Friday 18 April 2008

PIF gifts and TLC

I was the very lucky winner of Anglesey Allsorts' recent PIF draw and a lovely parcel arrived in the post yesterday.

These were the lovely goodies she sent me, complete with the most fantastic label

and she really sweetly included a package for the Little Lockets

full of lovely crafty goodies - sorry the photo isn't very good - but there are transfers, bags of glitter and the most fantastic finger puppets to decorate - I can't wait the children can't wait to decorate them!

Thank you so much Vicky - we are all very, very grateful!

The other topic of interest for today's post is........................

TLC is a little club that we have set up in the Locket Household as Dorothy has left Brownies but can't get into Guides, Daisy has left Rainbows but can't get into Brownies and Fred is still too young for Cubs.

We came up with the idea a few months ago and made club badges and a sash each to wear them on and then I bought the supplies to make them all club t-shirts too but we forgot. So the first job on starting the club again today was to make the t-shirts

while the children made the sign and decorated their Ladybird Club Notebooks

Here is part of Daisy's design

We decided not to use the sashes anymore as they went across the ladybirds on their t-shirts so I very quickly (and very roughly) made them some little bags from the legs of old jeans to put their badges on instead.

One of the things we want to do in our "club" is earn badges like you used to do in Brownies (sadly this didn't seem to happen in Dorothy's Brownie group) using this book as inspiration

a copy of the Brownie Handbook I had as a child (Dorothy reads this cover-to-cover on a regular basis!)

and their ideas for Badges to do our own.

Today the children earned their "Sewing badges"

for all the stitching they have been doing recently and because we finished their cushions today.

here they are busily stuffing them - and the finished products are pretty cute too

When you actually read the rules of the badges we used to do you can see how much more was expected of us back then (crumbs that makes me sound so old!!!) For example, to get the knitting badge you needed to be able to
1.Choose your own pattern and, following the printed directions, knit a garment introducing two types of stitches.
2. Knit a pair of socks or gloves, or mittens with thumbs, using two or four needles.
I don't think many modern under-10s would be able to do this level of knitting do you? The needlework one is pretty hard too - they expect loads of different stitches - but I think the Little Lockets have definitely earned theirs!

We are planning to move onto the Cookery badge

and the Gardening one too (I need some incentive to get my seeds sown or we are going to have a very empty allotment!)

I'll let you know how we get on but I will leave you today with this gorgeous photo of the Ladybird Club Members modelling their new t-shirts

I absolutely LOVE this photo - it's amazing how animated they look when you get them to say "KNICKERS" instead of "Cheese"!!!!!


marit said...

That's a bunch of happy kids! What a brilliant idea with the club. They've done sooo well, and definitely earned their badges:-)

Locket Pocket said...

By the way, I have been reliably informed by Dorothy who has just read this post that my attempts at humour are "totally lame" - thanks darling!

Twiggy said...

I want to come and live at your house, it looks such fun!!! Congrats on the Ladybird Club it's a fab idea. Now if you do bob a job week (I'm showing my age too), will you come and weed my garden please :)
Twiggy x

Kitty said...

Awww, that Ladybird Club is a fantastic idea - well done you! I had that Brownie book too - took me right back to my days in the Gnomes.

Good to see your boy is a skinny whippet like mine - bet he eats loads too, doesn't he? x

monda-loves said...

I love the way you are turning your kids into little crafters, cooks and gardeners. It's so nice that they're getting to learn all these skills.

I went to brownies and guides - It wasn't really that cool to do it in my day but I enjoyed it - I was (am) such a nerd!


Thimbleanna said...

Oh Lucy -- you're just awesome! Those little Lockets just look adorable -- what a cool little family you have!

Anonymous said...

OOh I had that same brownie book, I rememeber doing the badges but your ladybird club sounds much better, can I join? I could easily get my sewing badge, and cooking and gardening would have to skip on the knitting badge though, you have very clever lockets. What a lovely Mum you are. x

Charlie P said...

WOW! Lucky little lockets! The Ladybird club looks about a million times better than brownies or guides (and they won't dread being teased every week for being "reet posh like" as I did!)
It's great how they're all different ages but seem to get along so well and that they enjoy crafting and cooking and gardening which most young people sadly don't seem to do much anymore. Sorry, granny rant over :)
What is the Brown Owl equivalent for the Ladybirds then? Are you Big Bug? Bird Lady?

Kaz said...

Aaawww what a post full of loveliness! It sounds like fun at your house.

Their cushions are gorgeous and so well made.

I remember that brownie book.

Simone said...

I wish I had been a member of the Ladybird Club rather than the Girl Guides. I didn't stay long enough to earn a badge! This club looks like a lot of fun and a great incentive for the little Lockets.

Munkeh said...

Why don't brownies and Girlscouts (US) earn badges any longer?

I love your club. Good for you all!

"Knickers" - I love it. Another one that always gets grins is "Prunes" or for adults "SEX".

You are a good Mum!

quiltdude said...

