Saturday, 11 April 2009

So you want to see pictures do you?

Well I've got plenty of them for you!

The Bloggy Picnic was great fun and even more relaxed and enjoyable than I could have hoped.

Sadly some of our lovely friends couldn't make it on the day and they were definitely missed - but it just means we need to do it again very soon!

The assembled bloggers were:

Kitty, Moogsmum, Trashy, Julia B, Julie, Domesticali, Penny, Jane , my BOSSY BIG SISTER, Eve, Kate and ME!

We were really lucky with the weather because although it was a bit breezy and chilly it was warm enough for us all to sit on our picnic rugs for the afternoon and I actually got really sunburnt!

The children (16 of them I think!) quickly made friends and entertained themselves (some of them randomly appearing out of the tops of trees!) while we sat and chatted, knit, crocheted, laughed, and generally had a lovely time.

Once we'd eaten lunch we made a huge pile of Easter Eggs and gave them out to the children in age order which worked fine until a crowd of children we'd never seen before scurried over keen to join in the "giveaway" (apparently urged on by their parents!!!)

We then put the adults' names in a pot and took turns picking who we would be giving our present to. I was very lucky to receive this gorgeous gift from Eve

a fabulous knitted chicken and a little cotton rabbit egg cosy with a chocolate egg and eggcup all wrapped up in a beautiful vintage napkin.

But I was curious because the egg rattled..............

and look at what I found inside! So cute!

Eve had also given me another present - just because I had organised the meet up! A beautiful crocheted flower, again wrapped in a gorgeous vintage handpainted napkin.

Thank you so much Eve - you were incredibly generous! I would show pictures of the little bundles of mini eggs you also gave all the children but I'm afraid they have disappeared!!!

My gift of a goldfish wallet, mini eggs, notepad and card went to my lovely niece Emma! While her gift of a stunning mola inspired fish reverse applique mini quilt went to Penny. I'm so impressed with how good at textiles Emma is as she is only 13. (I'll see if she has a photo of it to show you sometime)

Meanwhile my BOSSY Big Sister Ally received a gorgeous sock monkey from Kitty who was quickly christened "Billy Millet" (after Millets farm) and then Ally picked out Kitty's name for her gorgeous gift of homemade jam and marmalade (having just had some of the jam about an hour earlier for breakfast at Ally's house, I knew how scrummy it was!)

I also had a present from Kate for organising the meet up - this gorgeous Japanese paper that she found in the craft shop on the farm.

I love it! Sadly the shop was shut by the time we were leaving :o(

And Trashy brought my raffle prize as we agreed it would be MUCH easier than posting it!

I love this tray, but to Trashy's great indignation I have absolutely no intention of putting cups of tea on it as it is far too beautiful! Instead I want to hang it on the wall so I can see it all the time.

Trash also brought me back this badge

from the Trash and Treasure picnic in Ballarat which I attended "Flat Stanley" style.

Trash did her usual trick of hiding behind something to have her photo taken, so here she is modelling her brilliant present from Ali - Laundry Haiku! What a fab idea!

But I got a nice pic of Mrs Moogs*

Oh! Sorry! I meant THIS one!

Thanks to everyone for coming - it was a wonderful day!

Lucy xxxx

(*p.s. I'm not really being mean to Moogsmum - we were joking at the time about which pig was me and which was her!)

This is me apparently................

Hmmm, not too far from the truth unfortunately!!!!


Jodie said...

My dad was a pig farmer , but I have never never seen a pig with curls.....
Thanks for sharing the picnic love!!!

Unknown said...

Okay, so is that really a pig, or is it a sheep that likes to hang out with pigs?

rachelmp said...

Ohhhh sounds like you had a great time Lucy!

Ali said...

Good memories - I liked the pig-hair knitting challenge idea, myself!

Charlie P said...

Is that a FURRY pig? Hee hee. It sounds like a perfect day :-)

JuliaB said...

Hi Lucy!! It was a great day and great to meet everyone. I have to read everyone's blogs in their real voice now! except Moogsmum who will forever be read in the "sanctuary" voice! hehe only joking! Perhaps we should make the picnick and anuual event! If we plan far enough in advance maybe even our Aussie friends could join us (well maybe not!!). Glad you got home safe. xx

Kitty said...

:-O At you likening Mrs Moogs to that piebald pig!! You wouldn't believe how long I tutted and clapped at the Alpacas in an attempt to get them to stop eating and lift up their heads. In the end I had to take a picture of one eating.

It was a lovely day Lucy, thank you SO MUCH for organising it. My youngest wants to go back to the same place and do it all again next Easter too - complete with eggs!


May Kristin said...

What a lovely and fun day you had!

silverpebble said...

Wonderful pics Mrs L. Sorry again to have missed it but we will try VERY hard to make is next time. I'm still baffled by the woolly piggy, and Mr P doesn't even believe it's a real picture! What breed is it?


wonderwoman said...

am well envious - looks like a great day and great success! thanks for the pics. i just love the curly pig - how cute!


Gina said...

Very sad to have missed the picnic but loved seeing your photos... especially the two piggies! The one with curly hair is fabulous!

Mistea said...

thanks for sharing - I had a giggle at the pictures so I am sure you had a fun day.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

It was a fantastic day and I can't believe how lucky we were with the weather!'s Easter morning here and it's grey and cold :o( My trip down to meet you all will definitely be my highlight of the Easter break!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh BooHoo...I'm so sad to have missed it. Why can't I have a private jet??? It looks like you all had a fantastic day -- and thanks for showing the little cherub in the top of the tree that I've read about elsewhere -- how cute! I. Want. That. Curly. Pig!!! Hope you and the Lockets have had a wonderful Easter!

Michaela said...

I was so sad to not come along. I was on my way to stay with my mother in law. Hmm. Glad you all had a great time though. It looks like great fun - brilliant piggy pictures!

Kate North said...

don't be silly, you look nothing like that pig - your hair's not nearly as curly... (ha ha, very funny, I know) - great photos, Lucy, and a great day. Enjoy your paper!! xx

Mrs Moog said...

Can you imagine just how scratchy your pig-wool socks are going to be?

It was a fab day and so good to see everyone. The children had a great time and want to do it again very soon!

Thanks for organising a lovely day out Locket :-)

monda-loves said...

looks like a fab time - such a shame I couldn't come along too. Maybe next time...


The Fibers of Life said...

A curly-haired pig....never in my life did I know such a thing existed. It looks kind of like a pig in sheep's clothing :-D Love your blog!, love UK tool

Lady of the Cloth said...

I have always loved pigs, I don't know why. I am so envious of all of you bloggers getting together. I wish I could have slipped over the pond and joined you for a bit. It sure looked like fun.

Anonymous said...