Monday 14 October 2013

Too many projects

This obsession has gone too far!  

I have so many active projects on the needles that I don't know where to turn

I'm knitting socks for Mr Locket's 50th birthday next month

Mittens for Mr Locket's 50th birthday next month

A hat for Mr Locket's 50th birthday next month

  - well that's one thing finished at least

Secret mittens for a Christmas present

and a lacy Baktus that I forgot to photograph

Not to mention all the other dormant, very dormant and very, very dormant projects on the needles.

So the obvious thing to do today was to knit a little bit of three of the projects, sew in the ends on others and then cast on something entirely new!

Well I had to. It was entirely essential that I test out my new Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool to see if it really was better for fair isle knitting - it was - but it's not soft and schmooshy like my angora - it just looks ten times better.

This is my secret project before blocking

and this is it afterwards

Still bumpy and uneven but a bit better - and they are lovely and soft so I think I can live with it.  I've decided to try knitting the second one with different needles.

The first was on some slippy metal knit-pros but for the second I'm trying some blackthorn dpns that Julie kindly sent me last year

I spent half an hour sewing in ends and tried to take an arty photo of the cut offs - but photos aren't my strong point so it doesn't look arty at all but you know where I'm coming from

Then I photographed the insides of my mittens - because they look nice too

but I don't understand the current fashion for fair isle cardigans and jumpers where the wrong side is worn on the outside and the lovely fair isle pattern is hidden inside!  Bonkers if you ask me!

Tuesday: ETA just cast on another 2 projects!
The inside out cardigan was in Peacocks here


Quinn said...

I am so totally in awe of your colorwork, Lucy! And Mr. Locket is a lucky fellow.
Gosh, are people really wearing Fair Isle inside out?? I mean, yes, the inside is always a lovely treat to look at, but to make the actual pattern invisible?? Wow. If I ever knit a sweater like that, I'll probably walk up to total strangers and make them look at the pattern!

Annie said...

Your knitting projects sound like my quilting projects...and to be quite crotceting projects too. Might get some done in next 2 weeks

Leanne said...

There are certain a lot of knitting projects going on in the Locket household. They are all very nice.

Lazy Days & Sundays said...

Totally agree with the fairisle thing can't understand it either. And I don't think it's being obsessive to have more than one two or 10 projects on the go just very industrious and productive. It's called multitasking something us women are very good at I believe.

Thimbleanna said...

Really? People wear their sweaters inside out? It seems like it would be too easy to snag the runs of yarn!

Looks like you're working on some beautiful projects Mrs. Locket. Keep up the good work!

driftwood said...

hee hee, so many lovely projects, you'll have to start doing a lucky dip game to choose which to work on next!

Mrs Moog said...

I too was utterly amazed when I saw the inside out Fairisle sweaters - madness!

Great that the knitting bug has bitten hard gain chez Locket :) Enjoying our knitterly texts so very much.

I LOVE your little Fairisle stocking. How many more of those are you going to make?


helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

mr locket is indeed a lucky fellow, as am I - that is the same wool and colour I am using for my own socks!
Problem is, I find the toe shaping makes the socks far too long, so I adapted it in sock 1. Yes you guessed it, can't quite work out what I did!

Unknown said...

If you enjoy doing the knitting and you (hopefully)finish it at some point it doesn't matter how many patterns you cast on ;-)

Sherial said...

I can relate. I always ha e so many projects going on at one time. Its fun though.