Sunday 6 April 2008

Little Lockets busily playing and other weekend happenings

Not a lot to say today (makes a change doesn't it???)

So I thought I would share some photos of the Little Lockets hard at play.

I promised Fred that if he put his pyjamas on yesterday I would put a picture of the lego house that he and Daisy had built..............

You should hear them playing together. It is so lovely listening to the role play as the different lego characters visit the house, use the "didgeridoo" (my parents' name for the garage remote control), steal things, get arrested, go visiting, "jump-fly" over the walls when the doors and windows are locked etc.

Dorothy has been busy knitting her rag doll Jemimah a scarf

And I have finished my first "pair" of socks!!!

(modelled by the delightful Daisy - there's no way I would post a photo of my legs on here)

The socks are so warm and cosy - I am wearing them right now - and it is a good job because it is freezing!

Lots of people have had some proper snow today but we have only had intermittent heavy showers with nothing lying.

But Friday, by contrast, was a lovely day! And I even got Mr Locket digging at the allotment on his day off (I'm nice like that you know!)

I just wish we could have done more up there this weekend - I have nearly been bitten by the gardening bug again! But in the meantime I am off to do some sewing with the Little Lockets - I'll tell you more later!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend - and thank you everyone for your lovely comments on the previous post.

Lucy xx


Mrs Moog said...

Lovely little Locket pictures - fantastic house Fred and Daisy!! I'm most impressed with Dorothy's knitting!

If you'd blinked you'd have missed our snow but it was nice while it lasted :)

Good to see Mr Locket hard at work, earning his keep!

Great 'pair' of socks Missus - I've just packed myself some knittage to take to my Dad's tomorrow.

Going now - aliens to make. My designer has desserted to play football with his Dad!!


Kaz said...

Lovely photos of your children playing so nicely together.And such gorgeous socks too.

Glad to see the digging getting done by someone other than you! Hope the bug comes back ready for your own veggies - always tastier.

Kitty said...

Gosh, isn't Dorothy good at knitting? :-O No.1 is learning but I fear isn't that proficient yet.

Fabulous socks - I just know I don't have the ability to 'do' stuff like socks. I bet they feel gorgeous.


Charlie P said...

First of all: I'm crocheting pigeons with my feet as I type- honestly Mrs. Locket! I'm not avoiding crocheting their fiddly little feet by catching up on blogs...noooooo.

Those are some fabtastic socks- don't pay any attention to the norm, odd socks are more interesting and I love the lego house- so many happy memories :)

Just read your last post about the swaps and you should definitely continue for the following reasons:
1) I'm dying to take part in one once I have more time
2) your themes are great
3) you seem to do your organising job very very well- not like those sites where there's no real moderation
Maybe you could have a separate blog for swap organising where you can have the rules permanently posted at the side and possibly restrict it to people with blogs (so you can see that they are real crafters and everybody's work is posted about.)Oh and for your own sanity restricting the numbers could work. Can't wait to take part in a future swap :)

p.s. just out of interest is there a spending limit/budget on swaps to stop people sending too much/little?

Kaz said...

You were right and I have mended the link!!

Kylie said...

Love your 'pair' of socks - you will have to knit up the other 'pair' now LOL

Anonymous said...

No snow here either, but the temperature has dropped oh god, I could use such a pair of nice warm socks too ;)
Always wonderfull to see your children playing together eh? I could watch and listen to mine for hours too when they are playing together, better than the best tv-show!
I love the picture of your girl proudly knitting in the sofa! So cosy!!

Nicky said...

I think that yours must be the craftiest family around! And you can't beat lego for a great fun activity.

Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE your pair of socks Lucy! They're gorgeous. And you've certainly solved the second sock syndrome!!!

Monkee Maker said...

I'm not surprised Fred didn't want to put his jammies on if it meant taking off that gorgeous thick jumper. One of your creations perchance??

Well done on organising another swap .... I think you're quite quite mad for taking on all that extra work again so quickly, but well done!