What a fantastic idea. My second 2 girls couldn't get into guides either, but their older sister said it was rubbish anyway, they never did badges but spent their time putting on fashion shows and having make over nights, not her thing. I think you should start up an online Ladybird club, then we can all join in!
You kids are so talented.xx

Gina said...

I want to join the Ladybird Club. It sounds like so much fun!
Super post Lucy!
Gina x

Unknown said...

I spot a bunny pattern in your PIF gift! Their custom cushions are fantastic!

Jennie said...

Wow that club looks fabulous! You are a brilliant Mum!
I too had the brownie book (and was a brownie) I got quite a lot of badges, but I can only remember doing the hostess one and having to serve tea!

Blossom said...

What a great mum you are!!!
the kids all look very happy and very pleased with themselves as they should.....
Well done!!!

est said...

what a lovely ladybirds bunch!! and their are having some blast time too! this would add some great memories when they grow up!

Little House By The Sea said...

Can I join too???? I never went to brownies or guides so i NEED to join.... What a fab idea, shame they cant get into Brownies and Guides..

Sarah x

Unknown said...

Such a shame that they can't get into the next stage of the guiding movement - seems to be the same all over - insufficient leaders I think - where we used to live in Gloucester you almost had to put their names down at birth (like Eton!) - well done you for starting up something yourself to keep their interest awake - be careful if their friends hear about it you may well end up with a house full. Love their cushions and yes 'Knickers' is a great smile inducer for photographs

dottycookie said...

Lucy, you're fab. Now it's my turn to want to come and live with you! I had that copy of the Brownie handbook too, but I doubt I have it anymore.

We're going down the Rainbows waiting list route at the moment - there is a troupe with some spaces, but of course the one "all my friends go to" is hugely oversubscribed. Sigh.

Mrs Moog said...

What a great idea Lockets!! I want one of your lovely sewing badges!!!!! What are the rules?

I love the children's cushions - great job guys :)

I remember that very book and feel/am very old! I don't remember the knitting badge - which is probably why I still can't do socks!

Is there a cleaning the car, dusting and tidying, or cooking the dinner badge?

You're not that lame....just a bit :)


Annie said...

Loved reading about the Lady Bird Club. You are a VERY good mummy!!! I too was a Brownie and a Guide and did lots of those badges. What a great idea to work through them together. I think I have that book too!

Anonymous said...

More mummy worship for you (first lot went to Moogsmum) for being a wonderful mummy, that club is such a good idea...will you be extending it beyond your own children?....My daughter, now 27 was a Brownie like the one on the front of your book...I still have all her badges in my work box....LOADS of them!!! (she likes uniforms, she's a police officer now!) Fran

Indigo Blue said...

What an excellent idea. I have not seen that Brownie book in years . Upstairs I have a Guide handbook from the same time. I achieved some of the badegs particularly the sewing one. Clearly sewing was on the cards as it has stuck. Found you today lovely blog and I will be back.

rachelmp said...

Lovely pics Lucy! So nice to see all the little Lockets busy together. Happiness! x Rachel

Angela said...

What a good idea to start your own club. When their friends see what they have been up to I am sure they will want to join.
The cushions are lovely.

the vicious chicken said...

Ladybird club is a fab idea - looks like a lot of fun, too!

Patti said...

Love the ladybirds.

What a fab way to keep little ones happy.

We're off to Beavers in may. We'll see how it goes. Ladybirds might be better. (did anyone say "Parent Rota"? Is that not illegal!)

Unknown said...

that's a brilliant club - I wish I could join!!! Those cushions are fantastic too - clever kids!!! (must be the good locket genes, eh?)

April said...

Ladybird club - what a brill idea - I could never get in Guides and always feel I lissed out - C has shown no interest- being much more sporty than me, she does cheerleading, gymnastics and swimming. She doesn't have the patience for cratfs yet - except she loves to draw.

I got my lovely goodies from Vicky too aren't they wonderful!

April xx

French Knots said...

Goodness that Brownie handbook reminds me of being a Gnome! What a great idea to make your own club for the children., the waiting lists are dreadful round here too.

Annie B said...

BRILLIANT! do you adopt adults at all?

I love those cushions they made - they are so cute!

Carin said...

What a great idea! kids look like they are having a blast!

Anonymous said...

You have such a happy family! Great club-idea!
So wonderfull to learn you kids all sorts of crafty things! They do very well, but yes, they have a very good teacher!

Anonymous said...

Just had time to read your blog and got to the picture of YOUR brownie book. I can see that it was in the days of pounds shillings and pence - so I am wondering whose brownie book it actually is! You would have had to been the youngest brownie ever on record.

Please remember I am your BIG - OLD and now pounds shillings and pence - sister!!


Ally x

Anonymous said...

Gwenny has started guides and she absolutely loves it, especially as the end time is really late !

Your club idea for the children is wonderful. However Lucy you must be such a hoarder still having you brownie handbook ! ~ love Julia (weirdbunny) x