room so I can look at them even more often and finally get a decent photograph

but now my camera is messing about so the photo isn't that decent after all!

So I think the highs have out-weighed the lows but I wish there was a magic spell that would stop brothers and sisters from arguing!

I hope you have all had a good week.

Lucy x


Mrs Moog said...

ooooooooooh those dollies are gorgeous!!! I love their 'Wee Willy Winky' bedtime clothes :)

I have to admit I may have told one or two people about you phoning me from your improvised phone booth!!

I hope your horrible dental torture is painless and quick tomorrow and that you're not too numb to talk to me!


Simone said...

Good luck with the tooth extraction! I'd rather have a tooth out than a filling any day! The quilt is lovely as are the dolls. They will have to have clothes for all seasons and accessories to match. When I want to be left alone I go and sit in the loo!!!

wonderwoman said...

lots of positive vibes coming your way regarding dentist tomorrow - i break out in a cold sweat when i have to have a check up! the dolls look lovely and what great fun. i love your quilt wall, how brilliant to have all those lovely quilts to look at each day.


sewkalico said...

Oh, I can so relate about hiding in the tent LOL! Today I had a hospital appointment and DH babysat. While away I phoned to say I wasn't coming back :-) So I hope that the tooth extraction goes ok and that the high is a few moments to yourself...
Cute dolls from your clever kids!! I've just made a ladybird pincushion, I shall have to blog it sometime.

Zannah said...

Love the quilt wall! And the dolls are FAB.

. said...

Love the dolls :)

Good luck with the toothy-pulling tomorrow. You know you've got my sympathy!!

Sending lots of ~~~EASY EXTRACTION~~~ vibes your way!


silverpebble said...

What a fab post! Thankyou Mrs Locket.

Firstly after a day of 16 hours solid childcare the thought of you hiding in a tent to ring Lesley gave me a seriously welcome belly laugh. Brilliant.

The ladybird club! How fantastic! That original post was from before I got to blogland - what a magic idea for the Lockets - and what brill activities! Better than any brownie meeting I went to! Those dolls are fab. As I'm running out of superlatives I'll finish, except to say that the sight of that brownie handbook transported me straight back to 1979. Quite a weird feeling.

silverpebble said...

My word verification was v l bra - very large bra. Quite apt at this end. Hehe

maria said...

All the best for your trip to the dentist.
I love the quilt wall, they look fabulous against the pale blue wall.
maria x

Thimbleanna said...

Say it isn't so! I can't imagine those adorable little Lockets arguing -- not even for one little minute! The dolls turned out too cute -- so fun that you and the little Lockets work together on projects. And that mini-quilt you've made is just adorable -- you need to make one just for you for your outstanding quilt wall!!!

Jodie said...

Those ladybugs sure are talented folk !
Your quilt wall is just gorgeous Lucy, that would cheer me up everytime I went into the room.

dottycookie said...

Good luck with the tooth ;-(

Lovely dollies - and how fab is your quilt wall now? If it weren't for the fact I'd have to sew 22 quilts, I'd want one too.

marit said...

Please share when you find that magic spell...

What a cute quilt- and the dolls too- you have some very talented little Lockets around:-)

Enjoy summer!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... Clare mentioned to me that other people went and bought patterns after she did... I was also one of them!! Your kiddies did an awesome job on their new friends!!! Hope the trip to the dentist isn't too painful. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Unknown said...

Lucy, if you find that magic spell could you send it down to me too - I'm very sorry to say they get no better at 11, 12 and 16!

quiltdude said...

The dolls have turned out well, I love how the little lockets have made them all individual, very cute and matching blankets too!
You quilt wall looks very grand in the living room, but is there enough space for the rest?
X Clare

Gina said...

That quilt wall is fantastic - hope it was worth the effort of having to sew all those quilts! (I still like mine the best!!!)
The dolls are great - especially their pyjamas.
Thinking about you at the dentists and hope it's not too traumatic.
Gina xx

Little House By The Sea said...

If you find that spel please pass it onto me ASAP... he ehehe

I will be thining of you at the dentist today, I am sure you will be fine.
We must get together soon for coffee or something.

Sarah x
PS.. blogger is messing sbout so if you get this poasted twice I am sorry.

Jane said...

Ah yes the highs and lows we've plenty of those too, but i love your dollies. Good luck with the dental visit will be thinking of you. love the idea of you hiding in the tent to ring Lesley! Jane x

dutchcomfort said...

Hiding in a tent to make a phone-call, this is the best I’ve heard in ages!

Hope the dental visit goes well...!

Love your miniquilt and the dolls are too cute!!

Lots of happy locket-stuff!

Unknown said...

those dollies are FANTASTIC!!!, what clever little ladybirds you have!

Good luck with that nasty tooth extraction, I am feeling the pain for you!!!

Munkeh said...

cutely dolls. everyone did a good job of designing and sewing.

About brothers and sisters fighting - my husband said he and his sister didn't have a nano-second when they weren't fighting as they were growing up. But they are great friends now.

Munkeh said...

Thanks so much for letting us know about the doll pattern! I just purchased MAE and JOHN. I plan to make John for my grandson for Christmas. Her patterns are so cute!

est said...

those little dollies are so adorable!! even in their pj! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! The dolls are fantastic. The quilt wall looks Great. Really homely and sweet in yo9ur living area.
Good Luck at the dentist.Hope you aren't too sore afterwards.
Cele x

Eileen said...

oooo.. LOVE the way the quilt wall is looking. You can really see them all so nice.

And the dolls are darling! Wonderful job on them!

hope your dentist appt went ok.

Greedy Nan said...

What lovely things and what a fab wall. Sorry to hear about the tooth thing. Are you able to eat solids again yet?

Anonymous said...

Love the dollies, Lucy, you and yours have once again outdone yourselves on the talent front.

I hope your holidays will be full of highs now that the dentist is out of the way, and low on lows.


ps. Were you sat on your computer yesterday, by any chance, Mrs Speedy!

Annie said...

Love all your news and the quilt wall looks great. Sorry, no magic cure for those sqabbles, but I loved the tent story. I have a vegi patch with a fence and gate, and am often found out there hiding from the fray!!! Enjoy the holidays and good luck at the dentist tomorrow.

May Kristin said...

I love your wall of miniquilts!
Hope you will have days with more highs than lows!
Take care, Lucy!