Sunday 23 March 2014

Going potty! ;o)

That title is silly but would have had double meaning if broken arms were still set in "pot casts" rather than the clever stretchy/hard bandagey jobs they use nowadays.
Poor Fred broke his right wrist at school the other week - but as you can see by the photo he is in very good spirits about it.  In fact, he has been absolutely brilliant and hasn't complained once!
He even managed to paint with his broken arm when we went back to the pottery to glaze our creations last weekend.  We then picked them up on Saturday.
His pots were rather inspired by monsters and Pokémon and he is delighted with the end result
Daisy's were more stylish and are already on display on her bedroom shelf complete with shells
and Dot was influenced by some bold Moroccan style pottery we had seen last summer.

I didn't use paint for mine but instead used 3 different two tone stoneware glazes where the stronger colour comes out where you paint thickly.

I'm a bit disappointed with two of my bowls but I love this one with the Topaz glaze - and fortunately it's the best shaped bowl too.

Today I have been making more birthday presents and Daisy liked this fabric combination so much that she now wants this for her birthday quilt instead of the brighter colours I had bought previously!

This is a late 50th present for my friend and comes complete with Jelly Babies as she always has them in the car when we go to running club - and they are VERY welcome!

As far as the swap is concerned, I think it is probably best if I leave it this time as there weren't enough people interested to make it viable. I expect everybody just has too many other commitments at the moment.  I did try to contact those of you who had expressed an interest but unfortunately I don't have your email addresses - sorry.
My next challenge - after a few more birthday presents, is to turn these
into quilts.
More later!


Gina said...

Poor Fred!!! What lovely pots you have all made though.I love the brightly coloured ones.

driftwood said...

they're all lovely. lovely to see the boy still smiling despite the fracture!
very intrigued by the contents of those bags!

Leanne said...

That is a serious cast for a broken wrist, he obviously did a good job.
All your pottery is amazing, I do like Dots lovely bright ones. I see you haven't ploughed into those bags of clothes. I forgot to ask how's the new oven?

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, poor Fred! I hope his wrist heals quickly. I suspect he has your happy personality, and will be undaunted by this little setback. Your bowls are all beautiful! I especially love Dots bright colors, but they're all wonderful!

Jodie said...

Oh My ! Wee Little Fred is all grown up looking? What did you do with those little boy chubby cheeks?
broken limbs do raise your level of coolness at school quite considerably it has to be noted !

Annie said...

You might like my sisters blog www.http://jbflowersandveg ...she is a potter

JB said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pots were great. I don't like painting on glazes as it is hard to get a good even cover...we dip into large buckets of glaze, or paint with under glaze in those bright colours and then dip in clear.

Kitty said...

So sorry to read about Fred. Hope he has a fully functioning wrist asap. I love the quilt you made - so restful, and all those bowls are fab!

ladydi said...

Fred is such a good sport! Love all the projects, and your recent upbeat posts. You are a ray of sunshine.