Thursday 6 March 2014

Patchwork Presents

Patchwork presents for one of my closest friends:

She is coming here with 3 other close friends to celebrate her birthday in about 20 minutes so I think it is safe to show you her presents (especially as I have tidied the house just about enough!)

I chose her favourite Tilda fabrics - and I did such a good job of choosing them that when the two of us went to the fabric shop a few days later she went and chose almost all of them herself for her own projects! I'm so clever!! ;o)

I really enjoyed making these presents for her

I used this tutorial for the cute needle case

this tutorial for the boxy pouch

this tutorial for the drawstring bag (which is filled with chocolate mini eggs)

and the pattern from Patchwork Please for the pincushion.

If I hadn't had to go to work I would have carried on making her things as I was having so much fun! I would have made her this mini house decoration as well!


Jo in TAS said...

Lovely pressies!

Kitty said...

She's a lucky friend. Gorgeous sewing, Lucy. x

Jodie said...

Hooray for friends that appreciate beautiful handmade items !

Leanne said...

What a lucky friend nothing better than hand made gifts. I do like that pincushion.

Gina said...

Such gorgeous gifts... what a lovely friend you are.

Thimbleanna said...

Lucky friend Lucy -- I'll bet she loved them -- they're beautiful!!! I hope you had a wonderful visit!