Sunday 21 December 2008

Christmas is nearly upon us and I'm nowhere near ready - even though I don't have to think about food shopping or catering as we always go to mum and dad's for the bulk of the holiday!

I've just got so much sewing to do:

  • I still need to make a m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ for Daisy
  • 3 S _ _ _ _ s for Fred
  • and I've no idea what to sew for Dorothy although I may adapt a G _ _ _ _ _ _ pattern to make a R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ similar to one I've seen somewhere that I can't possibly link to right now because little people have inquisitive eyes!
  • and I'd really like to make a h _ _ for Mr Locket (at least you stand a chance of guessing that one!)
But I'm pleased to say that some more Christmas sewing has been finished

Firstly a little doll from this pattern for my friend Jane's 5 year old daughter because she fell in love with the Lockets' friends from the summer

and a dog - of my own design!!! (hence the wonky legs and ears) for her 2 year old daughter who promptly said "My Dog!" when she opened it!

I also managed to knit Jane some super-long wristwarmers and bought her this beautiful stitchery pattern to get her well and truly hooked!

I have been busily corrupting Jane over the last few weeks/months by getting her nearly as hooked on sewing as I am so next time I will show you the lovely eyemasks she has made for the children and some of the other lovely things she has been doing. I can't show you the eyemasks this evening as the children have naturally taken them straight up to bed!

Talking of lovely sewing, I was very lucky to receive a totally unexpected surprise in the post last week - a parcel of goodies from Maria!

Thank you so much Maria - I was so delighted to open such a lovely parcel!

And I'll leave you tonight with a rather strange photo of our rather strange (and very titchy tiny, teeny-weeny) Christmas tree because I love the shadows cast by the paper chains!

Happy Christmas!


trash said...

Happy Christmas Locketly-lou and to all of those other Lockets too!

Apologoes for the deleted comment - my finger slipped!

Kitty said...

So when's Jane launching her blog then? I hope you'll be nagging her like you did your poor sister. ;-)

Lovely makes there Mrs L-P - can't wait to see the other bits (or the blanks filled in).

I am very pleased to have finished my Christmas sewing this evening. However, there are 2 birthdays on 27th of this month, and I haven't even started on those gifts yet!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. x

est said...

the dog is cute!!! congrats on your own pattern! happy holiday to you and may you n all the lockets have a merry merrier christmas ever!! :)

Simone said...

You have piles of sewing to do and I have piles of ironing!!! Well done on all the sewing you have managed to do especially the little dog! Have a lovely Christmas.

Cele said...

We too have a small tree. They are really cute.
Love the paper chain shadows.
Gosh you've been busy with the sewing.
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Love your dog , very cute. Good luck with the rest of your sewing...
lisa x

April said...

my word you have been busy!!

Loving the little dog

April xx

dottycookie said...

Ah, you'll get there - says she with two Wee Wonderfuls dolls to finish and Christams dresses and necklaces and braceletes and and and ...

I hope no-one's expecting to eat anything in the next 2 days, that's all!

Mrs Moog said...

Happy Christmas Lockets!!

Your little dog is fab and I love the dolly!! What very lucky little girls :-)

Can't wait to see the m, the s's, the g and the h!!!

Have a fantastic Christmas! Say hi to big sis and your Mum for me - hope Mother's got the gin ready ;-)

Loads of love xxxxxx

rachelmp said...

Your Christams sewing is beautiful Lucy and I hope you are getting close to finished x Merry Christmas Rachel

Gina said...

Happy Christmas Lucy! Hope you get everything finished. It has been wonderful meeting you this year.
Gina x

Jenny said...

Have a Happy Christmas-I hope you get all your sewing done. I like that photo too with the paper chain shadows-very nice!

Kaz said...

Lovely goodies again.

That dog is similar to one I had as a child. If I was to tell you it was red corduroy with brown wool fabric, you will guess I was a child in the 70's!!

Anonymous said...

Hya. I usually read you via Stash Basket - but wanted to wish you a very good time over the hols as I have really enjoyed your blog this year.

French Knots said...

Hope you get all the sewing done, otherwise you'll have to balance the sewing machine on your knee in the car and blindfold the passengers!
Have a lovely Christmas Mrs Locketx

Michaela said...

Now I love dogs. I'm not a cat person at all, never even really gone a bundle on dolls, I just love dogs. And that dog, well, Mrs Locket, I wants one of those! Can I please go on the order list for next year? And the wonky legs are perfect! (The Stash Basket has bunnies, chameleons and monkees - sadly lacking in the doggy department!)

Have a great Christmas, love to all the mini Lockets and Mr Locket.


wonderwoman said...

Love your little dog - he's brilliant!
just want to wish you and your family a very happy christmas! say hi to big sis from me too!!


sewkalico said...

Merry Christmas. Hope you get that sewing done in time!!!