Friday 19 February 2010

What a lovely half-term!

I've had a lovely week as I've been on holiday from work so that I could play at home with the children during half term - and to make it even MORE fun we put some Christmas money towards the best possible present in the children's opinion (and increasingly in mine) - a Nintendo Wii!

I have resisted it until now - but I am SO pleased that we have bought one - it's so much fun and we have all done far more exercise on the Wii Fit than we would normally do (even me! Although Daisy told her cousins that I had been weighed in as "obtuse"!) Wii Sports is great fun and Big Brain Academy is really popular too (although I confess that I haven't humiliated myself on that yet!)

The children have managed to play on it all week with only minor skirmishes and frustrations and they seem to find it relatively easy to take turns and share it fairly which is really good. And they've only put the telly on for the first time today - now that IS a miracle!

But the following is even MORE miraculous:

The adorable little Lockets VOLUNTEERING to clear out, clean, tidy and rearrange the kitchen cupboards! I was happily sewing when they started and had to stop so I could show willing and help them! What on earth is going on????

So, when I haven't been hula-hooping or stepping or mucking out manky kitchen cupboards, I've been busy knitting and sewing and enjoying every minute of being at home!

I have finished my lacy Baktus

(bad photos - sorry)

made a few more spidersweb blocks

(oh, how I LOVE all these colours and snippets of fabric offset by the white - it really makes me very happy!)

sewn loads of selvedge strips together

(although I am even more in awe of Jodie and her dressmaking skills as I seem unable to prevent the blocks from curving)

and lovely Mr Locket bought me this book for Valentine's Day - on my suggestion ;o)

so I am planning on sewing the free bag together this weekend - with an added lining and pocket - so that I have something pretty to take to work with me on Monday.

But I'd really much rather stay at home next week too :'o(


wonderwoman said...

i treated myself to that book too but have not made the bag yet - hopefully this weekend!!! love your scarf!


silverpebble said...

Your scarf is gorgeous Lucy.

Check out those Little Lockets with their kitchen-y hats and gloves! Wow, they deserve stickers galore, or are stickers a little old hat for such grown up types?

I think I could do with a stint on the Wii - it might wake me up a bit!

trash said...

Do you hire out those little Lockets?

loulee said...

Wii really is loads of fun. I love mine too.
What are those kids after? Extra pocket money?

French Knots said...

Please send the children over to my house! I daren't think what is hiding in the back of my kitchen cupboards!
Your scarf is lovely, such a wonderful colour.
My big two are huge wii fans, especially Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars - the graphics are rather good and they enjoy whacking the baddies. ....rather then each other!

Ali said...

We were late to the Wii party too, but I have to give it 10/10 for the ability to get my boys playing together without squabbles.

Trying to limit their time on it is an ongoing battle, however. Perhaps I could exchange an hour of housework for an hour of Wii time...

Your scarf is such a pretty colour!

Michaela said...

I'm desperate to cast on for a lacy baktus - but not until march 1st! Loving yours, and the really groovy spidery quilt. Too, too clever by half!

Quinn said...

Lucy, your baktus looks lovely, and now I really must make another, for me this time.
Meanwhile, may I PLEASE borrow the little Lockets? Wouldn't they enjoy a holiday trip to visit my kitchen, no, no, I mean my country? We have lots and lots of chocolate...

Unknown said...

Yes, but if you stayed home last week, then I wouldn't get to see you on Monday ;) Besides, you know you want to know my marks before I do! Glad you had a fabulous week. You'll have to show me the book!

Jodie said...

Hey Lucy - your selvedge spiders look spectacular.

Do you sew your selvedges onto backing fabric or just too each other. I sewed to a backing fabric and it seemed to help with the curvy (now don't pass out but do you iron your helps...)

sandra said...

Love the cupboard cleaning brigade! Send them to me. I have also finished my Baktus, just waiting for someone with a long, thin neck to visit so I can take a photo!!

Twiggy said...

Ooo I'm making the bag tomorrow !! Your makes are lovely and can you send your lovely children round to do my ironing please??
Half term is great isn't it? glad you had fun.
twiggy x

Amy said...

Oooh that scarf looks fab, love the colour! A girl at my sewing class has just made the bag from the Cath book, and it is lovely - I've prompted my other half to purchase said book for my birthday in March...he has been warned! :D

ladydi said...

The wii sounds like lots of fun - do you use a real hula hoop? What angel children to VOLUNTEER to clean cupboards!! I love your scarf and I am so happy to have started knitting again.

Thimbleanna said...

I feel your pain Mrs. Locket! I'd rather stay home too. It looks like you've had a fabulous few days off -- the little Lockets look like they're having a great time too. The shawl is beautiful and the spiderweb quilt is going to be fab!

Lina said...

Glad you had such a lovely week at home with your family. I look forward to the days when my children volunteer to clean my kitchen cupboards. Are you quite certain there was no bribery involved?!

Lissa Jane said...

Hi Lucy
I got that book too, from Book Depository ( I LOVES BOOK DEPOSITORY)
Um the trick with the selvedges is to sew them onto a interfacing something that keeps them 'straight' I sew mine onto muslin BUT I have cheated and bought gridded iron on interfacing from quilt shop and know that they'll be straight and flat now! :O))

take care

PS I love your scarf and would be happy for your monsters to come and clean out my cupboards!

sewkalico said...

A great catch-up post. Nice to see everyone enjoying the school break!

Valeriacrea said...

The Nintendo wii is wonderful, I haven't it yet, but I played with it at friends'home and it's so amusing!
I'm back from London and during my journey I ate wonderful food, in particular a stunning beef&leek pie... maybe do you have the recipe?? Also a bread&butter pudding... and a apple&pear crumble... ohhhh everything was absolutely delicious!!! I'm Italian and I love italian food, but also English food is very very yummy!!!
Hugs, Valeria

Jane said...

We bought a wii at Christmas and have had great fun, Em plays several games and when I can get a look in I enjoy tennis and bowling. Loving your beautiful quilt and lacy Baktus. We're sad that the week off is almost over. Jane x

Mrs Moog said...

When they've finished, can you send the little Lockets down here? I have lots of cupboards that need sorting out!

Your week sounds lovely and I love your lacy Baktus :o)


Unknown said...

Love your lacy baktus, I'm in the middle of a crobaktus at the moment.