Monday 19 May 2008

Another addition to the Quilt Wall

On Friday I had a card through the door from the postie saying that he had been unable to deliver a parcel. I'd obviously put the cat amongs the pigeons a bit on Tuesday because there was an additional note on it saying "I came four times, Sorry!"

I tried to ring them all Saturday morning to arrange re-delivery but once again no one answered the phone so I went over to the local sorting office this morning.

I couldn't wait until I got home to rip open the parcel and the following 2 photos were taken in the car, propped against the steering wheel!

this is the gorgeous tape on the outside of the parcel

and these lovely dotty packages might give you a clue as to the sender - yup, it was Sally-Ann of Dottydesigns!

The green and blue package was for the Little Lockets (more of that later as I had to wait for them to come home from school) and the pink and orange one was for me.................... my Mini-Quilt!!!

Isn't it fantastic? I had asked Sally-Ann if she could possibly make me one of her camper-van pictures because I loved the one I'd seen on her blog, and she had remembered that I had said I always wanted a blue polka dot car when I was younger. She's even stitched my name on the bumper!!! I love it!

And then she also included this gorgeous needle case

I just love that chicken so much!

And THEN there were these gorgeous Gocco'd cards (my favourite is the one with the birds and the bunting)

There was also a pack of maltesers with strict instructions that I wasn't allowed to share them (so naturally I didn't and ate them straight away!!!) and a gorgeous little badge.

But guess what was inside the package for the Little Lockets?

130 Crazy Bones!!!!!!

They were ecstatic and have played with them non-stop ever since!

Here they are all arranged by colour (with their original 25 in the trolley beside them)

And this is where they were going to display them at first until they realised that there just wasn't enough room for so many!

Thank you so much Sally-Ann you have made one big Locket and three Little Lockets very very happy!

Pop over to Sally-Ann's blog to see why she is happy today - it's a really good reason!

So here is the updated quilt wall

It just gets better and better!

And I will leave you today with a photo of what the end of SATs week looks like to a tired but happy 10 year old

rewarded for all her hard work with an ice-cream and a Beano comic!

P.S. Come back next time to hear about the lovely meal out we all had in the Yorkshire Dales with my brother and his family and my mummy and daddy! Scrummy food photos!


Gina said...

Fantastic parcel Lucy - such a gorgeous quilt and your wall is looking better and better!
Well done to Dorothy for getting through her SATS - she looks very relaxed. Could be another parcel on its way this week!
Gina x

Kaz said...

Glad the SATS are over now - ggrr.

That was a scrummy parcel you got today, and the wall is loooking lovely.


Michaela said...

I am loving your quilt wall - what a brilliant idea. Wish I'd thought of it first!

Have the sunflowers sprouted yet? and I've never seen or heard of Funny Biones except on this blog, not reached us in East Anglia yet!

julie said...

what a wonderful parcel - I love the blue dotty van quilt - it looks wonderful with the rest of your collection. I had to scroll away quickly before Amy saw all of those crazy bones - she'd been green with envy!

quiltdude said...

Another fab parcel, I so want that camper van quilt.
Lucky mini lockets on getting all those crazy bones, all the shops round here are sold out!
My daughter spent her post SAT weekend digging in the allotment and was as happy as a lark.
X Clare

Mrs Moog said...

Another gorgeous quilt Locket!! Your quilt wall is looking better and better.

....and now I know what crazy bones are too!! What a lovely surprise for the little Lockets!

So glad Dot's horrible SATs are over with. I desperately hope they scrap them before Monster gets to Year 6 as I just don't see him coping with them :(

Going now as I'm sore throaty and snotty thanks to my infectious son - just had to see what you are up to!!


Blossom said...

Nothing like sonme goodies in the mail to brighten your day......

Love the mini quilt too!!!

rachelmp said...

Lucy your quilt wall is looking amazing... and more quilts to go. Maybe a parcel from Ballarat soon.... Ayden finished his National AIM tests last week. Hardly heard a thing about it. Hope they have both done well

Leanne said...

Another great quilt for your wall. I love that chicken also it is sooo cute.

est said...

it was so lovely!! and a very generous package too!! happy for you! :)

Simone said...

The quilt wall is taking shape nicely. You wont have much space left soon! After seeing all those crazy bones my son wants to start collecting them again!

Lindsey said...

The VW quilt is fabbo! I love it.

French Knots said...

The quilt wall is looking fab, love the camper van. 2008 is certainly the year of the mini quilt!

julia said...

What an amazing parcel, I just love the mini quilt and the little Lockets must be in Crazy Bone heaven!
Well done Dorothy, got those horrid SATS out of the way, enjoy your Beano!
Julia x

Chookyblue...... said...

I LOVE the chiken needlecase

April said...

I love the quilt, but have no idea what Crazy Bones are - they don't seem to have made it to our school yet!!

Glad the SATS are over, hope she can relax now

April xx

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Love the camper van quilt- lucky you. Glad the SATS are over for Dorothy. AJ's exams start tomorrow - nail biting A-levels. It's Maths tomorrow - yuk!
Barbara x

Kitty said...

Loveliness abounding in that post Mrs L-P. Your quilt wall is coming on a treat. Glad Dorothy got on well with her SATs - No.1 seemed ok by Friday - glad it was all over, mind you.


Charlie P said...

I would have been tempted to put those beautiful parcels on the wall unwrapped...but it's a good job you did unwrap them because that is one amazing quilt. It's great to see everybody's individual style in their quilts...I'm getting increasingly envious of your quilt wall :D

Twiggy said...

Lovely stuff, your quilt wall is looking terrific
Twiggy x

Carin said...

I love the mini quilt with the VW!!!! my DH has one I now MUST go to the blog with said bus and see if she has a design!
Aren't you so glad its summer vacation!

Thimbleanna said...

Ahhh, Ms. Locket, you've been busy this weekend. I love the bags you've made for birthday gifts -- sooo clever. And another adorable mini-quilt for your wall -- it's looking fabulous! Thanks for your lovely wedding comments -- they've been so fun to come home to!

Jane said...

Beautiful Quilts Lucy, It is a relief when SATs finish, Em did hers last year in her old school they made such a thing of it (you'd have thought that she was doing GCSEs) Hope Dorothy had a lovely chilled out weekend enjoying the crazybones with Fred and Daisy. Jane x

Kate North said...

wow, what lucky little lockets - we are about a 30 to 40 gogo house - perhaps if i'm lucky it will stay that way! anyway, keep an eye on the post as some other little thing might be on its way to you very soon...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lucy !
It's been a long time !:>)
I'm glad you're doing well and I see you're keeping busy, busy...
I was just visiting Lynette's blog and saw your name, so I jumped to yours :>)
LOVE those cute little quilts on your wall! Keep doing, girl!

Smiles from NADINE